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About PRMX

What Is PREMA (PRMX) Crypto?

PREMA is a blockchain platform that delivers a secure gateway to explore and access the Web3 ecosystem of dApps across multiple leading blockchain networks. The PREMA protocol lets users manage their tokens across various blockchains, connect to Web3 decentralized applications (dApps), and use NFC accessories, all in a decentralized manner.

The PREMA platform supports the PREMA X NFT marketplace and uses its official wallet - the PREMA Wallet, along with a traceability system to connect NFTs with where they are used. The NFTs featured here could be used in the metaverse to play blockchain games and represent real-world products and experiences.

What sets PREMA apart from its competition is how it leverages technologies like NFC and AQR to utilize blockchain technology for real-world applications securely and conveniently. In this manner, PREMA users can experience real-world applications of Web3 technology.

PRMX is the native digital asset of the PREMA ecosystem and is an ERC-20 token designed on the Ethereum blockchain. It is used to conduct transactions within the PREMA blockchain and pay gas fees. In addition, it also serves as an incentive token that can be paid to service users.

How Does PREMA Work?

PREMA works to bridge the gap between the real and virtual worlds with PREMA X, its own NFT marketplace. This platform will bring engagement opportunities powered by NFTs in blockchain gaming, metaverse, gaming guilds, and real-world Web2 and Web3 applications. The project’s USP lies in using technologies like NFC tags and QR codes to achieve its vision.

PREMA leverages the power of NFTs to improve the value of IP content, making it possible to continue tracking and protecting intellectual property even in secondary markets. It also lets users establish individual ownership over digital content.

To realize this, the PREMA X platform lets users set up their own NFT marketplaces to buy, sell, and trade digital assets and non-fungible tokens. PREMA’s NFT marketplace will revolutionize access to NFT services, allowing all users to conveniently buy and sell their digital content, even if they lack technical expertise.

In addition to simplifying the buying and selling of NFTs by individual users, PREMA is also developing technology to link real-world assets with those used in the virtual world. Once it goes live, in-game assets can be linked with physical products with real-world value, thanks to the PREMA X platform.

History of PREMA and PRMX Token

X-Creation Inc. has developed the PREMA blockchain and PREMA X NFT marketplace under Masahiro Kawakami, who serves as the project’s President and CEO. The company is working on several projects exploring the use of NFTs and blockchain technology across multiple use cases, ranging from fintech to entertainment.

PREMA received a patent in 2020 to operate NFTs using QR codes and NFC tags. This feature is essential to drive mainstream adoption of NFTs.

PREMA could leverage this technology to operate NFTs through QR codes or NFC tags on physical products. NFT technology could then be applied for inexpensive traceability of mail and establish proof of genuineness for products in the future.

The PREMA X NFT marketplace went live in December 2022, along with the launch of sports NFT projects. In 2023, the developers plan to release more content on their platform. They also plan to launch an NFT game on farming on the PREMA blockchain.

How to Buy PREMA (PRMX) Token

KuCoin is the most liquid marketplace for PREMA (PRMX) coin. Here’s how you can buy PREMA coin on KuCoin safely and quickly:

Start Your KuCoin Account

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Buy PRMX on KuCoin With Existing Crypto

Use your existing cryptocurrencies to buy PREMA token on KuCoin. Transfer your tokens from your digital wallet to your KuCoin trading account to start.

Trade PRMX/USDT on KuCoin Spot Trading

Visit KuCoin Spot Trading to find the PRMX/USDT crypto pair. Check the current price of PREMA crypto, PRMX current market cap, current circulating supply, and 24-hour trading volume, and perform technical, sentiment, and fundamental analysis on the PRMX price chart before you trade PREMA in the market.

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Receive and Store PRMX Securely

It will take a few minutes for your trade order to get processed and the PRMX tokens to get added to your account. Once the tokens arrive, you can continue holding PRMX on KuCoin or withdraw them to your non-custodial crypto wallet for more secure long-term storage.


Is PREMA (PRMX) a Good Investment?

The PREMA token PRMX could be a good investment to include in your crypto portfolio if you wish to diversify into NFT projects. The NFT-based PREMA blockchain and PREMA X could gain traction as innovation and interest in the NFT market increase.

As a crypto project interested in driving mainstream adoption of NFT technology, the PRMX price could register an uptick as PREMA launches more NFT projects with real-world applications. Its unique use of NFC tags and QR codes for NFTs could drive up the price of PREMA coin while distinguishing it from most of its competitors in the market.

The PREMA price sentiment could be boosted by a positive sentiment in the overall crypto market.

What Is the PRMX Coin Price Prediction?

Although it is impossible to offer an accurate PREMA price prediction, several factors affect the price action and volatility of PRMX crypto, including:

Adoption of PREMA Blockchain and PREMA X NFT Marketplace

Higher on-chain activity within the PREMA ecosystem and increased user participation in the PREMA X NFT marketplace could drive the demand for the PRMX cryptocurrency. This could support the price of PREMA crypto in the market.

Addition of New Features

As the developers behind the project, X-Creation Inc., add more features to the PREMA network and its NFT marketplace, we could see higher interest in the blockchain among developers and end users. This could also drive up interest in holding and trading the PRMX crypto among investors, which could drive up the value of PREMA coin.

Market Sentiment

The PREMA price is extremely sensitive to the overall market sentiment in the cryptocurrency market. A bullish sentiment or risk-on mood among crypto investors encourages buying activity that could support an uptrend in the PRMX price. However, a bearish sentiment or risk-averse attitude among investors could weaken the PREMA price.

What is PRMX Token Used For?

PRMX is the native token of the PREMA ecosystem. It has the following use cases:

Native Currency

Users can transfer payments on the PREMA blockchain using PRMX tokens. It can also be used to pay transaction fees when using the PREMA network or to interact with dApps.

Incentive Token

$PRMX is used to pay service users for SCM (Supply Chain Management) operations within PREMA X. Service providers can use PRMX crypto to incentivize service users on the NFT marketplace.

Lock PRMX For Exclusive Benefits

As a token holder, you can also lock PRMX tokens to enjoy priority guidance on free minting and whitelisting NFTs and for using NFTs in real and virtual worlds (IRLs and URLs). You can also enjoy discounts on trading commissions on PREMA X and receive access to platform extensions when you lock PRMX on PREMA.

Crypto Asset to Trade and HODL

Trade PREMA crypto against other cryptocurrencies to profit from changing market conditions and volatility. You can buy or sell PRMX against other digital assets or hold it long-term if you believe in the future potential of PREMA.

How to Create an NFT Shop on PREMA

You can launch your own NFT store to buy and sell your digital content via PREMA X. Here’s how to do this:

1. Contact PREMA’s team through the contact form at the bottom of their website: Share your details and requirements for their review.

2. A customer service representative from PREMA will contact you to gain a better understanding of your planned NFT project.

3. PREMA will then assist you with designing and developing your NFT shop on PREMA X effectively based on your preferences.

4. Send your domain and NFT images that they can upload and set up your shop. PREMA’s easy-to-use tools let you manage your NFT store once it goes live and add more NFTs. You can use the tools to add more NFTs to your store.

PRMX Price Analysis

Live Price

The live price of PRMX is 0.003881 USD, representing an increase of +0.80% in the past 7 days and -3.04% decrease in the past 24 hours.

Historical Trend

The all-time high of PRMX was 0.132456 USD on 10-03, 2022, from which the coin is now down -97.07%.
The all-time low of PRMX was 0.003228 USD, from which the coin is now up 16.81%.
$ 0.003228
$ 0.132456
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