KuCoin AMA With Dogelon Mars (ELON) — Getting To Know More About The New Face of the Future

2023/12/22 11:00:34

Dear KuCoin Users,

Time: December 21, 2023, 12:00 PM- 1:10 PM (UTC)

KuCoin hosted an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) session with the Community Lead of Dogelon Mars, @leafink the KuCoin Exchange Group.

Official Website: https://dogelonmars.com/

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Q&A from KuCoin to Dogelon Mars

Q: Who is Dogelon Mars?

@leafink: My favorite question! Dogelon Mars is a galactic explorer who seeks to recolonize the planet he once called home, Mars. With the help of the friends he’s made along the way, he hopes to bring a new era to the red planet and galaxies beyond!

Q: When was Dogelon Mars launched?

@leafink: Dogelon Mars was launched in April of 2021.

Q: What’s Dogelon Mars’ market cap?

@leafink: Dogelon Mars’ market cap is 1.6B.

Q: How many ELON holders are there?

@leafink: Currently, there are 140k ELON holders.

Q: In 2023, what is your favorite thing that happened on Dogelon Mars?

@leafink: 2023 has been an awesome year! My favorite 2023 development has to be Dogelon Mars IRL events going global. We love bringing together our community, and we’ve had the chance to do so worldwide this year.

Q: What’s next in the galactic journey of Dogelon?

@leafink: We’re bringing Solana to Mars! We’re the first ETH mission coin to bridge Solana and have a bunch of awesome activations coming our community’s way. Ensure you all are following us on Twitter so you don’t miss any fun!

Q: Where can we learn more about Dogelon Mars?

@leafink: Our website is the best launch pad for your Dogelon Mars journey. You can come and visit our website. Our Twitter is the home hub for announcements, and the day-to-day fun is in Discord and Telegram. The official links to Dogelon Mars Twitter, Telegram, & Discord can be found at the bottom of our website’s homepage.

Free-Ask from the KuCoin Community to Dogelon Mars

Q: Where can I currently purchase ELON? Is it possible to acquire ELON solely by holding it?

@leafink: If you go to the Dogelon Mars website, you can link over directly from there to several different exchanges & get ELON. We have an activation for our Solana takeover that sounds exactly what you’re looking for! Check out our Twitter for more info

Q: Could you please provide us with your social media profiles so that we can stay up-to-date?

@leafink: Here are the links to our Twitter, Discord, and Telegram.

Q: What is the most ambitious goal of ELON?

@leafink: The most ambitious goal of ELON is to bring good vibes to MARS.

Q: Do you have plans to expand your project to countries or regions with a language barrier? Is there a dedicated community in place to help them understand your project? This project seems fantastic!

@leafink: We have many channels and communities formed by language and geography within Dogelon Mars social apps that post translations of our announcements & host discussions in the denoted language. We have also hosted events in Japan, India, Germany, & the Philippines, and many more soon!

Q: Do you have an ambassador program? If so, can you provide me with information on how to become an ambassador? Ambassadors play a crucial role in every project.

@leafink: Come and join the Martian family! All you have to do is comment on one of our tweets saying you’d like to join, and I’ll add you to our ambassador group.

Q: Do you have any official social media channels, like Twitter, Telegram, or Discord, where I can find the latest news about ELON? I've encountered several fake groups on Telegram and Twitter, so I'm following the right ones. Can you provide the links to your official channels?

@leafink: Please access our socials through our website to ensure it is the proper account. Here’s the link to the official website of Dogelon Mars.

You will find links to all our social media accounts at the bottom of the homepage.

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Dogelon Mars AMA - ELON Giveaway Section

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