What Is Dotcoin Tap-to-Earn Telegram Game, and How to Play?

What Is Dotcoin Tap-to-Earn Telegram Game, and How to Play?

Learn all about Dotcoin, a Telegram-based tap-to-earn game that lets you earn cryptocurrency through simple tapping mechanics. Discover how to start mining Dotcoins, maximize your earning potential, and understand the potential risks when playing Dotcoin.

Dotcoin is an engaging Telegram-based game where you can earn cryptocurrency through simple tap-to-earn (T2E) mechanics. Similar to games like Hamster Kombat, Yescoin, and Notcoin, Dotcoin offers a unique way to combine playing with earning. 


Launched in March 2024, Dotcoin has over 15 million players and over 5.4 million members in its official Telegram community. Its integration of gaming and crypto provides a fun and potentially lucrative way to engage with Web3 applications.


What Is Dotcoin Game?

Dotcoin is a "tap-to-earn" Telegram mini-app with straightforward gameplay: tap the central dot to earn Dotcoin. The more you tap, the more Dotcoin you accumulate. This game fits into the growing trend of Telegram-based crypto games, which leverage the platform's large user base and ease of use.


Dotcoin stands out due to its simple interface and engaging mechanics. Players can increase their earnings by completing tasks, inviting friends, and using various boosts. This game is part of a broader category of Telegram games, which includes Yescoin and Notcoin. Like Dotcoin, these games also involve simple, repetitive actions to earn in-game currency, which can be converted into blockchain-based tokens.


Dotcoin was launched in March 2024 and quickly gained popularity. Within a few months, it amassed over 15 million users, reflecting the growing interest in Telegram-based crypto games. Its rapid growth and the promise of future token conversion have made Dotcoin a noteworthy player in the crypto gaming sector.


By playing Dotcoin, you not only enjoy a fun gaming experience but also get the chance to earn and eventually trade cryptocurrency. This dual appeal of gaming and earning makes Dotcoin a compelling choice for both gamers and crypto enthusiasts. 


How to Play Dotcoin and Mine Coins 

How to play Dotcoin | Source: Dotcoin Guide 


Follow these steps to start playing Dotcoin: 


  1. Access the Dotcoin Bot on Telegram: Open the Telegram app on your device. Search for the Dotcoin bot or click on a direct link to the bot. Click the “Start” button to initiate the bot.

  2. Initial Setup and Starting the Game: Follow the bot’s instructions to complete any initial setup steps. This may include connecting your crypto wallet or verifying your account. Once setup is complete, you will receive a message from the bot with the option to start playing. Click “Let’s Go” to access the game page.

Dotcoin’s interface is simple and user-friendly. You will see a central dot on the main screen. Your primary task is to tap this dot repeatedly to accumulate Dotcoins. Below the dot, there are menu options such as “Portfolio,” “Friends,” “Earn,” and “Boosts” that allow you to explore additional features and ways to increase your earnings.


When you start the game, the main screen displays a single dot in the center. Tap this dot to earn Dotcoins. The more you tap, the more coins you accumulate. Around the central dot, you will notice rings. As you tap, the dot expands and reaches these rings, which increases the rewards you earn per tap.


Dotcoin’s Central Dot, Surrounding Rings, and How Rewards Increase 

The central dot is your primary focus. Each tap causes the dot to grow, and as it touches the surrounding rings, your rewards per tap increase. The goal is to maximize the number of taps and reach as many rings as possible before the timer resets, which happens every 25 seconds.


Limited Daily Attempts and How to Make the Most Out of Each Session


You have a limited number of daily attempts to tap and earn Dotcoins. To maximize your earnings: 


  • Use boosts to increase the number of coins per tap or to get additional tapping attempts.

  • Complete tasks in the “Earn” section, such as inviting friends or engaging with Dotcoin’s social media channels, to earn extra bonuses.

These strategies will help you make the most out of your daily sessions and increase your overall Dotcoin earnings.


How to Mine More Coins on Dotcoin 

How to earn more Dotcoins | Source: Dotcoin Guide 


Maximize your earnings in Dotcoin by tapping efficiently. Focus on tapping the central dot to reach the surrounding rings quickly. Each ring increases your rewards per tap. Practice your tapping speed to ensure you hit the maximum number of rings within the 25-second window before the dot resets. Consistent, rapid tapping helps you accumulate more Dotcoins in each session.


Consider Using the "Game X2" Feature

Game X2 on Dotcoin | Source: Dotcoin Guide 


The "Game X2" feature allows you to instantly double a maximum of 150,000 Dotcoins, but no more than 30% of your earned Dotcoins. It has a 51% success rate for doubling your coins. This feature helps you increase your Dotcoins and level up faster. Importantly, if you don't succeed, your balance won't decrease—only the number of attempts will. You can use this feature once every 24 hours.  


For those who joined the game later, there are paid options to help catch up. You can purchase "Game X2" with a 100% probability for 1 day, 100% probability for 7 days, or +5 additional attempts. These options can significantly boost your earnings and help you progress faster in the game.


What Is LVL System?  

Dotcoin features an LVL system with 80 levels, ranging from 1 to 80. All coins mined in the game contribute to increasing your level. This includes coins earned in the game, coins doubled through "Game X2," and coins received from invited friends and completed tasks. The more coins you have, the higher your level. Reaching level 80 requires accumulating 10,000,000,000 Dotcoins. Higher levels unlock additional rewards and bonuses, enhancing your mining efficiency and overall progress in the game.


