KuCoin AMA With Captain Tsubasa -RIVALS- (TSUGT) — The Most Influential Football Manga, Now in Web3!

2023/06/01 11:54:01

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Time: May 30, 2023, 11:00 AM - 12:26 PM (UTC)

KuCoin hosted an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) session with the game producer of Captain Tsubasa -RIVALS-, Shun Fujiyoshi, in the KuCoin Exchange Group.

Official Website: https://tsubasa-rivals.com/

Whitepaper: Click to view

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Shun Fujiyoshi — Game Producer of “Captain Tsubasa -RIVALS-“

Captain Tsubasa -RIVALS- AMA: Q&A from KuCoin:

Q: Please briefly introduce yourself and your team at Captain Tsubasa -RIVALS-.

Fujiyoshi: I am Shun Fujiyoshi. I have about 15 years of experience in game production, and my team comprises professionals in mobile games with a similar history of experience.

Q: What kind of games have you created so far?

Fujiyoshi: My specialty is Captain Tsubasa's game. Captain Tsubasa -RIVALS- is the fourth Tsubasa game in my life. With experience in Web 2.0, our team has worked on many titles using famous IP works.

I am still a Web2 game creator too.

Q: Tell us about the similarities and differences between mobile games and blockchain games.

Fujiyoshi: The common point is that the game is fun! The difference is that the game assets are in the hands of the users. My mind is organized.

Q: What background led you to create Captain Tsubasa's blockchain game?

Fujiyoshi: Everybody knows Captain Tsubasa is a legendary football manga that has captivated the world. It is still being continued and is a wonderful work. This is my favorite manga. I've talked about my motivation for creating it on WP and elsewhere, I am still looking for a game of my favorite work when playing blockchain games. Simple reasons like that led me to develop a Captain Tsubasa game. All of our past titles are in that vein. In other words, I always want to be in touch with Captain Tsubasa. I am selfish and want to play with my favorite manga.

Q: Tell us the kind of game Captain Tsubasa -RIVALS- is.

Fujiyoshi: I make complicated games. So Captain Tsubasa -RIVALS-is also simple yet deeply strategic. But first, my priority is to have a cool NFT character—illustrations, 3D movie special moves, voices, and automatically generated background music. We have brought many things we have done in web2 to web3. There are two game modes, PvE and PvP. The PvP mode is where you defeat your original rivals; PvP, as the name implies, pits you against other players' decks. The strategic nature of the complex decks is the key point.

Q: Tell us about your operating policies.

Fujiyoshi: Our strengths are maintaining a good relationship with the community (users), balancing the game balance and token sustainability, and rapid development. Our updates are faster than other BCGs, about twice a week. As for operations, the web2 experience is alive and well.

Q: Tell us about the areas where Captain Tsubasa -RIVALS- has an advantage over other BCGs.

Fujiyoshi: There are complex character development and deck settings. This is common in Web2 apps, but many BCG games have a smaller strategic aspect due to the difficulty of balancing the game. Few BCGs incorporate complex meta-systems using famous IP characters.

The game strategy should consider special moves, player skills, attributes, and synergy with other players. And to develop your characters accordingly. These are the keys to winning in Captain Tsubasa - RIVALS-. As a base, though, you need to be a fan of Captain Tsubasa to enjoy the game; also recommended for lovers of blockchain games or players of competitive games in general.

Q: Do your years of mobile game experience come in handy in developing blockchain games?

Fujiyoshi: In mobile games, the mechanics were easy to transition because the focus was on economic balance and reward design. The second is the technical part of customer support. Our experience handling tens of millions of installations and numerous DAUs is alive and well.

Q: I heard that you are also working with a top-class web3 team.

Fujiyoshi: Many of our team members have worked on hit titles with Web2 as a base. We are also working closely with top Web3 teams in addition to our mobile game experience. In terms of games, our partnerships include Animoca Brands, YGG, OKX Ventures, and Polygon. We are challenging ourselves to develop new blockchain games by realizing the fusion of Web2 and Web3. It is truly a hybrid team composition.

