KuCoin IGO Global Premiere, Interactive NFT Launch Platform Will Go Live on April 8th!

2022/04/04 07:17:53Promotions

Dear KuCoin Users,

After years of accumulation and developments dedicated to providing an exceptional trading experience for cryptocurrency traders and NFT assets investors, we are proud to introduce a new interactive NFT launching platform designed for crypto games and traditional games - KuCoin IGO (Initial Gaming Offering).

What is KuCoin IGO?

KuCoin IGO provides a seamless centralized experience for users to purchase, invest and manage their unique NFTs. Like cryptocurrency trading, IGO allows users to directly purchase NFTs and withdraw to their external address with minimum delay, and there is no gas fee for NFTs purchase and NFTs withdrawal.

As our IGO partners, KuCoin IGO provides three different approaches to launch your In-Game items via flat rate sales, auctions, or mystery boxes. IGOs can be conducted over several rounds, offering a different number of assets each round with a tiered price structure.

When is First KuCoin IGO?

The first KuCoin IGO project will be launched on April 8th, 2022. Users can get access to our first IGO project - Pikaster, a card-battle Play-to-Earn game featuring Pikaster (NFT), which creatively designs diverse innovative gameplays, such as Guild Battle, World Trees, Boss Challenge, and Expedition.

As of April 2022, KuCoin has supported spot trading for more than 45 GameFi projects; Our vision about blockchain gaming is clear, with an unstoppable effort to serve the best-centralized experience for the next era of gaming.

Risk Warning: Investing in cryptocurrency and NFT assets is akin to being a venture capital investor. The cryptocurrency market is available worldwide 24 x 7 for trading with no market close or open times. Please do your own risk assessment when deciding how to invest in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. KuCoin attempts to screen all tokens before they come to market; however, even with the best due diligence, there are still risks when investing. KuCoin is not liable for investment gains or losses.


The KuCoin Team

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