KuCoin AMA With Bull BTC Club (BBC) — Anchors the Real BTC Computing Power

2022/11/08 15:10:23

Dear KuCoin Users,

Time: November 8, 2022, 13:00 - 13:47 (UTC)

KuCoin hosted an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) session with the CEO of Bull BTC Club, Harry, in the KuCoin Exchange Group.

Official Website: https://bullbtc.club/

Gitbook: https://bullbtcclub.gitbook.io/bull-btc-club/

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Project Introduction

The mission of Bull BTC Club is to bring computing power on-chain to achieve effortless hash power transactions through NFTs. Bull BTC Club users can mint hash power NFTs and build POW VR mines on the metaverse.


Harry — Chief Executive Officer of Bull BTC Club

Q&A from KuCoin

Q: BBC NFT is currently the most popular NFT on Binance Smart Chain. I heard that the computing power metaverse is being created. Can you tell us about the original intention of BBC?

Harry: Before talking about the original intention of creation, let me introduce Bull BTC CLub: Bull BTC CLUB NFT anchors the real BTC computing power. Each NFT can be pledged on the official website of Bull BTC CLUB to obtain real BTC mining income. NFTs with different rarities correspond to different Bitcoin/Litecoin computing power.

The BBC is committed to building the POW metaverse, allowing users to realize the computing power on the chain in the Metaverse, minting computing power NFT, POW VR mining farm construction, experience the transaction scene of non-sensing computing power NFT, allowing users to enjoy BTC LTC through computing power NFT Waiting for the dividends of POW consensus mining.

In the past two years, the development of NFT has been the focus of many investment institutions and players. In fact, everyone has a consensus that NFT has become another new trick of "out of the circle" in the blockchain industry after Bitcoin. On the one hand, NFT is like a searchlight in the current blockchain field, trying to lead investors and players to the Metaverse; on the other hand, exploring practical applications in encrypted markets such as DeFi, the vague concept of digital services will become more clear.

NFT is a relatively nascent ecosystem that needs improvement in application scenarios. However, Bull BTC Club empowers NFT by transforming BTC computing power into NFT, bringing users a variety of participation methods and greatly reducing the threshold for user participation. BBC and many large Bitcoin mining pools and mining machine manufacturers around the world, mines, and power suppliers have cooperation. Bull BTC Club combines NFT and BTC cloud computing power in the product competition to aggregate a market size of over 80 billion US dollars. In addition to C services for liquidity problems in the NFT field and BTC, computing power is enough to make even users who are new to the platform. All were amazed. Bull BTC Club was created to provide the most forward-looking digital service solutions for the crypto space.

Q: Under the bear market, some projects are stagnant, but many projects seize the opportunity to settle in the bear market. So what kind of ecological business is the BBC building?

Harry: "Bull Say Goodbye to Bear '' says goodbye to the bear market, joins the Bull BTC Club (Bit Bull), and says goodbye to the bear market.

In a bear market, it is easier for people to calm down and carefully build a platform. However, many high-quality projects will choose to settle in the bear market, take root, and do things better. Therefore, our Bull BTC Club is also preaching diversified application ecology in the current market environment.

BBC Hashrate NFT:

Bull BTC Club NFT anchors real BTC computing power, and each NFT can be pledged on the Bull BTC Club NFT website to obtain real BTC and platform token BBC mining income. NFTs of different rarities correspond to different Bitcoin computing power!

When users buy BBC NFT, they can choose to trade in the NFT trading market. BBC NFT has been listed on Binance NFT, OKX NFT, BitKeep, Element, OpenMeta, and other NFT trading markets.

The purchased NFT can also be pledged on the BBC official website to obtain BTC and BBC income. The BTC and BBC are divided every 24 hours. The mining income can last for 2-3 years. The BTC earned can be withdrawn at any time or after the BBC goes online. Extract anytime.

BTC lending pool:

Bull BTC CLUB BTC lending pool, users only need to provide a part of the pledged assets, and through the Bull BTC CLUB decentralized protocol, they can borrow BTC or lend cryptocurrencies to earn profits. In addition, the BTC mined by platform users can also be put into the BTC lending pool to earn more income.

Hashrate NFT Exchange:

Nowadays, the threshold for participating in BTC mining is getting higher and higher. The low liquidity of mining machines, long payback period, and high capital participation threshold make it impossible for most people to participate in bitcoin mining. After the mining machine computing power is NFT, it can lower the threshold for user participation and greatly increase liquidity. Therefore, computing power NFT is a trend in the future.

NFT and POW Metaverse:

These two are not independent concepts but a progressive relationship. In the metaverse world of Bull BTC Club, computing power is a very important infrastructure and part of the virtual content, blockchain network, artificial intelligence technology, etc., that connect the Metaverse. In the Metaverse, computing power is like human beings. Electricity in the world is equally important; computing power supports the creation and experience of virtual content in the Metaverse. More realistic modeling and interaction require stronger computing power as a prerequisite.

