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The live price of Blockchain Brawlers is $0.007196, with a total trading volume of $ 5,488 in the last 24 hours. The price of Blockchain Brawlers changed by -1.05% in the past day, and its USD value has decreased by -9.2% over the last week. With a circulating supply of 1.00B BRWL, the market cap of Blockchain Brawlers is currently 7.2M USD, marking a --% increase today. Blockchain Brawlers currently ranks #-- in market cap.
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How can I buy Blockchain Brawlers (BRWL)?

Buying BRWL on KuCoin is fast and simple. Create an account, verify your identity, deposit funds, and start your trading. It's that simple! See How to Buy Blockchain Brawlers (BRWL) for more information.

What Is Blockchain Brawlers (BRWL) Crypto?

Blockchain Brawlers (BRWL) is a play-to-earn blockchain game developed on the WAX platform, combining wrestling-themed action with NFT (Non-Fungible Token) gaming elements. Players can purchase, sell, and trade Brawlers — the game characters — and other assets like rings and gear, engaging in battles to earn BRWL tokens. The game was notably designed by Richard Garfield, famous for creating Magic: The Gathering.

BRWL serves as the primary in-game currency and is used for various purposes,, including entering matches, purchasing gear, and upgrading characters. The tokenomics of BRWL are interesting as 99.9% of the tokens were burned in April 2022, which can affect its supply and valuation.

How Does Blockchain Brawlers Work?

Blockchain Brawlers is a play-to-earn game on the WAX blockchain developed by WAX Game Studios. Players collect and equip NFT characters known as Brawlers and compete in matches to earn BRWL tokens. These tokens are used to upgrade characters and purchase in-game items.

The game features unique characters and gear, and players can enhance their brawlers to improve battle performance. Players can earn BRWL rewards through gameplay and a blend of strategy and resource management to succeed in the digital ring​.

History of Blockchain Brawlers and BRWL Coin

Blockchain Brawlers was launched on March 31, 2022. It is the first official game developed by WAX Games Studio, part of the Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX) organization.

The game was introduced as a part of WAX's efforts to establish a dedicated gaming platform on its blockchain. Michael Rubinelli, a veteran in the gaming industry with experience at major companies like Disney, heads WAX Studios.

What Is BRWL Token Used for?

Players earn BRWL tokens by competing in matches, and these tokens can be used to purchase and upgrade gear, craft new items, and enhance the abilities of their Brawlers. Essentially, BRWL acts as the primary in-game currency, facilitating all major transactions and upgrades needed to progress and succeed in the game.

You can also trade Blockchain Brawlers tokens on the KuCoin Spot Market against other cryptocurrencies to make the most of changing market conditions. Buy or sell $BRWL of HODL based on your research and if you believe in the future potential of the Blockchain Brawlers game.

Blockchain Brawlers (BRWL) Price Movements ($)
PeriodChangeChange (%)
7 Days$-0.00073-9.21%
30 Days$-0.002779-27.86%
3 Months$-0.00407-36.12%
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Blockchain Brawlers Conversion Rate
  • 1 BRWL to USD$0.0071964
  • 1 BRWL to EUR€0.00664607
  • 1 BRWL to AUD$0.01086455
  • 1 BRWL to KRW₩9.82
  • 1 BRWL to JPY¥1.12
  • 1 BRWL to GBP£0.00565628
  • 1 BRWL to INR₨0.59934138
  • 1 BRWL to IDRRp115.43
  • 1 BRWL to CAD$0.00984971
  • 1 BRWL to RUB₽0.64958305


How much is 1 Blockchain Brawlers (BRWL) worth?
KuCoin provides real-time USD price updates for Blockchain Brawlers (BRWL). Blockchain Brawlers price is affected by supply and demand, as well as market sentiment. Use the KuCoin Calculator to obtain real-time BRWL to USD exchange rates.
Is Blockchain Brawlers (BRWL) a Good Investment?

Investing in Blockchain Brawlers (BRWL) offers several potential advantages. The game has demonstrated significant early success, achieving substantial trading volume within just its first week, which indicates strong market interest and player engagement.

This popularity can drive demand for BRWL tokens, which are used in-game for various upgrades and transactions, potentially increasing their value. Additionally, as a play-to-earn game, it allows players to earn real returns by participating actively in the game's economy.

What Is Blockchain Brawlers Price Prediction?

While we cannot offer a precise BRWL price prediction, here’s a list of some factors that drive volatility in the Blockchain Brawlers crypto price:

Crypto Market Sentiment and Popularity

How people see BRWL in the gaming and investor communities really matters. If people hear good things, they might want more BRWL, supporting the Blockchain Brawlers price. Bad news can make them want less.

Player Engagement and In-Game Economics

If lots of players use BRWL tokens in the game and spend them, this can push the BRWL price up. The more they play and spend, the more demand there might be.

Overall Crypto Market Trends

The BRWL to USD price can swing with the bigger crypto market. If the whole market goes up or down, BRWL likely follows.

Technical Resistance and Support Levels

Traders watch certain price levels that can stop the $BRWL price from going higher or lower. These levels can guide when people buy or sell BRWL.

BRWL Token Supply and Distribution

If a few people hold lots of BRWL tokens, they can influence the BRWL token price a lot, especially if they start selling a lot at once.

How to Play Blockchain Brawlers Game

To play Blockchain Brawlers, a play-to-earn game built on the WAX blockchain, you need to follow these steps:

1. Get NFTs: First, grab a brawler and a ring as NFTs. The type of ring you get decides how many brawlers you can use. Legendary rings let you use up to eight brawlers.

2. Equip Gear: Give your brawlers gear like steel chairs or brass knuckles. This gear helps them hit harder and win more rewards.

3. Fight in Matches: Put your brawlers in the ring to fight. You can only fight twenty-four times a day per brawler because they need breaks.

4. Craft and Heal: Use BRWL tokens and gold to make new brawlers and better gear. You also need these to heal your brawlers after fights.

5. Earn BRWL Tokens: Do well in matches to earn BRWL tokens. You can use these tokens to make more gear or trade them.

6. Play PvP Mode: This mode has you and another player fighting by playing two cards each round. You aim to knock your opponent’s health to zero by choosing cards that add up to a higher value than theirs. Plan your moves and manage your power to win.

What is the all-time high price of Blockchain Brawlers (BRWL)?
The all-time high price of Blockchain Brawlers (BRWL) is $0.818373. The current price of BRWL is down 0.99% from its all-time high.
What is the all-time low price of Blockchain Brawlers (BRWL)?
The all-time low price of Blockchain Brawlers (BRWL) is $0.001592. The current price of BRWL is up 3.52% from its all-time low.
How much Blockchain Brawlers (BRWL) is there in circulation?
As of 5 23, 2024, there is currently 1B BRWL in circulation. BRWL has a maximum supply of --.
What is the market cap of Blockchain Brawlers (BRWL)?
The current market cap of BRWL is $7.2M. It is calculated by multiplying the current supply of BRWL by its real-time market price of $7.2M.
How do I store Blockchain Brawlers (BRWL)?
You can securely store your Blockchain Brawlers in the custodial wallet on the KuCoin exchange without having to worry about managing your private keys. Other ways to store your BRWL include using a self-custody wallet (on a web browser, mobile device, or desktop/laptop computer), a hardware wallet, a third-party crypto custody service, or a paper wallet.
How do I convert Arbitrum (ARB) to cash?
You can instantly exchange your Arbitrum (ARB) for cash using KuCoin's Fast Trade feature. This feature enables you to convert ARB to your local fiat currency in just a few clicks. However, make sure to complete Identity Verification first to enjoy all the features you may need.
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