Tokoin Enters NFT World and Collaborates With KuCoin for NFT Gaming

2021/11/24 04:19:53

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Time: November 9, 2021, 11:00-12:14 (UTC)

KuCoin hosted an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) session with Andrew Riady, Chief Marketing Officer of Tokoin, in the KuCoin Exchange Group, where he shared about the project’s current main focus — NFT Gaming and collaboration with KuCoin Win.

Tokoin is one of the pioneer blockchain companies from Indonesia. They envisioned making blockchain technology accessible and easy to use by everyone and useful for its community.

They develop and support different projects globally and locally to be on board the blockchain technology, leveraging TOKO token and its advantages.

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Andrew Riady — Chief Marketing Officer of Tokoin

Andrew runs his own marketing firm and is a diversified investor. He has always been passionate about the crypto industry, has been involved in other crypto projects, and has spent time learning about the industry. Andrew joined Tokoin as their CMO, and his marketing skills brought a different and fresh perspective to the team.

KucoinWin Operations Manager Will also joined the AMA session.

Q&A from KuCoin

Q&A With Tokoin

Q: What is the purpose of this Tokoin <> KuCoin Win collaboration?

Andrew: KuCoin has always been one of Tokoin’s closest partners. Their expertise and guidance has always been a valuable asset for us.

With Johnny (KuCoin’s CEO) on board as our advisor as well, it’s only right that we support each other!

Thus when KuCoin launched the KuCoin Win function, we were very excited to be on board with them.

The purpose of this collaboration is to further expand the utility of our TOKO token, now holders of TOKO can have something to look forward to and expand both KuCoin and TOKO holder user base globally.

Q: What do you think about the future of this NFT industry?

Andrew: I personally believe that NFT can rightfully reward artists and individuals alike for their creativity. It goes beyond the rights of ownership and gains, I would say.

NFT technology could be used in much more use cases though, like for example a digital right to a land deed or a shared ownership of a property.

The future of the NFT industry is an interesting one and ever-evolving industry. I am sure many companies and individuals will be dwelling more into this space, and Tokoin will be at the center of it!

Q: Why is Tokoin interested in entering NFT Gaming?

Andrew: Yeah, so we strongly believe that NFT Gaming is the future of the gaming industry.

Tokoin is one of Indonesia's pioneer companies dwelling in blockchain technology. We always believe in supporting creative individuals and companies alike in all aspects of blockchain technology, leveraging our TOKO token, of course.

Thus when we are always looking for opportunities and partners in many areas of the blockchain industry, we see the potential in the betterment of people’s daily lives in the industry of NFT gaming, and that's what our goal and mission is as a company!

Q: Is Tokoin looking to venture further into the NFT Gaming space?

Andrew: Yes, we are actually! I am very excited to announce that soon we will be revealing the teaser and details about our NFT gaming project in conjunction with an entity that is super creative and they are always striving for the better.

It will be defining the play to earn an ecosystem, and we hope that our users can enjoy them.

We will be releasing the title and more information on it before the end of this month, please keep a lookout for it!

Oh and of course TOKO token will be the in-game token to be utilized in the game itself!

Q: Will there be an NFT collaboration between KuCoin and Tokoin in the future?

Andrew: Definitely! KuCoin and Tokoin are always looking for ways to collaborate with each other, and we can’t thank you guys enough for your consistent support!

We are also in talks with the KuCoin team to support our new NFT game!

Q: With Tokoin entering NFT Gaming, will it benefit $TOKO?

Andrew: TOKO token will be the governing token and in-game currency for our upcoming NFT game launch partnership. We will be empowering our partner with the blockchain technology expertise that our company has!

This, in return, will give more utility and use cases for our TOKO token. We will further share the details of the usage of the TOKO token in this game before the end of this month, an exciting time ahead for our believers and holders! Stay tuned and keep supporting us!

Q: After NFT Gaming, what do you want to focus on going forward?

Andrew: Our main goals and vision will never change, as I mentioned earlier. We will keep on focusing on building the utility of our TOKO token, and our team always strives to better ourselves in the fast-paced blockchain industry.

We are though exploring further into layer 2 of blockchain and also expanding a metaverse world for our NFT game collaboration!

Q&A With KuCoin Win

Q: Can you briefly introduce what Guardian Star is and how to play it?

Will: Today, I am very honored to be here to introduce the KuCoin Win game - Guardian Star. In fact, this game has been on the platform for more than a month now, and the feedback is very good. Today, I will give you a systematic introduction about KuCoin Win - Guardian Star.

