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2021/11/08 11:57:12Announcements

Dear KuCoin Users,

To support the ecological development of Polkadot, KuCoin will officially launch the Polkadot Slot Auction on November 8, 2021 (UTC). Users can participate in the DOT Slot Auction and support the Polkadot ecological projects! (All times in this announcement refer to UTC time zone).

DOT Slot Auction Period:

  • Auction Time: from 2021-11-08 12:00:00 to 2021-12-17 19:00:00 (UTC)
  • Slot Lease Period: 672 days


1. On-Chain Rewards: If the supported project successfully bids, all users who supported this project will share the on-chain reward pool. The amount of the rewards is subject to the announcement of the project party.

2. KuCoin Rewards Pool: If the project provides an additional rewards pool, once the bidding of the assisted project is successful, all users who participate through KuCoin to support the project can share the rewards pool.


1. After participation, KuCoin will synchronize the data to the chain. The confirmation on the chain will take some time. Please go to your KuCoin Account > Assets > Lockup History > click "Details" to check whether the participation was successful.

2. If the bidding of the supported project is successful, the DOT assets participating in the bidding will be locked until the slot lease period is over, and the locked assets will not generate staking profit. If the bid of the supported project fails, the staked DOT will not be automatically returned until the end of the project Crowdloan period.

3. The slot is bid on in the Candle Auction. The slot auction will be completed on the chain and will be terminated randomly. Please pay attention to the auction results in time.

4. KuCoin only serves as the platform to provide users with services for participating in the auction and does not bear any financial losses caused by the project party or the security of the chain.

5. Please visit the Pool-X Earn for the follow-up supported projects and details.

Risk Warning: Staking is a risk investment channel. Investors should be sensible in their participation and be aware of investment risks. The KuCoin Group is not liable for users’ investment gains or losses. The information we provide is for users to conduct their own research. It is not investment advice. The KuCoin Group reserves the right of final interpretation of the activity.

Thank you for your support and understanding!

The KuCoin Team

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