Three Altcoins to explore | KCS Breaks 2489% Up This Year, Can the Uptrend Continue?

2021/11/09 10:30:01

Bitcoin enjoyed sideways action for well over three weeks, with one peak setting a new ATH at $66,878. It bounced up and down between the $60,000 and $63,000 range. At the end of this week, Bitcoin saw an increase from $62,940 to $65,050 within less than an hour. Currently peaking at $66,000, the green candles keep moving up and could be well on their way to a new ATH. It seems the slingshot is stretched to the max now, and when loosened, a new bull run could be in the making.

Ethereum did just that today, hitting a new ATH of $4,759. There just seems to be nothing that can hold this coin back. All sentiments are bullish, and it is the right time to gear up for a bigger break out.

In last week’s article, we highlighted metaverse tokens. The meta tokens available on KuCoin didn’t stop rallying during last week. An even stronger performance was noted by our very own KuCoin token (KCS) hitting a new ATH of $25. The last ATH for the KCS token dates to January 2018. Altcoin season seems to kick off at last, and numerous altcoins have had double-digit green numbers over the last seven days.

Various reasons are helping the KCS token reach a new ATH. The market is gearing up for a bull run, this brings new people into the crypto market and the KuCoin platform. As a result, trading on KuCoin has been up 26.92% over the last 24 hours with a volume of $3,569,781,768. KuCoin brings in an estimated 2,229,387 visitors per week. One recent new feature is the KuCoin Fiat Account, which grants global users access to deposit US dollars using a credit or debit card.

The metaverse was in the spotlight last week when Mark Zuckerberg announced a name change in Facebook’s parent company to Meta. This caused a two-week surge of metaverse tokens on KuCoin’s trading platform. Being on the forefront of technology and keeping in touch with new trends, KuCoin opened a digital meta office in the Bloktopia skyscraper. Right in the busiest and most visited section on the first floor.

Today we put the spotlight on the KuCoin (KCS) token to celebrate the new ATH and we introduce two metaverse altcoins that were trending last week in KuCoin, Boson Protocol (BOSON) and Wilder World (WILD).

Notice: KuCoin does not provide financial advice. Please do your own risk assessment when deciding how to invest in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

KuCoin (KCS)


KuCoin is one of the top 3 crypto exchanges in the world with a trading volume of $3,569,781,768 during the last 24 hours, a proud 26.92% increase. They offer 503 tradable crypto coins on their market. Johnny Lyu, KuCoin’s CEO, is convinced of a positive future for the metaverse. Subsequently, KuCoin moved into Bloktopia with a digital meta office. New products like the KuCoin Fiat Account and KuCoin S, a dedicated social platform for crypto, provide a one-stop-shop solution.

KCS is the native token of KuCoin and was launched in 2017. Today it reached a new ATH of $25. One of the features is the KCS bonus. Users holding at least 6KCS get a 50% bonus, which comes from 50% of KuCoin's daily trading fee revenue. During the last 24 hours KCS was up by 15.6% and during all this year, a stunning 2,489%.

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Boson Protocol (BOSON)


Boson Protocol aims to decentralize e-commerce by providing a solution that bridges traditional and digital marketplaces through a unique tokenization solution for products and services. It uses NFTs encoded with game theory. Boson provides a commerce interface between the Metaverse and the physical world.

BOSON is the native utility token that can be used for staking, governance, and incentivization. Around 5% of all revenue generated from platforms under the Boson Protocol umbrella is channeled back into the ecosystem with a buyback and burn mechanism. BOSON is up 130% up during last month.

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Wilder World (WILD)

source:KuCoin Blog

Wilder World is an immersive 5D metaverse build on Ethereum, ZERO, and with the stunning visuals of the Unreal Engine 5. Earlier this year, they raised $3 million to build a metaverse around NFT art. They want to solve the three major problems surrounding NFTs: liquidity, decentralization, and utility. Wilder World targets the fan of the “cyber renaissance,” which is at the intersection of finance, blockchain, and a variety of other industries that are helping to create a new digital economy.

WILD is the native token of Wilder World that also serves as a governance token for the Wilder DAO. The token is used to incentivize the expansion of the Wilder Metaverse, from new protocols and services to the development of fully virtual people, places, and things. WILD is almost 200% up during last month.

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In conclusion

The future trend of the metaverse is still on an upward curve. New developments will keep making headlines, and big players like Microsoft or Amazon will most likely sooner or later enter the metaverse. Consequently, metaverse tokens will remain a good long-term investment.

The KCS token is on a roll. It is the key to the whole KuCoin ecosystem and in the future, it will also serve as the governance token for the KuCoin community. The prosperity and development of the KuCoin ecosystem will keep driving the price for the KCS token. Keep an eye out for it!

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