Join Clans in Dotcoin 

Dotcoin’s clans are a social and strategic feature designed to enhance the gaming experience by fostering community engagement and collaboration. Players who accumulate at least 500,000 Dotcoins can create their own clans, or they can join existing ones. These clans function as public channels and chats within Telegram where members can communicate, share strategies, and work together to maximize their earnings.  


Being part of a clan offers several benefits. It allows players to collaborate on tasks and participate in group activities, which can lead to additional rewards and faster progression in the game. Clans also provide a competitive edge, as players can compete against other clans, enhancing the game's social and interactive aspects.


Clans in Dotcoin game | Source: Dotcoin Guide 


How to Create or Join a Dotcoin Clan

  • To create a clan, tap on the "Join Clan" button at the top of the screen, then tap "Create Clan," and pay 50,000 Dotcoins to set up your clan.

  • To join a clan, tap on the "Join Clan" button and select from the list of available clans or follow a direct invitation link.

Using Auto Clicker Apps (with Caution) for Continuous Tapping

You can use auto clicker apps to maintain continuous tapping even when you are away. These apps simulate tapping on the screen automatically. However, use them with caution. Overuse might lead to penalties or account restrictions. 


Set the auto clicker to tap at a steady rate to avoid detection and ensure it aligns with the game’s terms of service. Auto clicker apps can help maximize your earnings by tapping continuously without manual effort.


Best Practices for Completing Tasks and Using Boosts Effectively

To boost your Dotcoin earnings, complete tasks in the “Earn” section. These tasks can include inviting friends, following social media pages, and joining other Telegram-based games. For example, inviting Telegram Premium users can earn you 30,000 Dotcoins.  


Utilize boosts like “Multitap” to increase the number of coins per tap. Activate the “Game X2” feature to double your points temporarily. This feature allows you to double a maximum of 150,000 Dotcoins, but no more than 30% of your earned Dotcoins, with a 51% success rate. If unsuccessful, your balance remains the same, but you lose one attempt. You can use this feature once every 24 hours. 


Additionally, you can purchase paid options for guaranteed doubling: 100% probability for 1 day, 100% probability for 7 days, or +5 additional attempts. These boosts can significantly enhance your earnings if used strategically. Remember to monitor your energy levels and use boosts when you have enough energy to maximize their effectiveness.


How to Withdraw Your Earnings on Dotcoin 


To withdraw your Dotcoin earnings in the Dotcoin Telegram game, follow these steps:


  1. Ensure You Have a TON Wallet: First, you need a compatible TON wallet such as Tonkeeper. Download and set up the wallet if you haven't already.

  2. Connect Your Wallet to Dotcoin: Open the Dotcoin game on Telegram. Navigate to the “Portfolio” section. Tap on the “Connect Wallet” option. Follow the prompts to authorize and link your TON wallet to the game.

  3. Accumulate Dotcoins: Continue playing the game and accumulating Dotcoins through tapping, completing tasks, and using boosts. Ensure you have a sufficient balance for withdrawal.

  4. Initiate Withdrawal: Go back to the “Portfolio” section. Once your Dotcoins can be converted, you will see options to withdraw them by clicking “Claim”. You can also withdraw any TON coins you have won in the same manner. 

  5. Specify the Number of Tokens to Withdraw: Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and confirm the transaction. The converted tokens will be transferred to your connected TON wallet.

These steps will allow you to manage your Dotcoin earnings and convert them into real cryptocurrency in the future when the token is launched on the TON blockchain. Keep an eye on the game's updates for any changes or additional features related to withdrawals. 


Dotcoin vs. Other Tap-to-Earn Games on Telegram 

Dotcoin is part of the popular "tap-to-earn" genre on Telegram, similar to games like Yescoin and Notcoin. While all these games involve tapping the screen to earn in-game currency, Dotcoin introduces some unique mechanics. Unlike Yescoin, which rewards players for swiping the screen, and TapSwap, which integrates with DeFi features, Dotcoin focuses on simple yet engaging tapping mechanics that make it accessible to a wide audience.


Special Mechanics: Expanding Dot and Reward Rings

One of the standout features of Dotcoin is its expanding dot and surrounding reward rings. As you tap the central dot, it grows and reaches the rings around it. Each ring you reach increases the rewards per tap. This mechanic adds a layer of strategy, encouraging you to tap efficiently to maximize rewards within the 25-second window before the dot resets. This unique feature sets Dotcoin apart from other tap-to-earn games that rely solely on basic tapping.


Mini-Games and Other Unique Aspects

Dotcoin also includes mini-games and special boosts that enhance the gameplay experience. For instance, you can participate in the "Game X2" feature to double your earnings temporarily. Additionally, Dotcoin offers a variety of boosts, such as "Multitap," which increases the number of coins earned per tap. These features add depth to the game and provide players with multiple ways to increase their earnings, making Dotcoin more engaging compared to its competitors.


Closing Thoughts 

Dotcoin offers a fun and rewarding way to earn cryptocurrency through simple tapping mechanics on Telegram. It stands out with its unique features like the expanding dot and reward rings, which add an extra layer of strategy to the game.


While Dotcoin has shown significant growth and a large user base, always approach new crypto projects with caution. The game is still developing, and like many new ventures, it comes with potential risks such as developer anonymity and bot activity. However, its continuous updates and active community suggest a potentially promising future.


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