KuCoin Futures Deduction Coupon Document

KuCoin Futures Deduction Coupon Document

08/26/2020, 11:16:24

1. What are Futures trading deduction coupons?

Deduction coupons offer users a deduction on Futures trading fees. They have different values, deduction ratios and expiration dates, which can only be used for deducting the trading fees in Futures trading (Futures Brawl excluded) and cannot be withdrawn.

  • Total Amount: The amount of trading fees that can be deducted
  • Deduction Ratio: The highest ratio of trading fees that can be deducted
  • Expiry Time: If expired, the deduction coupon will become invalid

2. How can I check my deduction coupon?

You can check on the KuCoin Futures official website: go to “Assets--->Assets Overview” or you can check it here .

Or you can check on the KuCoin APP: go to “Futures--->Deduction Coupon”.

3. When will the deduction coupon take effect?

The deduction coupon will take effect when you trade Futures. The system will first charge you the total trading fee amount and then return the deducted amount to your Futures account. For Coin-Margined contracts, the system will first calculate the deducted amount based on the real-time exchange rate and then return the amount in USDT to your Futures account.

The system will prioritize the use of your deduction coupons in this order: has the highest deduction ratio >> going to expire soonest >> has been used before >> has the highest value

Only one deduction coupon can be used per trade, whereas one deduction coupon can be used in multiple Futures trades until it runs out of available balance or expires.

4. Can I enjoy both the VIP fee discount and the deduction coupon?

Currently, you can enjoy both benefits. You will first enjoy the VIP fee discount, and then the deduction coupon will be used to further deduct the fees.


1) If there is any malicious attempt for getting the deduction coupon for Futures trading fees, the violator will be banned;

2) When placing a taker order, the highest deductible part is the taker’s original rate minus 0.025%;

3) Please note, the expiry time and deduction ratio of the deduction coupon are subject to the rules of activities, and you can refer to the expiry time and deduction ratio indicated when you receive the deduction coupon. It is recommended that you use it as soon as possible before the deduction coupon expires;

4) KuCoin Futures reserves all rights to the final explanation of the rules of usage.