KuCoin Futures 3rd Anniversary: Build Metaverse Planets Together and Share in a $10,000,000 Prize Pool!

2022/08/23 07:57:54

On its 3rd Anniversary, KuCoin Futures celebrates this important day with the concept of Metaverse. Users can explore the Futures metaverse, collect planet fragments, and activate planets to share in the prize pool. Users can also participate in the Treasure Hunt and win up to 1 BTC in rewards. The event also features a variety of VIP-exclusive bonuses, special rewards for newcomers, friend invite gifts, and a wealth of other goodies!

This KuCoin Blog will introduce you to the KuCoin Futures 3rd Anniversary Carnival and help you to collect more planet fragments and win rewards with ease.

Complete Tasks & Earn Fragments, Share in Super-Large Prizes

Collect planet fragments upon completing tasks such as daily logins, enabling futures trading, engaging in futures trades, reaching trading volume, sharing the event, and inviting friends. Click here to get started.

After completing planet fragment tasks, you can participate in the following events:

1. Activate Metaverse Planets: Click on the ‘Activate Planets for Prizes’ button on the event homepage to help activate KuCoin Futures metaverse planets and share up to 2 million USDT in rewards. Each planet is activated at a different time and has its own story and rewards. The planet prize pool amount will be determined by the total number of fragments accumulated by all participating users.

Tip: Collect planet fragments by completing tasks. The more fragments you collect, the greater your share of the rewards!

2. Participate in the Treasure Hunt to earn up to 1 BTC in rewards. Click to open the Treasure Hunt page.

Tip: For every 10 planet fragments, you will receive 1 lucky draw chance. Lucky draws can earn you up to 1 BTC in rewards (planet fragments are not consumed).

More Exclusive Gifts to be Won

Exclusive Bonuses for Newcomers

Enable Futures trading to receive a newcomer reward of up to 100 USDT. Once the event ends, any participating users that enabled Futures trading during the event will be entered into a chance to receive random anniversary packs airdrops of up to 500 USDT.

Newcomers can also participate in exclusive events. For details, refer to Exclusive KuCoin Futures 3rd Anniversary Event: 2nd Round of Learn & Earn! Enjoy 40,000 USDT in Rewards!

VIP Exclusive Bonuses

Anyone who has been a KuCoin VIP between 09/01/2021 - 09/06/2022 will be able to receive an exclusive anniversary lucky bag. The lucky bag will be awarded according to the highest historical VIP level. Users who become a KuCoin VIP during the event will also be able to claim rewards.

Invite Friends to Share in a 50,000 USDT Prize Pool

Invite friends to register and enable Futures trading with your referral code during the event to share in a 50,000 USDT prize pool. For details, refer to Extra Bonuses! Invite Friends and Share in a 50,000 USDT Prize Pool.

The KuCoin Futures 3rd Anniversary Carnival starts from August 23rd to September 6th, 2022 (UTC)! Complete tasks, collect planet fragments to activate metaverse planets, and share in a massive $10,000,000 prize pool! Join now>>>

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