KuCoin AMA With KuCoin Win & Multiverse — Bringing More Fun and Engagement Into the Blockchain Industry

2021/06/14 11:46:04

Dear KuCoin Users,

Time: June 10, 2021, 06:00-07:34 (UTC)

KuCoin hosted a joint AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) session with KuCoin Win and Multiverse in the KuCoin Exchange Group.

On June 4, 2021, KuCoin introduced a brand new product — KuCoin Win — the first entertainment + project listing platform in the crypto space, opening a brand new gateway into the blockchain world that is more fun and accessible for users.

The first game product of KuCoin Win, LuckyRaffling, went live on June 7, 2021, where holders of KuCoin’s native token KCS can play games for chances to win token rewards or other physical prizes.

The launch of KuCoin Win offers a new way for the token distribution of promising blockchain projects. On June 9, 2021, KuCoin announced the first project launched on KuCoin Win — the decentralized A.I. ecosystem Multiverse.

From June 10-12, users can exchange lucky codes using KCS and have the opportunity to obtain AI tokens. A total of 5 million of Multiverse’s native token, AI, will be distributed through KuCoin Win’s first game product - LuckyRaffling.


KuCoin Win

KuCoin Win is a platform that combines entertainment with token listing for the first time in the crypto space, allowing participants to access the initial token distribution of promising blockchain projects at an early stage, with a lower cost and fairer, more entertaining process.

Users can exchange designated tokens such as KCS for lucky codes to participate in the lottery. When the lucky codes are sold out, the platform will automatically draw prizes and select a winner to receive a physical or token reward.

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Guest: KuCoin Win Product Manager Vincent


The Multiverse™ is a machine-learning platform that empowers more people to easily build and deploy decentralized A.I. applications with their own custom tokens and decentralized economic systems. Multiverse projects have already landed customers from some of the world’s most respected companies and with researchers at Stanford University and The Johns Hopkins University. Built on their high-performance and environmentally-efficient Proof-of-Stake parallel-blockchain technology, Multiverse allows people of all stripes to build or support A.I. projects. Multiverse has received support from Matrix Partners, Huobi Ventures, KuCoin, Arrington XRP, and Fenbushi Capital.

Official Website: https://multiverse.ai

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Cliff Szu — CEO and Co-Founder of Multiverse

Previously, Cliff was CEO and co-founder of an acquired social media site and led mobile engineering at a Google-acquired enterprise startup. He grew up on the East Coast of the United States and studied computer science and economics at Stanford University, with a focus on artificial intelligence.

Q&A With KuCoin Win

Q: Can you briefly introduce what KuCoin Win is and why KuCoin launched the platform?

Vincent: It’s very nice to be here today sharing our exciting brand new product, also brand new listing campaign platform, KuCoin Win. KuCoin Win is the open gaming platform newly launched on KuCoin. We expect that more blockchain developers will join us through the KuCoin Win platform and create diversified and fun projects for users. In the meantime, KuCoin Win allows participants to access the initial token distribution of promising blockchain projects at an early stage, with a lower cost and fairer, more entertaining process. It will also initiate a new token listing channel for KuCoin.

Q: Some users have compared KuCoin Win to a gambling platform. How would you respond as a product manager?

Vincent: LuckyRaffling, as the first game launched on the KuCoin Win platform, did not adopt the rules of the traditional gambling industry for huge profits. The KuCoin Win platform aims to lower the entry barriers for everyone to participate in the crypto industry and access the initial token distribution of promising blockchain projects at an early stage through innovative forms rather than make profits for the platform. Winners can get rewards from the games in the meantime.

We will also introduce various methods and rules to prevent users from indulging in the games.

More new types of games will be launched on the KuCoin Win platform in the future. Some might require participants to invest a small number of tokens in joining the games, but others don’t require any cost. According to our plan, users who participate in activities across the KuCoin platform, including transactions, logins, deposits, withdrawals, and inviting friends, will all have the opportunity to get KuCoin Win codes and obtain them through games in the future.

I think that’s what we thought about gambling and KucoinWin. Generally, it's different.

Q: Can you explain how the KuCoin Win platform will empower the development of KCS?

Vincent: KCS will be used as the underlying fuel for KuCoin Win projects, as well as the entry pass to join the games. It will expand the scope of application scenarios and intrinsic value for KCS.

Also, LuckyRaffling does not require minimal KCS holdings or token stakings. Users can redeem a lucky code with a small number of tokens to win the reward, which greatly reduces the threshold for retail investors to participate in the early investment of crypto projects. KuCoin is often known for exploring and empowering high-quality projects, and has listed about 350 tokens with 800 trading pairs. The launch of KuCoin Win is a significant step to accelerate KuCoin’s discovery of crypto gems in the blockchain world.

KuCoin Win aims to create an open platform for a crypto-based game ecosystem. It will attract both players and game developers to create a diversified gaming experience. Therefore, we’ll also launch an open-source platform for external developers to access. In addition, KCS will be used as the underlying fuel for KuCoin Win projects, and the entry pass for games. It will expand the scope of application scenarios and intrinsic value for KCS. The KCS exchanged throughout the games will be used for KCS buybacks and burnings in the future.

