Deposit And Withdrawal Services For All Tokens Now Resumed On KuCoin

2020-11-22 22:03:03--

Dear KuCoin Users,

KuCoin has restored the deposit and withdrawal services of all tokens as of November 22, 2020 (UTC+8).

Due to the ongoing judicial proceedings for some tokens, daily withdrawal limits will be put in place for a few tokens. Please refer to the withdrawal page for details. If the personal daily limit has been reached, please try again the next day.

The daily withdrawal limits will be removed after the judicial process has completed, so please pay attention to our official announcements. In the meantime, zero trading fee has been implemented for related tokens and will be available during the period that the withdrawal limit is in place until further notice.

Also, per the request of projects, KuCoin will support BUX Platform Token (BPT), LockTrip (LOC), ARCS (ARX), and Dock (DOCK) contract upgrade and their services will be resumed as soon as possible once upgrades are completed.

We sincerely appreciate your support!

The KuCoin Team