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FAQWant to convert your coins without fees? Here's how.

1. Will I be charged a trading fee?

KuCoin charges 0 fees for Convert. Due to market volatility, the conversion spread contained in the conversion price allows KuCoin to lock in your price for a short time. Therefore, the amount of crypto shown for the conversion will be the least amount you will receive once the conversion is completed.

2. What advantages does Convert have compared to spot trading?

There is no need to go through tedious operations on the spot market or to understand the complete fee structure. With Convert, crypto conversions can be executed with the click of a button. There are no hidden fees. What you see is what you get.

3. Are there any restrictions to the use of Convert?

Fewer coin types are supported for conversions compared to spot trading. The number of supported coin types will increase with time. Transactions have max and min amount limitations, with the specific amounts shown in the amount entry field.

4. How are transactions settled?

You have the option of either using just your Funding Account, using just your Trading Account, or using both your Funding and Trading Accounts for the conversion. Once the conversion is completed, the settled crypto will be credited to your Trading Account.