7 Benefits of Becoming a KuCoin P2P Merchant

2023/07/12 10:17:14

P2P trading, or peer-to-peer trading, lets you trade digital assets directly with one another, eliminating the need for intermediaries such as traditional exchanges. This decentralized approach offers several benefits, including enhanced privacy, zero trading fees, and increased control over your crypto trades.

The KuCoin P2P marketplace has embraced this decentralized service and provides users with an effective and secure platform for crypto P2P trading, all thanks to our P2P merchants. Read on to learn more about the roles of a P2P merchant and its benefits.

An Introduction to the KuCoin P2P Marketplace

The KuCoin P2P marketplace is a popular platform that facilitates P2P trading of cryptocurrencies. With a robust user base and advanced features, KuCoin P2P has become a preferred choice for traders worldwide.

KuCoin’s P2P service offers a wide variety of cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Tether (USDT), USD Coin (USDC), and KuCoin Token (KCS), for trading, ensuring ample options for buyers and sellers. We provide a secure escrow system, ensuring the safety of funds throughout the trading process.

KuCoin P2P also implements a comprehensive verification system and employs measures to prevent fraud, making it a reliable platform for crypto P2P trading.

Learn everything about the KuCoin P2P marketplace.

Role of Merchants in P2P Crypto Trading

P2P merchants play a crucial role in the KuCoin P2P ecosystem. As a merchant, you can facilitate direct transactions as a buyer or seller of crypto without the need for any intermediary.

As a P2P merchant on KuCoin, you can:

1. Post ads as a merchant to promote your service - whether you wish to buy or sell digital assets on KuCoin P2P.

2. Set your preferred price for the trades - pick between a fixed price and a floating quote.

3. Customize your ads further by setting trade limits and confirming your payment method.

4. Once KuCoin reviews and approves your ad, you can accept orders from P2P users on our platform and offer your services as a KuCoin P2P merchant.

5. Remove or hide ads when you want to put your trading on hold.

Your responsibilities include responding to messages, processing payments, and releasing coins promptly. Moreover, as a P2P merchant, you are expected to maintain high customer service, exhibit respect towards platform users and staff, and contribute to upholding the platform's exemplary standards.

By becoming a P2P merchant, you gain access to additional features and contribute to the overall efficiency and reliability of the KuCoin P2P marketplace.

Benefits of Becoming a KuCoin P2P Merchant

Becoming a P2P merchant on KuCoin is a highly lucrative and convenient way to make the most of your crypto trading experience. Here’s how:

Make Money Through Crypto Arbitrage: Buy Low, Sell High

As a KuCoin P2P merchant, you can leverage crypto arbitrage opportunities to make money by capitalizing on market inefficiencies and profiting from the price spreads by buying low and selling high. The key is to act swiftly to capitalize on the price difference before it narrows or disappears. You can accumulate profits from the price discrepancies by repeating this process with multiple arbitrage opportunities.

Becoming a P2P merchant provides several advantages for engaging in crypto arbitrage. KuCoin P2P offers a convenient and secure environment for conducting P2P trades. You can use this strategy to leverage the price differences on their platforms to execute profitable arbitrage trades as a P2P merchant on KuCoin.

Access KuCoin’s Advanced Trading Features

As a merchant, you gain access to advanced trading features, including enhanced visibility for your advertisements and the ability to set your own trading terms. This increased exposure can attract more potential buyers and sellers, expanding your trading opportunities.

Avail Best-in-Class Security

At KuCoin, we prioritize the security of all transactions on our platform through escrow services to ensure secure and fair trading, 24/7 customer support, and chat features.

When the order is being processed, KuCoin P2P holds the cryptocurrency in a temporary deposit until both parties confirm the transaction's success. Merchants can file an appeal if issues arise; customer service will mediate the problem. These security measures provide confidence to both buyers and merchants.

Contact Dedicated Customer Support

As a P2P merchant, you can access dedicated customer support from the KuCoin platform. Suppose you have any inquiries or encounter issues with the P2P trading platform. In that case, you can quickly seek and receive assistance from the customer support team, ensuring a smooth trading experience on KuCoin.

Flexible Payment Methods

KuCoin P2P offers 100+ payment methods, including credit/debit cards, bank transfers, cash transactions, and other digital payment options. With multiple payment methods and support for nearly 40 local fiat currencies, P2P merchants on KuCoin can provide a more customizable trading experience than traditional methods like spot trading.

