KuCoin Gold Rush Super Referral Program

2020-05-25 14:24:29--

1. Background/Vision

KuCoin has launched the "Gold Rush-- One Code For All" referral program to further promote and popularize cryptocurrency by utilizing the resources and industry influence of KuCoin platform.

KuCoin welcomes all crypto fans and enthusiasts in the world to join together in the promotion of the KuCoin brand and user growth, so as to achieve mutual benefits between KuCoin and all participants.

2. Who Are We Looking For?

a. All crypto fans and enthusiasts

b. People with extensive user resources (such as user communities, social media resources, influencers, etc.)

3. Activity Duration

Time for registering as a Gold Hunter: from 12:00:00 on May 25th, 2020 to 12:00:00 on August 25th, 2020 (UTC+8).

Timespan to get commission: 3 months after registering as a Gold Hunter

Note: Once the referral relationship is tied, the relationship will become permanent. More referral policies will soon be issued, so please stay tuned to the latest news.

4. Commission Distribution

The commission will be settled at 14:00(UTC+8)on every Monday and will be distributed to your account within one week in the form of USDT.

5. KuCoin “One Code For All” Commission Rules

Sign up for the "Gold Hunter" and the benefits:

You can get commissions via your referral code from three trading channels - Spot, Margin, Contract.

KCS Daily Average PositionTrading ChannelsYour Commission RateYour Invitee's Bonus Rate
(First Month)
< 200 KCSSpot & Contract & Margin20%10%
>= 200 KCS40%

6. Other Benefits

1) KuCoin Gold Hunter Support:

a. Service Support:

KuCoin will provide 1-to-1 service support for “Gold Hunters”.

b. Promotion Support:

KuCoin will assign a professional "Hunter Assistant" for the Hunters (in commission income) to assist them in building and managing user communities, promoting the KuCoin brand, and answering questions, etc.

c. Data Support:

KuCoin will provide the Hunters (in commission income) with "Weekly Referral Data Reports" to keep tracking of their working performance.

2) Extra Benefits

a. Each “Gold Hunter” will get an official certificate issued by KuCoin.

b. “Gold Hunters” will have the opportunity to become KuCoin’s global community managers.

c. The top 200 Gold Hunters in commission income ranking will get their account level upgraded to enjoy a bigger discount of trading fees and other VIP benefits for 3 months .

d. The "Gold Hunter" who has made a special contribution to the platform will be invited to KuCoin's annual conference/dinner party and business travel.

e. Each week, the top 3 Gold Hunters in commission income ranking will be cited in KuCoin’s official social media and weekly report. For outstanding ones, he/she will be reported by authoritative media.

7. Application Form:

Gold Rush Program Sign-up Form

(The Hunter Assistant will contact you within 24 hours via [email protected])

8. Rules

a. Participants must agree and comply with the Risk Control Rules of KuCoin. The use of duplicate accounts and cheating behaviors are strictly prohibited;

b. The release of fake or misleading information or actions in the name of KuCoin that will defame KuCoin are strictly prohibited;

c. If the above-mentioned rules are violated, the platform reserves the rights to warn or cancel the qualification of the hunter according to the degree of the severity;

d. Only referral relationships tied starting 12PM on May 25th, 2020 (UTC+8) will be counted in the program;

e. KuCoin reserves all rights to the final explanation of the program.