Connect and Contribute BTC Hashrate for a Chance to Share 8,000 USDT

2021-09-10 15:57:19--

Dear KuCoin Users,  

To celebrate the launch of KuCoin Pool, all users who connect and contribute BTC hashrate to KuCoin Pool can share 8,000 USDT.  

Activity Period: 08:00 on September 10, 2021 – 15:59 on September 30, 2021 (UTC) 

During the activity period, users who create a Mining Account, connect and contribute BTC hashrate to KuCoin Pool will share 8,000 USDT according to their daily average hashrate if the total BTC hashrate per day exceeds 500P. 


1. If the hashrate exceeds 500P on any day during the activity period, all qualified participants will share the rewards.  

2. Individual rewards = (Daily average hashrate of individual*Connecting days/Daily average hashrate of the activity*Activity days) * 8,000 USDT. 

Click to check the Tutorial on BTC Hashrate Connecting

Click to check the VIP Privileges

For any questions, please feel free to contact us via:   

  1. KuCoin Pool Telegram:
  2. VIPs can contact on Telegram @kucoin_pool   


1. Users need to first pass the identity verification on KuCoin. 

2. If the hashrate does not meet the activity requirement, then users will not share the rewards. 

3. For any manipulations attempting to get the rewards illegally, the violators will be deprived of the qualification for the rewards.  

4. KuCoin Pool reserves all rights to the final explanation of the event.   

Thank you for your support of KuCoin Pool! 

The KuCoin Pool Team


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