Q: How to improve the probability of winning?Luck only? What strategy do you recommend?

Vincent: As an innovative game platform, one of the most outstanding features of the KuCoin Win platform is fairness. Here, crypto whales with a huge amount of capital or ordinary retail investors both share equal chances. We will provide you with the same opportunity to participate in the initial token distribution of the new project. KuCoin Win will not become a gaming platform designed for crypto whales.

Q: Does KuCoin Win have any preferences or requirements when selecting projects? Is there an application link for the project side?

Vincent: That was a good question. Thought folks already noticed our first project Multiverse.

KuCoin Win aims to select projects with strong technical strength, experienced team background, creativity, and high quality. As the mode of KuCoin Win is novel for both projects and users, the projects launched on KuCoin Win are likely to develop into influential projects with a high volume of user participation in the future.

We welcome any interested high-quality projects to send the application email to kucoinwin@kucoin.com. Let us join forces in attracting more newcomers to the crypto world.

Q: What are the differences among KuCoin Win, Spotlight, and BurningDrop?

Vincent: In general, the positioning of those three platforms are different.

These three products all have their own unique characteristics. For example, KuCoin Win innovatively introduces a game-oriented way to help the project complete the initial token distribution, which also reduces the threshold of user participation, so that more retail investors and small token holders can participate.

And for the projects launched on Kucoin Win, we will also give more support to help them develop further. In addition, the only underlying fuel of KuCoin Win is KCS. With the continuous development of KuCoin Win, both KCS ecosystem and KCS holders will get benefits.

If you asked me to use three keywords to describe KuCoin Win, I think I would use Fair, Playful, Attractive.

Q&A With Multiverse

Q: Please introduce yourself and Multiverse.

Cliff: Hi, everyone, my name is Cliff Szu and I am the co-founder of Multiverse. I'm originally from Stanford with my degree in Computer Science and an Economics minor degree. I worked at IBM in A.I. and led mobile engineering at a Google-acquired company.

Our project is backed by Matrix Partners, Huobi Ventures, Arrington XRP, Fenbushi Capital, etc. Our founding team is also from Stanford University and worked at Google, Twitter, Intel, etc.

We all worked in the centralized world at companies like Google and saw how powerful A.I. was becoming, and also how incredibly centralized it was.

Everything is controlled by a few big companies.

Q: Can you tell us what “Multiverse” and “Planets” mean?

Cliff: So Multiverse is like the universe of projects within our platform. It enables individuals and organizations to build dApp projects on our decentralized machine-learning platform in a low-code environment with minimal technical barriers to entry. These projects by third party developers are called Planets.

Each Planet project has its own token, product, DEX, economy, governance, leadership, and inflation/deflation rates, all initially determined without code and is then automatically translated into Multiverse smart contract code.

The main token of the Multiverse is the AI token (symbol: AI), which will be listed on KuCoin very soon.

Q: How can we stake on Multiverse?

Cliff: Stakers are one of the three main groups in Multiverse. We have stakers (token holders), founders (developers), and citizens (workers).

If you have Multiverse tokens (symbol: AI), to stake you just look through the projects in the Multiverse. There are already quite a few from the community that are very diverse and interesting.

Multiverse uses machine learning to help you find projects that you are interested in. Once you find a project you like, you can stake your AI tokens with two clicks.

All of the project’s information is public, visible, and locked into smart contracts, including founder stake, vesting, and lockups, so everyone has the same data to make fair decisions.

One important note is that founders cannot spend your staked tokens. You are only locking it into the Planet's liquidity pool.

But founders' own stakes go up in value if people believe in their projects and stake on them.

Q: Who do you compete with? What does the industry landscape look like?

Cliff: Multiverse’s vision is to allow promising individuals and groups, regardless of location, race, education, coding skills, or banked status, to become builders and develop Planets to make an impact. There aren’t very many players, if any, that have our combination of staking, working, and building for A.I. projects. If you know of anyone, I would love to know more.

Here's some data that is easy to find: the global artificial intelligence market size was valued at USD 62.35 billion last year and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 40.2% from 2021 to 2028. So the A.I. space is growing faster than almost any other market and we expect this to accelerate, not slow down.

Eventually, everything will be powered by A.I., similar to how everything has electronics in it today.

It's described as the last invention humans will ever make, because eventually A.I. will be making inventions for us. Not sure how true that saying is, but it's thought provoking.

Q: What are the most significant market opportunities in the A.I. or blockchain space from your perspective?

Cliff: I think there are large communities of people who are smart and have great potential, but who don't have the opportunities to work in A.I. or blockchain (which I think are two of the most promising industries).

We're trying to connect this enormous potential talent pool to the demand side of the market.

I read about Google's former AI Ethics researcher, Gerb.

She met a student in Africa who couldn't even afford to pay for the SAT test. She paid for him, and he got a scholarship to Yale. There's so much potential out there and we are going to help connect it and dramatically increase the number of people participating in blockchain and A.I.