Guardian Star is a mystery box game where players can choose the merchandise set they are interested in. They will pay 100% of the participation amount and get 100% of the merchandise in the merchandise set.

Commodities will be divided into rare and ordinary items. If the player draws a rare item, it will become a Polestar. The system will calculate the time you occupied the Polestar. The Polestar time will accumulate multiple times.

Q: Why did KuCoin Win launch this game? Is this game related to NFT?

Will: In fact, this game is inspired by the blind box game that is popular among youngsters.

Users can choose a product group they like and spend a certain amount of crypto to get 100% of the blind box product. Blind box opening is a process full of unknown and interesting items. Participants have a sense of belief in opening limited edition products.

After a lot of market research, our team combined this blind box game with KuCoin Win to develop this exciting and easy-to-play game. The 100% probability of winning allows users to enjoy the thrill of opening the boxes. At the same time, up to 100 times the income fills the game with excitement.

Speaking of NFT, we also fully consider the current NFT boom in the market, so in the Guardian Star game, we also put NFT-related product groups on the shelves. For example, the game that I collaborated with artist Lino last month received an enthusiastic response during its launch. The recycling mechanism in the game also ensures that NFT can continue to circulate and be appreciated.

Through the Guardian Star game, we are also exploring a new mode of NFT circulation in the market.

Q: As far as we know, KuCoin Win has launched the LuckyRaffling game. What are the main differences between the two games?

Will: Lucky Raffling and Guardian Star are currently very popular games on our KuCoin Win platform. Of course, the two are indeed different. Guardian Star is a game that is easier to play. There is almost no learning cost, and users can choose the one they are interested in from among many product groups to play. I think users have fully grasped the initiative of the game.

In addition, the probability of winning the Guardian Star game is 100%, which is unmatched by other games. From a certain perspective, it also reduces the game cost for users quite a lot.

Of course, the rewards for participating in the game are also very impressive. Generally speaking, the highest reward in a product group is 100 times or even higher than your bet amount. Everyone can go to our newly launched TOKO product group, and there are many extra incentives to win.

Q: What plans will KuCoin Win have in the future? Will it empower the development of KCS?

Will: KuCoin Win is still actively exploring market hotspots and developing new games so that more people can participate. In fact, keen users have been able to find that we at KuCoin Win launched a new game last week, the Slot Machine, which is full of interesting interaction and music so that your gaming experience can be greatly improved.

In addition, we will continue to launch more games that are full of surprises, so please stay tuned!

KuCoin Win aims to create an open platform for a crypto-based game ecosystem. It will attract both players and game developers to create a diversified gaming experience. Therefore, we’ll also launch an open-source platform for external developers to access. In addition, KCS will be used as the underlying fuel for KuCoin Win projects and the entry pass for games. It will expand the scope of application scenarios and intrinsic value for KCS. The KCS exchanged throughout the games will be used for KCS buybacks and burnings in the future.

Free-Ask from KuCoin Community

Q: Partnership and community are the keys to the success of projects. Can you tell us how your project will expand the partnership and which markets you will focus on?

Andrew: Yes, this is so true. Our partners and community are always strong and supporting us. We are always looking forward to many partners that can bring benefits to our community! We will always be focused on the global market, of course.

Q: What style of games will be made available?

Andrew: If you are referring to the new game that we help empower with our partner, it will be a collectible NFT play-to-earn game in which you can collect, battle, and breed the assets using the TOKO token as its in-game token.

Q: What plans do you have for new users and non-crypto investors to attract to your platform? What challenges do you see?

Andrew: We are always forward-looking and trying to onboard partners and individuals alike to the blockchain industry. The challenges will be more towards the market adoption and acceptance of new developments.

Q: According to the roadmap, what are your most important next priorities? Does your team have enough funds and a strong community to achieve those milestones?

Andrew: If you are talking about the short-term next priority, it will definitely be in the NFT gaming space. In the long run, we are still very committed to our mission and vision!

Q: When users store the TOKO tokens on My-T Wallet, can we also stake them? What are the profit and passive income ratios we will get with TOKO staking?

Andrew: Yes, you can. You can also stake TOKO on KuCoin!

Q: Is there anything else you would like to share or you want us to know?

Andrew: Yes, please. If you guys would like to find out more about our project, I will leave the links here! Come be a part of our community!






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