Q: How about the path you have taken since the game's initial release?


  1. Launch on January 12, 2023.
  2. PvP mode was added on March 31, 2023.
  3. KuCoin Listing on May 31, 2023.
  4. Tsubasa's birthday is next on July 28th!

We are looking forward to big events every two months.

Q: Who is the current target audience for Captain Tsubasa -RIVALS-, and what is your marketing strategy for the future?

Fujiyoshi: Currently, the blockchain game is gaining momentum, especially among core users. One area where the game is different from other games is that many people have never played blockchain games before but are familiar with Captain Tsubasa, so it is impressive that they are trying it for the first time.

In the future, we plan to leverage Captain Tsubasa's popularity worldwide to develop the game on a more global scale. We aim to create a game that can bring together Captain Tsubasa fans, blockchain game fans, and mobile game fans worldwide in one place.

For this reason, this listing on KuCoin is very important. We will work with KuCoin in our marketing activities to gain the attention of many users. We will also collaborate with many other projects, so check out Captain Tsubasa -RIVALS- on Twitter!

Q: I know that the falling price of in-game tokens is a perennial issue for BCG, but what are your plans for Captain Tsubasa -RIVALS-?

Fujiyoshi: We are a dual token model. The utility token, as shown in our Whitepaper:


Adjustable Transfer Fee

Withdrawal Limit

These three systems are used to prevent price declines.

The $TSUGT to be listed this time will be deflated by token burn and more for in-game use. Please read the Whitepaper for more details and to understand my thoughts better. I also write many producer's letters, so please read them.

Finding a game producer who writes a letter almost weekly is rare. So I talk about the future there; if I fail, I tell them that too.

Q: Now that you mentioned $TSUGT, what does that mean for Captain Tsubasa -RIVALS-?

Fujiyoshi: The listing of $TSUGT is an important measure to increase the project's value continuously. The listing of $TSUGT has the following effects:

Fun for Captain Tsubasa fans to hold,

Usefulness as an in-game item; and

Increased benefits of holding the tokens, stabilizing the token value.

In the future, new users will enter the market, both those who genuinely enjoy the game and those who want to hold the tokens. The management team will listen to both sides and, with a fine sense of balance, reflect user feedback in the game. I would also like to do a worldwide fan meeting.

Q: What is your outlook and message for the future?

Fujiyoshi: It's still a debut project; the team will do its best to grow it well, so please support us. $TSUGT has made it even better! We will update it so people will say, "What a change!"

Thanks to all your support, we can expand the world of Captain Tsubasa -RIVALS-. It has just begun, but we want to create a good game with the users.

Please read comics! Watch anime! Get to know Captain Tsubasa better! Thank you!

Free-Ask from KuCoin Community to the Captain Tsubasa -RIVALS- Team

Q: Is this a global project or a local project?

Fujiyoshi: This is a global project. We still have many users in Japan, but we will gradually expand it worldwide. There is a worldview that can be seen because it is Captain Tsubasa. Animoca Brands, YGG, OKX Ventures, and Polygon are strong partners.

Q: I want to support your project; tell us more about the ambassador program and in what ways we can participate.

Fujiyoshi: This article makes it so much easier to understand. Also, check our Discord too.

Q: How do you take the community's opinions to improve your project?

Fujiyoshi: I'll always be on Twitter and Discord like I'm at home. I'm often picking up everyone's opinions directly. Unfortunately, the more users we have, the harder it is to pick up everyone's voice. I wish everyone could be a part of it.

Q: How did you come up with the idea of creating this brand?

Fujiyoshi: The theme is fun to have both as a fan of Captain Tsubasa and as a token!

Q: How many team members do you have? Do they have enough experience in the blockchain field?

Fujiyoshi: There are about 30 team members. We have advisors and experienced people, and we have this game. So you should come and play!

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