World Cup Carnival:$1,000,000 Prize Pool and Free World Cup-Themed NFTs

World Cup Carnival:$1,000,000 Prize Pool and Free World Cup-Themed NFTs

11/16/2022, 08:08:06

Dear KuCoin Users,

To celebrate the upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup, KuCoin and WinGoal will be launching the World Cup Carnival. We invite you to share the World Cup-theme NFT giveaways and a $1,000,000 prize pool. Click the "Join Now" button below to participate in this event!

Event Time: 10:00 on November 17, 2022 - 10:00 on November 20, 2022 (UTC)

Event 1: Choose Your Favorite Soccer Idol, Send Your Blessing, and Get Your WinGoal NFT for Free!

Users can jump to the event page by clicking the banner or the "Join Now" button. Then choose your favorite football idol, send your blessing, and register a WinGoal account. You can get FIFA World Cup-themed WinGoal NFT. (Worth $9.9 each)

Event 2: Cheer for Your World Cup Idol and Get a Chance To Draw BTC as a Reward!

Users can use KuCoin Fox to capture idols and get rewards within a limited time. If the points reach the limit value, they can get a lottery ticket and draw random rewards such as BTC, World Cup tickets, jerseys, shoes, and WinGoal tokens.

If the user successfully grabs the item, they can also add corresponding points to the idol, which will be displayed on the leaderboard.

Event 2 details are as follows:

Log in to the event page daily to get a chance to play one game. Users can also bind their KuCoin accounts to receive an extra chance to play and trade any supported trading pairs on KuCoin to receive more chances to play.

Cumulative Trading Volume During the Event (USDT) Supported Trading Pairs Number of Games
100-199 KCS/USDT
200-499 2
500-999 2
1,000-1,999 2
2,000-2,999 2
3,000-3,999 2
4,000-5,999 2
6,000-7,999 2
8,000-9,999 2
10,000 and above 2

Event 3: Send the World Cup From France to Qatar and Share $50,000 Every Day

In the football game, there are five boxes for the user to choose from, and the user will get a random distance reward by kicking the box, which will be automatically converted into the user's contribution distance.

For example, the user kicks the box to get a distance of 100 meters, and the World Cup will also advance 100 meters to Qatar.

Below are the 3 awards for Event 3:

Daily Distance Award (60% of the total daily prize pool): Users can share 5 different prize pools in proportion to their shooting distances.

For example, users who reach the shooting distance will equally share the rewards of the corresponding prize pool. If a user contributes 301 meters, they can share 5 prize pools from 40 meters, 80 meters, 120 meters, 200 meters, and 300 meters. While the user who contributes 41 meters can only share the prize pool from 40 meters.

Daily Contribution Award (30% of the total daily prize pool): Users who contribute to the distance of the World Cup every day will equally share the prize pool.

Daily Special Contribution Award (10% of the prize pool & other rewards): The top 20 users with the largest contribution distance each day will share the prize pool + NFT + jerseys, shoes, and other rewards.

How to get contribution distance:

1. Participate in the football game;

2. The users who trade the supported trading pairs and reach the required daily trading volume on KuCoin will obtain the corresponding number of games.

Daily Trading Volume (USDT) Supported Trading Pairs Number of Games
150-499 1
500-1,999 2
2,000-3,999 5
4,000 and above 6


1. To participate in Event 2 and 3, users need to log in to their WinGoal account and bind their KuCoin account to participate in any designated currency trading and get more opportunities to participate in the game;

2. Rewards for this event will be distributed by WinGoal;

3. Event 3 will count the total distance contributed by users daily at 10:00 (UTC) the following day and issue the rewards. After the rewards are issued, the distance will be reset, and users can continue to hit the daily prize pool;

4. This event does not limit business lines but requires trading in the specified currency, and the trading volume of other trading pairs is not counted;

5. This Event is limited to ordinary users and liquidity providers. Sub-accounts cannot participate in the activity alone;

6. If there is any cheating behavior such as malicious brushing, batch registration of accounts, self-buying and self-selling, or mutual knocking, KuCoin will cooperate with WinGoal to strictly review and disqualify its participation;

7. The supported trading pairs for this event are KCS/USDT, MLS/USDT, YGG/USDT, and MATIC/USDT;

8. Trading Volume will only count the trades from the Spot and Futures markets.


The KuCoin Team

This activity is not related to Apple Inc.

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