What Is MemeFi Coin Telegram Miner Game, and How to Play?

What Is MemeFi Coin Telegram Miner Game, and How to Play?

Discover MemeFi Coin, a viral Telegram-based crypto game that combines meme culture with blockchain technology. Engage in meme clans, battle bosses, and earn rewards through innovative features and strategic partnerships with Linea and other key players in the crypto market.

MemeFi is a new player in the Telegram crypto gaming space, along the lines of Hamster Kombat, Notcoin, TapSwap, and Pixelverse. It allows users to mine coins by participating in engaging activities within the app. Currently in its mainnet alpha phase, MemeFi offers a fun and rewarding experience. The project has strong ties with the Space ID community and a partnership with Linea, which adds credibility. MemeFi's previous project, IguVerse, was successful, adding further legitimacy to the new venture. MemeFi aims to shift the balance of power in the Telegram crypto scene, traditionally dominated by The Open Network (TON), by attracting users to an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) chain. 


The following article provides a comprehensive understanding of what MemeFi is, its background, and the significance of its current mainnet alpha phase. This information will prepare you for engaging with the game and exploring its potential within the Telegram crypto gaming space.


What Is MemeFi Coin Telegram Game? 

MemeFi combines elements of meme culture and gamification to provide an entertaining user experience. Players join meme clans to fight bosses and earn rewards. The game features a unique key system that symbolizes social capital and can be traded within the game. 


MemeFi Coin has rapidly gained popularity, attracting over 20 million users, and over 7 million members in its official Telegram channel. This growth is due to its engaging gameplay, social features, and the ability to earn real cryptocurrency rewards. The game's integration with Telegram also provides easy access and seamless user interaction. 


The team behind MemeFi previously developed IguVerse, a project that successfully penetrated the market. This experience has helped them create a more refined and engaging product in MemeFi. The success of IguVerse lends credibility and trust to MemeFi, reassuring potential users and investors of its reliability and potential for success. 


The ongoing mainnet alpha phase on Lina is crucial for MemeFi as it allows developers to identify and fix issues while providing users with a risk-free environment to explore the platform. During this phase, users can test the mining mechanics, gameplay features, and overall user experience. This stage is vital for building a robust community and refining the platform before the mainnet launch. Participating in the early phase gives you a head start in understanding the game and contributing to its development, ahead of the upcoming MEMEFI coin airdrop


Key Features of MemeFi Coin Telegram Mini-App 

  • Meme Clans and Boss Fights: You can join meme clans where players collaborate to fight against powerful bosses. Each boss fight rewards players with coins and exclusive goodies. The more you fight, the higher your chances of earning more rewards.

  • Key System: Keys represent social capital in the game. Players can trade keys, and their prices fluctuate based on demand and liquidity pool mechanisms. Keys allow you to earn a share of other players' rewards, making them valuable assets.

How the MemeFi Coin Telegram Clicker App Works 

MemeFi uses a combination of entertaining gameplay and crypto incentives to keep players engaged. The game’s humor and meme culture make it fun and relatable.


  • Clicker Game Mechanics: The game’s primary mechanic involves tapping on the screen to deal damage to bosses. Each tap reduces the boss's health and earns you coins.

  • Boosters and Upgrades: You can use boosters like TURBO to increase your damage temporarily or RECHARGE to refill your energy. Upgrades enhance your character’s damage, energy capacity, and energy recharge rate, improving your efficiency in the game.

Regularly participate in boss fights and clan activities to maximize your rewards. Invite friends to join the game using the referral system to earn additional coins. Keep upgrading your character to stay competitive and increase your earnings.


How to Start Playing MemeFi Coin 

Here’s an easy step-by-step guide to help you get started with the MemeFi Coin tap-to-earn game: 


Step 1: Start the MemeFi Coin Telegram Bot 

Open the MemeFi Coin bot on Telegram. You can find it by searching for "@memefi_coin_bot". Click on “Play and Earn” to initiate the game. This will take you to the main screen where the gameplay begins.


Step 2: Create a Character and Join a Meme Clan 

Once you start the game, you need to create a character. This character will be your avatar in the game.


Look for the option to join a meme clan. Clans are groups where players can collaborate to defeat bosses and earn rewards together. Being part of a clan enhances your gaming experience and increases your rewards.


Step 3: How to Mine Coins by Playing MemeFi Coin 

Source: MemeFi Telegram Community 


  1. Battle with Bosses: The main gameplay involves battling meme-inspired bosses. You deal damage by tapping on the boss. Each tap reduces the boss's health and earns you coins.

  2. Manage Energy: Your ability to attack is limited by your energy level. Energy replenishes over time, or you can use boosters to recharge.

  3. Upgrade Skills: Use the coins you earn to upgrade your character’s abilities. Upgrades can increase your damage output and energy capacity, making you more effective in battles.

MemeFi’s Multi-Token Economy: MEMEFI, PWR, TOYBOX

MemeFi uses a multi-token economy to support its gaming ecosystem. The three main tokens are MEMEFI, PWR, and TOYBOX, each serving distinct purposes within the game.


