New Year Gifts! 50,000 USDT Rewards To Be Shared!

2021-12-30 19:45:27--

To celebrate the upcoming New Year of 2022, KuCoin will be providing a 50,000 USDT prize pool to give back to all users. Also, KuCoin has prepared an exclusive annual report for each user to review their year 2021 on KuCoin.  

Activity Period: From now to 13:59:59 on January 14, 2022 (UTC)  

Activity 1: Share the “2021 KuCoin Annual Report”  

Share any page of your “2021 KuCoin Annual Report” to any social media platform. 

Reward Calculation:  

40,000 USDT

During the activity period, the first 10,000 users who share their annual report will equally share a $20,000 prize pool. While other users will equally share a $20,000 prize pool.  

*Note: Please share it by clicking the share button provided on the report. Other ways of sharing, such as posting a screenshot of your KuCoin annual report, will not be accepted.  

Activity 2: Grab the New Year Gifts on KuCoin Communities  

Share your wish/blesses in any KuCoin official Telegram group, tag a friend, and add the hashtag #KuCoin2022. (Format: #KuCoin2022, I wish…...)  

Reward Calculation: 

5,000 USDT

After the activity, the KuCoin community admins will randomly select 50 New Year wishes to receive a $100 reward each.  

Activity 3: Grab the New Year Gifts on Twitter   

Follow @kucoincom

Retweet this tweet and share your memories on crypto in 2021  

✅ Add the hashtag #KuCoin2021 & tag a friend  

Reward Calculation:

3,000 USDT

After the activity, KuCoin will randomly select 30 New Year wishes to receive a $100 reward each.  

Activity 4: Grab the New Year Gifts on KuCoin S  

Leave your comments under this post containing any of the following topics: 

· A story of your crypto experience 

· Special memory with KuCoin 

· Your investment philosophy 

Reward Calculation:

2,000 USDT

After the activity, KuCoin will randomly select 100 users to receive a $20 reward each.  


1. The lucky users’ list will be published on the official KuCoin Twitter account and Telegram community within 3 business days after the event;  

2. The distribution of rewards will be completed within 7 business days after the event;  

3. KuCoin reserves all rights to the final explanation of the event. 

The KuCoin Team  

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