Arbitrum Ecosystem Listing Carnival: Synapse (SYN), Gains Network (GNS), Camelot (GRAIL), Dopex (DPX), and Radiant Capital (RDNT)

2023/02/27 10:00:35Promotions

Dear KuCoin Users,

KuCoin is extremely proud to announce that 5 great projects are coming to our Arbitrum market: Synapse (SYN), Gains Network (GNS), Camelot (GRAIL), Dopex (DPX), and Radiant Capital (RDNT). The supported trading pairs are SYN/USDT, GNS/USDT, GRAIL/USDT, DPX/USDT, and RDNT/USDT.

Please take note of the following schedule:

Deposits: 10:00:00 on February 27, 2023 (UTC)

Withdrawals: 10:00:00 on March 2, 2023 (UTC)


SYN/USDT, GNS/USDT and GRAIL/USDT Spot trading pairs will be available at 09:00 on February 28, 2023 (UTC).

DPX/USDT and RDNT/USDT Spot trading pairs will be available at 10:00 on February 28, 2023 (UTC).

🎁Join Listing Carnival To Share a Mixed Prize Pool Worth $100,000!🎁

Campaign Period: 10:00:00 on February 27, 2023 to 10:00:00 on March 6, 2023 (UTC)

Activity 1: Deposit Pioneers Bonus, Win a Share of 15,000 USDT!

During the campaign period, users who have a net deposit volume (deposit amount * price) of at least 100 USDT worth of SYN, GNS, GRAIL, DPX, or RDNT on KuCoin will evenly share a 15,000 USDT prize pool.

Activity 2: Welcome to KuCoin! Register To Get a Bonus of 5 USDT!

Newly registered KuCoin users who registered during the campaign period, who have a trading volume (trading amount * price) of at least 20 USDT worth of SYN, GNS, GRAIL, DPX, or RDNT will get 5 USDT bonus each. Limited to the first 1,000 newly registered users.

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Activity 3: Dopex (DPX) and Radiant Capital (RDNT) Trading Competition: Trade To Win a Share of 65 DPX and 92,000 RDNT!

During the campaign period, the top 50 accounts with the highest DPX and RDNT trading volume (trading amount * price) on KuCoin will be qualified to win a share of 65 DPX and 92,000 RDNT prize pools!

The rewards will be distributed as follows:

RankingDPX Trading Copetition RewardsRDNT Trading Competition Rewards
🥇Top 15 DPX (approximately $1,800 )7,000 RDNT (approximately $1,900 )
🥈Top 24 DPX5,000 RDNT
🥉Top 33 DPX4,000 RDNT
Top 4-102 DPX each3,000 RDNT each
Top 11-201.5 DPX each2,000 RDNT each
Top 21-301 DPX each1,500 RDNT each
Top 31-500.7 DPX each1,000 RDNT each

*Qualified participants can enjoy both prize pools as long as they reach the top 50 rankings on each token trading pair.

Activity 4: Arbitrum Ecosystem Group Battle, Win a Share of 30,000 USDT!

During the campaign period, there will be 3 groups led by SYN, GNS, and GRAIL. Users who have a trading volume (trading amount * price) of at least $100 in SYN/USDT, GNS/USDT or GRAIL/USDT trading pairs will be treated as group members, and will be eligible to share the corresponding prize pools.

There will be 3 corresponding prize pools for the 3 groups:

Prize PoolsCriteriaTotal RewardsSharing Formula
🏅 Golden PoolThe group with the highest total trading volume15,000 USDTEach qualified user’s total trading volume / total trading volume of the group * 15,000 USDT
🥈 Silvery PoolThe group with the second highest total trading volume10,000 USDTEach qualified user’s total trading volume / total trading volume of the group * 10,000 USDT
🥉 Coppery PoolThe group with the third highest total trading volume5,000 USDTEach qualified user’s total trading volume / total trading volume of the group * 5,000 USDT

* The eligibility depends on the total trading volume of all the trading pairs of each group.

*Users are able to join all the three groups simultaneously.

Join our Twitter Space and AMA to share $4,000 worth of tokens!

1. Join our Twitter Space at 06:00 AM on February 28, 2023 (UTC) ($2,000 Worth of Tokens to Give Away)


2. Join Arbitrum Ecosystem AMA at 12:00 PM on March 1, 2023 ($2,000 Worth of Tokens to Give Away)



Synapse Network (SYN) is the native token of the project. The current use cases for SYN include:

Bootstrapping Liquidity: Incentives to users who provide liquidity on the Synapse Network.

Governance: Any SYN holder with over 50,000 SYN tokens can put forward proposals, which will be voted on by the DAO.

Economic Security and Delegated Proof of Stake (PoS): Notaries and guards will be required to bond and stake SYN when the Synapse Chain goes live.

Website | Twitter | Discord

Gains Network (GNS) brings its liquidity-efficient decentralized leveraged trading architecture to Polygon.

Trade cryptos with up to 150x leverage, stocks with 100x leverage and major forex pairs with up to 1000x (on-chain execution).

Website | Twitter | Telegram

Camelot (GRAIL) is an innovative and highly flexible DEX built to support the Arbitrum ecosystem. Camelot is a community-driven and capital efficient token.

Website | Twitter | Telegram

Dopex (DPX) is a decentralized options protocol that targets liquidity maximization while minimizing losses for option writers and maximizing gains for option buyers.

Website | Twitter | Discord

Radiant Capital (RDNT) aims to be the first omnichannel money market, where users can deposit any major asset on any major chain and borrow a variety of supported assets across multiple chains.

Website | Twitter | Telegram


  1. Trading amount = buys + sells;
  2. Trading volume = trading amount * price;
  3. Net deposit amount = deposits - withdrawals;
  4. Net deposit volume = net deposit amount * price;
  5. The Sub-Accounts and Master Account will be treated as the same account when participating in this activity;
  6. Rewards will be distributed within 10 working days of the campaign ends;
  7. The trading activity on the platform will undergo rigorous inspection during the activity. For any malicious acts conducted during the period, including malicious transaction manipulations, illegal bulk registration of accounts, self-dealing, etc., the platform will cancel the qualification of the participants. KuCoin reserves all rights to exercise at its sole discretion to define if the transaction behavior is counted as cheating behavior and determine whether to cancel the participation qualification of a user. The final decision made by KuCoin is with legal binding force on all participants who participated in the competition. Users hereby confirm that their registration and use of KuCoin are voluntary and are not forced, interfered with, or influenced by KuCoin in any way.
  8. If users have doubts about the result of the activities, please note the official appeal period for the result of activities is 2 months after the end of the campaign. We will not accept any kind of appeal after this period.
  9. Investing in cryptocurrency is akin to being a venture capital investor. The cryptocurrency market is available worldwide 24 x 7 for trading with no market close or open times. Please do your own risk assessment when deciding how to invest in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. KuCoin attempts to screen all tokens before they come to market, however, even with the best due diligence, there are still risks when investing. KuCoin is not liable for investment gains or losses.
  10. This activity is not related to Apple Inc.

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