Utilities and Functions of Each Token

  • MEMEFI: MEMEFI is the primary utility and governance token. As a governance token, MEMEFI allows holders to participate in the decision-making process of the game. Players can vote on key technological and financial decisions through a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). In-game, MEMEFI is used to purchase character keys, progression items, and pay commissions for key trading.

  • PWR: PWR is the token used for core gameplay activities. It represents a character's strength and determines the privileges and resources available. PWR is essential for individual attacks and clan raids, and it can be purchased within the game. Each character has a maximum amount of PWR they can hold, which influences their effectiveness in battles. 

  • TOYBOX: TOYBOX is an ERC-404 standard token designed for gameplay and character enhancement. It combines fungible and non-fungible token standards to create a versatile asset within the game. TOYBOX tokens are used to represent playable characters and provide additional abilities and enhancements. The total supply of TOYBOX is limited to 8,888 tokens, with full utilization plans rolled out during the mainnet alpha and beta phases

MemeFi Coin (MEMEFI) Tokenomics 

Source: MemeFi Telegram Community 


MemeFi's tokenomics involves a strategic distribution of MEMEFI. About 12% of the total supply is reserved for community development, 8% for user and contributor incentives, 19% for the MemeFi treasury, and 10% held by the project team with an 18-month vesting period and a 12-month cliff. The remaining 26% is used to power the in-game economy. This distribution ensures the sustainability and growth of the game while incentivizing community engagement. 


All About the MemeFi Airdrop 

MemeFi Coin is conducting an airdrop to distribute free tokens to its community. This airdrop is designed to reward early adopters and participants who complete specific tasks. The anticipated launch date for MemeFi is around the end of July or the beginning of August 2024, providing participants ample time to accumulate tokens through the airdrop and mining processes. 


The MemeFi airdrop is a strategic initiative to increase community engagement and build a solid user base before the official launch. By distributing free tokens, MemeFi aims to attract new users and encourage active participation in its ecosystem. This airdrop also serves as a promotional tool, creating buzz and anticipation for the project's official launch. 


How to Participate in the MemeFi Airdrop

To join the MemeFi airdrop, follow these steps:


  1. Join the MemeFi Club Community: Sign up on the official MemeFi website or join their social media pages.

  2. Connect a Crypto Wallet: Ensure you have a compatible crypto wallet, such as Metamask or Trust Wallet, to receive the MEMEFI tokens.

  3. Complete Required Tasks: Follow MemeFi on social media, join their Telegram group, register on the MemeFi website, and refer friends to join the community.

  4. Claim Your Airdrop: After completing the tasks, you can claim your MEMEFI tokens as per the instructions provided by the MemeFi community. 

Remember to stay updated with official announcements from MemeFi to maximize your participation and benefits. As with any investment in the cryptocurrency space, it's essential to conduct thorough research and be aware of potential risks. 


MemeFi’s Partnerships 

MemeFi has established a notable partnership with Linea, a prominent Layer 2 (L2) blockchain solution provider, for its web3 game MemeFi Club. This collaboration leverages Linea's advanced scaling capabilities, ensuring that MemeFi can handle a large number of transactions efficiently. By utilizing Linea's infrastructure, MemeFi aims to offer a seamless and scalable gaming experience, which is crucial for supporting its growing user base and complex in-game economy. 


The partnership with Linea significantly enhances the capabilities of both ecosystems. For MemeFi, it means improved transaction speeds and lower fees, which are essential for maintaining user engagement and satisfaction in a fast-paced game environment. For Linea, integrating a popular game like MemeFi helps showcase its scalability and attract more projects to its platform. This symbiotic relationship benefits both parties by driving user adoption and technological advancements. 


Can MemeFi on Linea Challenge TON-Based Telegram Games?  

MemeFi is continually evolving, with several engaging features in the pipeline, including new gameplay elements such as clans and leaderboards, further enriching the social and competitive aspects of the game. 


MemeFi's future plans also include expanding its ecosystem and potentially disrupting the current dominance of The Open Network (TON) in the Telegram crypto gaming space. By offering a compelling alternative on the EVM chain, MemeFi aims to attract a broader audience and shift the balance of power. The integration of advanced features, robust partnerships, and continuous updates positions MemeFi as a formidable contender against TON, potentially reshaping the landscape of Telegram-based crypto games. 


Closing Thoughts

MemeFi stands out in the Telegram crypto gaming space by combining elements of meme culture with a gamified blockchain experience. This unique blend offers users an engaging way to participate in DeFi activities through interactive gameplay. The project’s innovative features, such as meme clans, boss fights, and a dynamic key system, attract a large user base and keep players invested. Partnerships with established entities like Linea further enhance its credibility and operational capabilities. 


While MemeFi offers exciting opportunities, it is essential to approach any investment with caution. The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, and new projects can be particularly risky. Ensure you conduct thorough research and consider your risk tolerance before investing. Participating in the MemeFi alpha phase can provide valuable experience, but always be mindful of the inherent risks in the crypto market. 


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