Catizen Airdrop Guide: How to Earn $CATI Tokens
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2024-07-02 10:03

Catizen, a popular Telegram game where you swipe to combine cats and earn crypto, has announced its official airdrop campaign in July after rolling out a Play for Airdrop campaign in June 2024. Learn how to qualify for the upcoming $CATI token airdrop by mining more coins on Catizen swipe-to-earn game. 


Quick Take

  • $CATI token airdrop is scheduled for July on The Open Network (TON) and will distribute 35% of the token’s total supply.

  • Catizen supports both TON and Ethereum’s Mantle network, providing diverse earning opportunities.

  • The game donates 1% of its revenue to charities dedicated to rescuing stray cats worldwide.

What Is Catizen Swipe-to-Earn Telegram Game?

Catizen is a play-to-earn game on Telegram. It stands out with its swiping mechanic, which requires players to combine cats to increase their level and value. 


Catizen has seen tremendous growth and success in the past few months, completing the first two phases of its roadmap with flying colors. With over 23 million players, 3.4 million daily active users, and more than 14 million on-chain transactions, Catizen has solidified its presence in the gaming world. The platform ranked top in the Ton Open League for three consecutive seasons and gathered thousands of player feedback and heartwarming stories. 


As Catizen prepares for Phase III, the launch of the Catizen Gaming Platform, it plans to introduce over 200 mini-games, transforming into a comprehensive game center aimed at uniting over 100 million players. Additionally, Catizen is set to launch a game engine for Telegram Mini Apps, facilitating easy access for H5 game developers. The community eagerly anticipates the upcoming $CATI token airdrop in July, marking a significant milestone for Catizen. Through these developments, Catizen continues to foster deep emotional connections and a strong community spirit, all while committing 1% of its revenue to helping stray cats.


Catizen isn't limited to the TON ecosystem. In April, they partnered with Ethereum’s Mantle network, gaining nearly 500,000 users by late June from Mantle. This allows players to engage with the game on both The Open Network (TON) and Mantle, expanding their opportunities for rewards.


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Catizen Airdrop Launch Schedule 

Catizen has announced an upcoming airdrop of its $CATI tokens scheduled for July. The distribution of the airdrop will be based on participants' vKITTY production and the highest-level cat they possess. The $CATI token will be on The Open Network (TON), the same blockchain used by Notcoin and Hamster Kombat. A substantial 35% of the total $CATI token supply has been allocated for this airdrop. To participate and claim Catizen airdrop, ensure you connect your TON wallet to the Catizen Telegram mini-app ahead of the token launch. 


How to Play Catizen Game 

In Catizen, you run a virtual cat café. Here's how to get started:


  1. Launch the Bot: Go to Catizen Bot on Telegram.

  2. Start Playing: Click "Start" and then "Play for Airdrop."

  3. Combine Cats: Swipe to combine cats of the same level, leveling them up. You remain in Silver league until you earn 56 million points, while the Gold league is above 56 million and until 76 million. Earning above 76 million vKITTY coins gets you in the Platinum league. 

  4. Earn vKITTY: Visitors to your café will earn you vKITTY currency.

  5. Buy More Cats: Use vKITTY to buy more cats or wait for regular drops.

  6. Fishing Mini-Game: Earn Fish Coins from daily logins and referrals to play a fishing mini-game for extra vKITTY.

How to Earn More Coins on Catizen 

To make the most of the airdrop, focus on leveling up your cats. Sitting on a large pile of vKITTY isn't the best strategy. Instead, invest in higher-level cats to boost your earning potential.


How to Qualify for the $CATI Airdrop

  1. Play the Game: Engage with the game and accumulate vKITTY.

  2. Level Up Cats: Combine cats to increase their levels.

  3. Connect a TON Wallet: Link your TON wallet to receive the Catizen airdrop. Popular options include Tonkeeper and the @Wallet integrated within Telegram.

  4. Complete Tasks: Participate in social quests and daily check-ins to earn more vKITTY. Rewards start at 5 coins per task and go all the way up to 300 for making daily purchases in the game. As a Telegram Premium user, you could win 200 vKITTY coins as rewards. 

Charity Commitment

Catizen has pledged to donate 1% of its revenue to charities focused on rescuing stray cats. By playing, you’re not only earning potential crypto rewards but also contributing to a good cause.



Catizen offers a refreshing take on the play-to-earn genre with its unique swiping mechanic and charity commitments. Its upcoming $CATI token airdrop adds an exciting incentive for players. However, remember that participation in play-to-earn games involves risks. Always stay informed and cautious about your investments and gameplay activities.

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