KuCoin Launches FCoin Market Maker Support Program of Up To 50 Million USD

2020/02/18 08:16:41Promotions

In order to help market makers on FCoin to better overcome the difficult situations, KuCoin is launching the FCoin market maker support program of up to 50 million US dollars.

Event time: The event is valid at the time of the release. Closing time will be announced later.

Activity 1: The Market Makers on FCoin As the Market Makers on KuCoin

Users who are qualified market maker on FCoin can also enjoy at least 3 months of the same tier rate corresponding to that of KuCoin, and subsequently join the KuCoin and KuMEX market maker incentive plans to enjoy various benefits.

Activity 2: Zero Interest loans of up to $ 50 million

In order to better help market makers on the FCoin platform reduce losses, KuCoin along with its professional lending institution partners provide zero interest loans of up to $ 50 million to the market makers on FCoin. The loan includes but is not limited to BTC, USDT and ETH and the interest-free amount depends on the actual loss.

Contact our Market maker client manager to get more informations:

Email: [email protected]

Telegram: @moreforreal

Thank you for your understanding and support.

The KuCoin Team