KuCoin Futures Fee Structure

KuCoin Futures Fee Structure

04/01/2021, 15:08:50

1. What is Maker and Taker?

At KuCoin Futures, if you provide liquidity to the books, then you are a maker. In another word, when you place an order which is not immediately matched to enter a buy or sell order, then you’re considered as a maker and pay a maker fee.

However, if you take liquidity, then you are a taker. This means when you place an order and it’s executed immediately, then you’re a taker.

2. How about the maker/taker fee? What contracts will charge maker and taker fees?

Both Perpetual and Delivery contracts include the maker and taker fees, but there’re a bit differences in charged fees between the Perpetual and Delivery contracts. The fee rate is displayed as follows.


Only Perpetual contracts, either USDT-margined or COIN-margined contracts have funding fee, and the settlement fee is only charged in Delivery contracts.