The entire industry is now in a downward phase. But I hope everyone can have more patience. Now the Bull BTC Club is moving in the right direction. If the direction is right, it is nothing more than a matter of time.

Also, our NFT/BBC has just come online. Mining the dogecoin with your BBC token now!

Q: The BBC has issued its NFT as a project of the NFT track. Talk about your thoughts on the future path of NFT.

Harry: The application of NFT will be very extensive, affecting the digital world and more industries, such as art, games, finance, fashion, etc.

Businesses and investors pour huge sums of money into various NFT and metaverse projects. Not surprisingly, some of the most famous social networking platforms like Reddit, Twitter, Meta, Tencent, Ali, and Baidu are also participating in some NFT projects.

There are many future paths for NFT. We have chosen the track of computing power NFT exchange, NFT, and POW metaverse. As I introduced in the previous question, we can lower the threshold for user participation. Increase the liquidity of the original assets

In the future, computing power will be as important as electricity on our planet earth; computing power supports the creation and experience of virtual content in the Metaverse, and more realistic modeling and interaction require stronger computing power as a prerequisite.

Q: In the era of computing power 3.0, where does Bull BTC Club create the NFT cloud computing power?

Harry: By 2025, the cryptocurrency mining industry is expected to reach a market of 3.8 billion US dollars. Furthermore, the industry will become increasingly mature with the development of cryptocurrency loans, currency management, and other businesses.

Where is the next opportunity? Bull BTC Club is exploring a new computing power mining model - computing power NFT. Through the initiation of computing power, computing power not only has the function of mining income but also has the financial attributes of NFT assets, which is an important traffic portal for digital asset management.

By anchoring NFT and computing power, Bull BTC Club endows the image of assets on the computing power chain, making the circulation of computing power simpler and easier; at the same time, it also makes the generation of computing power more scientific and reasonable.

In the entire ecological closed loop of Bull BTC Club, first of all, the computing power NFT minted by the NFT casting party is directly anchored to the real computing power. The transaction computing power NFT is the transaction BTC computing power. Hence, the user's NFT Mint fee. The computing power will continue to increase through the contract, thus realizing the three-step integration of NFT casting, computing power anchoring, and computing power growth.

In addition to mainstream mining currencies such as BTC and ETH, as well as new-generation mining machines such as IPFS, the future digital currency full-life-cycle asset management platform - digital asset management with mining as the entrance, is a huge market.

Since the mining industry has many investment and financing needs, and mining is the source of money supply in the digital currency industry, the violent fluctuation of the currency price is a severe test for miners, so investors are interested in the cloud of NFT association. As a result, there is a strong demand for computing power. However, the current cloud computing power platforms on the market generally only provide rental or purchase services. Therefore, Bull BTC Club has become a unicorn in the third-generation computing power cloud mining market.

Q: The planning of a project is also very important. So please tell us about the BBC roadmap.


2022 Q3:

Bull BTC CLUB Issues Genesis NFT and Launches NFT Trading Market

Bull BTC CLUB Hashrate Blind Box Launched

2023 Q1:

Bull BTC CLUB Governance Token BBC Airdrop Campaign Begins

Bull BTC CLUB governance node, club member recruitment

2023 Q2:

BBC NFT Market Public Beta Launched

BTC mortgage loan function launched

2023 Q3:

The computing power NFT trading market is online

2024 Q4:

The POW miner protocol is online, allowing qualified miners to NFT the computing power

2025 Q2:

Launched BBC Metaverse to provide Metaverse scene services for POW mining pools and miners

Q: Where can the BBC be traded? How is it going about the BBC token?

Harry: Buy our token on KuCoin! Also, we can stake our BBC token on the farm now. Stake BBC tokens to get high APY!

Free-Ask from KuCoin Community

Q: Where can I get all the latest news?

Harry: Join or follow us on different platforms:






Gitbook: https://bullbtcclub.gitbook.io/bull-btc-club/

Q: Do you work on making good staking products?

Harry: Working on the different groups around the world and doing the coolest things with the cool guys, we are now working with the doge team so that we start our BBC staking for dogecoin, hold to earn. You may join us at https://bullbtc.club/farm.

Q: Please give an overview of your tokenomics and the utility of your token.

Harry: The BBC token is a governance token, our tokenomics, and a ticket to join our club.

Q: Where can I buy your NFTs?

Harry: Kindly direct to Binance Collection. We are the top selling NFT on the Binance NFT market.

Q: How can we trust your project and believe you are not a scam project?

Harry: We are not a scam and are already audited by CertiK.

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