What Is Yescoin Swipe-to-Earn Telegram Game and How to Play?

What Is Yescoin Swipe-to-Earn Telegram Game and How to Play?

Yescoin is a viral Telegram-based game that lets you earn cryptocurrency by simply swiping your screen. Leveraging the TON blockchain, Yescoin offers a unique "swipe-to-earn" experience, attracting millions of users globally. Discover how to get started, maximize your earnings, and explore future developments.

What Is Yescoin Telegram Mini-App?

Yescoin is a popular mini-game on Telegram, powered by the TON blockchain, similar to Hamster Kombat, Notcoin, TapSwap, and W-Coin. It features a vintage, pixelated design that appeals to retro game enthusiasts. Since its launch, Yescoin has rapidly gained popularity, attracting over 18 million users and nearly 8 million members in its Telegram community from nearly every country in just a month. Its integration with Telegram allows for easy access and a seamless gaming experience.


The primary feature of Yescoin is its "swipe-to-earn" mechanic. You swipe your screen to collect Yescoins, earning rewards as you play. The game includes various leagues—Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond—that you progress through by reaching specific benchmarks. As you advance, you unlock the ability to earn higher-value coins. Yescoin also offers regular airdrops and special events to boost your earnings. Inviting friends, especially those with Telegram Premium, can earn you additional bonuses, enhancing the social and engaging aspect of the game. 


Yescoin is not just about swiping and earning. The game includes various boosts and power-ups, like the YesPac, which automatically collects coins for you, even when you are offline. This feature adds a strategic layer to the gameplay, making it more engaging and rewarding. 


How to Play Yescoin Game 

Getting started with Yescoin is straightforward and quick; here’s a step-by-step guide on how to start playing Yescoin: 


Join the Yescoin Bot on Telegram

Open Telegram and search for Yescoin or use this link to join the Yescoin bot. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your Yescoin account. 


Explore Yescoin’s Main Screen

Once you have joined, you will see the main screen with several buttons and options:


  • Play Button: This starts the game where you can swipe to collect coins.

  • Build Button: Located at the bottom right, this button allows you to access various boosts.

  • Earn Button: Found on the bottom left, it shows tasks and activities that can earn you additional rewards.

  • Menu Button: Provides access to settings, support, and community links.

First Steps

  1. Connect a Wallet: Linking your TON wallet, e.g., Tonkeeper, is crucial for receiving and managing your Yescoins.

  2. Invite Friends: Use your referral link to invite friends. You earn extra coins when your friends join, with higher bonuses for those with Telegram Premium. 

How to Earn Coins on Yescoin 

Source: TON blog 


In Yescoin, you earn coins by swiping your screen. Swipe as many coins as you can to increase your earnings. An energy bar at the bottom of the screen shows your available swipes. When it depletes, coins appear more slowly. To maximize efficiency, swipe consistently and use boosts to regenerate energy faster.


Leagues and Rewards

You start in the Bronze league and progress through Silver, Gold, Platinum, and finally Diamond as you collect more coins. Each league offers higher-value coins and greater rewards. Achieving higher leagues not only increases your coin value but also unlocks special bonuses and exclusive tasks. 


Boosts and Power-Ups

These boosts are accessed via the "Build" button and can be purchased using the coins you earn in-game:


  • Multivalue: Increases the value of each coin you swipe. Investing in this boosts your overall earnings significantly.

  • Coin Limit: Expands the number of swipes you can perform before the energy bar depletes.

  • YesPac: This automated collector helps you gather coins even when you are not actively playing. Upgrading YesPac provides unique benefits, such as offline coin collection and additional bonuses. 

Yescoin Daily Rewards and Tasks: How to Earn More Rewards 

Source: Ton App 


Yescoin offers several features to help you increase your earnings and grow your rewards in the game. Here’s a look at what they are and how they work: 


  1. Claim Daily Rewards: Claiming daily rewards in Yescoin is straightforward. Simply log in each day to automatically receive bonus Yescoins. To maximize these rewards, consider paying a small fee in TON to unlock additional bonuses. This small investment can significantly boost your daily earnings, providing more Yescoins for your efforts. Daily login bonuses encourage consistent play and help you accumulate coins quickly, 

  2. Perform Tasks and Challenges: Yescoin offers various in-app tasks that can significantly increase your earnings. These tasks range from simple activities like joining the Yescoin Telegram group, following their social media accounts, or exploring other Web3 projects. Completing these tasks not only helps you understand the game better but also rewards you with extra Yescoins. Additionally, Yescoin sometimes offers special challenges and events, so keep an eye on announcements to maximize your earnings opportunities. 

  3. Refer Your Friends: Inviting friends to join Yescoin is a highly effective way to boost your earnings. Use your referral link to invite friends; when they join using your link, both you and your friends receive bonus Yescoins. The rewards are even greater if your referrals have Telegram Premium. Forming squads with your friends can also enhance your collective earnings, as you can earn bonuses for working together and supporting each other in the game. Sharing your referral link strategically in relevant online communities can help you reach more potential players. 

Is There a Yescoin Airdrop?

Yescoin offers an engaging way to earn cryptocurrency by swiping your screen to collect coins. It is now introducing an airdrop event, where you can earn $YES tokens for free. Each tap earns you tokens, making the process simple and accessible to all users, regardless of their experience level.


The excitement around YESCOIN is heightened by the potential listing on leading cryptocurrency exchanges globally.  Such an exchange listing could significantly boost the value and visibility of YESCOIN, making it a valuable asset to hold.


Participating in the Yescoin airdrop is a straightforward way to earn cryptocurrency. By following these steps and actively engaging with the Yescoin community, you can maximize your token earnings. Keep an eye out for updates on the potential exchange listings for Yescoin (YES), which could further enhance the value of your YESCOIN tokens.


What Does the Future Hold for Yescoin? 

Yescoin has seen rapid growth since its launch, attracting over 18 million users and connecting 6 million wallets in just over a month. This growth is a testament to its engaging gameplay and strategic use of Telegram’s viral social mechanisms. To support this growth, the team is focused on improving user experience and reducing friction through constant updates and improvements. 


The team is working on launching the "Three-Stage Rocket Plan" to enhance user onboarding and prepare for upcoming airdrops. This plan aims to provide rich on-chain and off-chain rewards, ensuring a comprehensive user experience. Additionally, Yescoin plans to introduce multilingual support to make the game accessible to a broader audience worldwide. 


The upcoming "Global Yescoin Ambassador Program" will further expand Yescoin's user base by partnering with influencers and community leaders to promote the game and its benefits. This program aims to drive awareness and engagement by leveraging the reach and influence of prominent figures in the community.  The team also hinted at a series of Summer Carnival events filled with surprises, indicating their commitment to continuous development and user engagement. These events are designed to keep the community engaged and excited about future developments.


Closing Thoughts 

Getting started with Yescoin is easy and rewarding. Join the Telegram bot, swipe to collect coins, and advance through various leagues to maximize your earnings. Utilize daily rewards, complete in-app tasks, and leverage the referral system to boost your Yescoin balance. Stay engaged with the community for continuous updates and participate in future events and airdrops.


While Yescoin offers exciting opportunities to earn cryptocurrency, remember that all crypto investments and activities carry risks. The value of digital assets can fluctuate significantly, and participation in airdrops or similar events does not guarantee profits. Always conduct thorough research and consider your risk tolerance before engaging in any crypto activities.


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