Verified Badges to Build Trust

All merchants who can advertise on KuCoin P2P receive a green badge beside their nickname, indicating their credibility. This verification enhances trust between merchants and buyers, making their offers stand out compared to non-verified traders.

KuCoin has also launched the Fox King and VIP Merchant programs to stand out further and improve your credibility on our platform. Enjoy exclusive benefits and privileges under these programs and increase your earning potential as a P2P merchant on KuCoin.

You can learn more about how to become a Fox King Merchant and the privileges you can enjoy on our platform.

Special Promotions to Elevate Your Trading Experience

KuCoin launches special promotions exclusively for our P2P merchants from time to time. Suppose you perform exceedingly well, and your transaction data is good. In that case, KuCoin will offer special rewards such as extra cash or coupons to recognize your performance and contributions.

How to Apply and Become a P2P Merchant on KuCoin

Applying to become a P2P merchant on KuCoin is a straightforward process.

How to Apply for Becoming a P2P Merchant on KuCoin Web

Step 1: Collect Necessary Documents For Application

First, you must gather the necessary application documents, such as personal identification, proof of address, and other supporting materials. Before proceeding further, bind your mobile phone number and email address to your KuCoin account.

Step 2: Provide a Security Deposit

Provide a security deposit as outlined by our requirements. Depending on your geographic location, the security deposit can vary between 200 and 500 USDT.

Step 3: Visit the Merchant Application Link

Once you have gathered the required documents, visit the merchant application link provided by KuCoin. Submit your application through the designated form, including your mobile number, email address, and Telegram account. Ensure that you provide accurate and complete information.

Step 4: Await KuCoin’s Review and Verification Process

After submitting your application, it will go through a review process by KuCoin's team. They will assess your application and verify the provided information. Upon approval, you will gain access to the merchant features on the KuCoin P2P marketplace.

Check out the following image to learn how to apply to become a P2P Merchant via the KuCoin app.

How to Apply for Becoming a KuCoin P2P Merchant on the KuCoin App

Here’s more information on how you can apply to become a KuCoin P2P Fiat Trade Merchant.

Note: As a P2P merchant, you must adhere to the platform's rules and guidelines, including timely response to messages, payments, and coin releases, along with maintaining a positive customer service attitude.


Becoming a KuCoin P2P merchant can open doors to various benefits in crypto P2P trading. By leveraging the platform's advanced features, increased visibility, and lower fees, you can enhance the customers’ trading experience and maximize your profits.

However, it's crucial to fulfill the responsibilities of being a merchant and maintain a high standard of integrity on the platform. By following the outlined guidelines and submitting your application, you can embark on an exciting journey as a KuCoin P2P merchant and contribute to the growth and success of the crypto trading community.

KuCoin P2P Merchant FAQs

Learn more about P2P questions users encounter frequently and our answers provided here.

Q1. Why is my account balance 0 when I place an order to sell on KuCoin P2P?

Ensure that you transfer your balance from other accounts on KuCoin, such as Trading and Margin, to your Funding account before you place the Sell order on KuCoin P2P.

Q2. Why am I unable to buy or sell on KuCoin P2P?

Our P2P fiat trade service is available for the following types of users and accounts:

1. Users based in countries and regions supported for fiat currency trading on the KuCoin platform.

2. Users not in the KuCoin blacklist.

If your selling service is unavailable even if you meet the above criteria, please double-check whether you have changed the security settings resulting in the suspension of withdrawal service. After changing the security settings in your account, KuCoin will suspend token selling and withdrawals for 24 hours.

Also, check the following:

1. Bind your mobile phone number to your KuCoin account to start P2P Fiat Trade.

2. Set up your trading password before placing a trade on KuCoin P2P Fiat Trade.

Q3. Will changing my mobile phone number, email address, or trading password during a P2P Fiat Trade influence any ongoing trade orders?

Changing your mobile phone number, email address, or trading password during the P2P Fiat Trade does not affect your ongoing order. Ensure you use the changed trading password when the seller releases the token.

Please note that, besides the orders in progress, you cannot carry out P2P Fiat Trade or withdrawal within 24 hours of making such changes to your KuCoin account.

Q4. Why can’t I sell tokens or make new P2P Fiat Trade orders after changing my mobile phone number or trading password?

For the security of your assets, it is forbidden to sell tokens through KuCoin’s P2P Fiat Trade service or withdraw your assets within 24 hours after changing the security settings such as mobile phone number, trading password, etc.

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