So I think the potential of bringing more people into blockchain is really the greatest opportunity. Blockchain is about network effects, and the more people we bring in, the stronger we all become.

(That's why we want to lower the barriers to entry on our platform.)

Q: Why did you choose to partner with KuCoin?

Cliff: Well, my first exchange experience was with KuCoin. We love KuCoin! KuCoin is a highly reputable crypto-exchange with a highly active and engaged community.

We actually have A.I. agents examining the different communities in crypto and KuCoin is consistently one of the most engaged communities.

KuCoin Win is a really interesting way to widely distribute tokens to a broad audience. Why not make it fun, right?

Multiverse is all about bringing blockchain A.I. to the people, and a wide distribution to KuCoin’s diverse and global user base using the new KuCoin Win platform is a perfect fit for our vision of a new decentralized global community.

Some of our community members already won today... that was pretty cool to see.

Free-Ask from KuCoin Community

Q: Lately most projects in the cryptocurrency space are characterized by serious security issues. What steps have you taken to ensure that security is not an issue here?

Cliff (Multiverse): Ok there are just so many great questions.

So our team comes from a distributed enterprise software background. Our CTO was one of the 5 inventors of Google Gmail. As you know, Gmail has never been hacked and even has been adopted by the US government and militaries.

We take security very seriously and it's the first thing we think about besides making things easy to use.

Q: As an individual user and a developer, I’m interested in contributing to your project alongside earning, do you have any bug bounty program?

Cliff (Multiverse): So this is an interesting meta-question.

One thing elegant about the Multiverse is that EVERYTHING is a planet. There is an encrypted file storage planet, a KYC planet, a coder planet, artist planets, NFT planets.

Q: How will you ensure that KuCoin Win will not be controlled by a crypto whale? Isn't it more profitable for you?

Vincent (KuCoin Win): First of all, it's a probability game, luck is the only ticket to win. Secondly, we don't make a profit from this game at this stage. However, we will charge a transaction fee in the future, but it's all the same for whales or individuals.

Q: Does your great project support staking program? If yes, how does your stake system work, what is the requirement for users if they want to stake in your platform?

Cliff (Multiverse): Stakers are the heart of the economy in the Multiverse. There are no requirements for stakers besides having any amount of Multiverse AI coins to stake.

If you can't afford to buy coins, you can actually just earn them by doing work as a Citizen. This includes collecting data for training A.I., marking up images, or doing user testing for developers.

We really mean it that anyone can stake.

Q: What is the minimum token I need to get the lucky code and how do you distribute the winner after the lucky code?

Vincent (KuCoin Win): Every prize pool is different in probability, hence requires different value of tokens you need to pay. The minimum lucky code equals 1U for now. We distribute the rewards in 3 working days.

Q: Most DEXs are not easily usable, struggle with liquidity, do not provide fiat payments. Will DEXs come forward to solve these problems?

Cliff (Multiverse): Multiverse DEX solves almost all of these issues. Usability is key. Using some DEXs today requires a computer science degree, which is not good for broad adoption. I always think, would my neighbor or a different generation be able to use this stuff? Relying on arbitrage for liquidity is also somewhat slow and problematic. We are solving that usability hurdle. The off-ramp issue... well, stay tuned!

Q: If you were to summarize your project in ONE word, what would it be? Why?

I think it is an excellent approach for your game, however I would like to know, how deep is the integration of the blockchain in your game? Does it only work for NFT trading or does the entire Metaverse in general work via blockchain?

What are the marketing strategies of your $AI token project? What are the benefits of holding $AI tokens for a long term?

Vincent (KuCoin Win): We are devoted to building a fair and transparent gaming product through blockchain technology. And we will also bring out events related to NFT in the near future.

If you asked me to use one word to summarize, I think it should be 'open-mind' , this is not only KuCoin’ s KuCoin Win, it’s a product for all the explorers. We will launch the open-resourced planform soon to let all the explorers use their creativity and smartness to share with all the users, crypto investors.

Q: What is the uniqueness of Multiverse $AI that cannot be found in any other project that has been released so far?

Is it possible for everybody to win at KuCoin Win?

Vincent (KuCoin Win): Yes, everybody can win, if they participate enough times, and get enough luck with them. The drawing rules are entirely transparent, you can check on KuCoin Win page.

Q: Are you planning to promote your project in different countries, where English is not good? Do you have a local community for them to better understand your project?

Cliff (Multiverse): This is a great question. It's absolutely essential for Multiverse to work globally. We are very driven on expanding in Southeast Asia and Latin America. We are actually hiring people on the ground as we speak. If you listen to our podcast (linked in our Telegram: https://t.me/multiverselabs ) we talk about how more diversity in data makes more effective A.I. systems. So it's about opening up new markets to blockchain and also improving results for our 3rd party developers.

Giveaway Section

KuCoin Win and Multiverse have prepared a total of 50,000 AI to give away to AMA participants.

1. Free-ask section: 6,000 AI

2. AMA quiz: 44,000 AI

. . .

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