Cloud Mining Goes Live, A Simpler, Stable, And Secure Way To Mine

2022/03/02 09:00:00

On March 2, 2022, KuCoin Pool officially launched its new mining model, Cloud Mining.

The KuCoin Pool platform, to date, has supported BTC, BCH, and ETH mining services in PoW mining for half a year. Aiming to reduce the threshold for users to participate in mining, KuCoin Pool presents the brand-new Cloud Mining, which is not only labor-saving and easy to operate but also can get stable income and help you earn BTC easily.

In this article, we will introduce what Cloud Mining is and how to participate in mining through KuCoin Cloud Mining. At present, KuCoin Pool supports cloud mining purchasing in USDT for a stable and sustainable mining reward and will also synchronously start our celebration activity with mystery prizes such as free mining fees for the first-time users' 1st month of mining. Please click here for more details.

What is Cloud Mining?

Cloud Mining is a new remote mining model launched by KuCoin Pool that allows most users to participate in mining and jointly maintain the security of the main network and earn BTC income. With low costs, ease of operation, and stable access to quality assets, users can mine without purchasing a mining machine.

Key Advantages of KuCoin Cloud Mining

Low investment cost and mining threshold. Compared with professional mining, Cloud Mining has a lower threshold. Investors are able to pass the mining machines purchasing with high cost or create mining pools, only need to buy cloud mining contracts and prepay the electricity fees to participate in mining without other constraints.

Steady Earnings. Cloud Mining can effectively avoid the loss of income caused by power outages, mining machine maintenance, natural disasters, and other incidents and guarantees steady income.

Easy to operate. Users don’t need to have in-depth know-how of mining machine principles and mining processes with various software and hardware operations. It is available to start mining through a one-click cloud mining subscription. Moreover, our Cloud Mining team is in full charge of the maintenance and operation of all mining machines with high-level expertise.

100% Earnings. Generally, in the Cloud Mining market, some platforms will charge users 50% of the profit after their costs are recovered, while on the KuCoin Cloud Mining platform, users will enjoy 100% of the earnings during the contract period.

More efficient Mining. The KuCoin Cloud Mining Platform adopts higher-end models - S19jpro and M30S++ respectively, which have high mining efficiency and low Break-even price. When Bitcoin price fluctuates, KuCoin Cloud Mining can provide more stable earnings.

Thanks to the key advantages, it is remarkably suitable for long-term investors and users who want to participate in mining but have small investment funds.

How to process mining through Cloud Mining on KuCoin Pool?

  1. Click here and register a KuCoin account.
  2. Log in to your KuCoin account, click the navigation bar, then click ‘Finance’ > ‘Cloud Mining’.

3. Enter the Cloud Mining ‘Store’ page to view the Tenor, Electricity Fee, and Start Mining time. Here is a horizontal axis progress bar indicating the remaining mining shares of cloud mining.

4. Choose the sale products you want to purchase and click the ‘Buy’ button.

5. Enter the hashrate you want to buy and choose if you want to pre-pay the electricity fees, which are calculated on a daily basis.


If you choose to pre-pay, the payment will be settled in USDT, and it will be deducted from your ‘Main account’. You can enter the pre-payment value to get a projection of the mining days it will pay for.

If you choose not to pre-pay, the electricity fee will be automatically deducted from your mining income. The amount deducted refers to the coin price on the day of settlement.

6. Confirm your payment, parameter, projected APY, and the agreement, then click ‘Submit order’.

7. Click the ‘Buy’ button, complete the security verification, and complete the payment. Confirm the payment on time to ensure a successful purchase.


The KuCoin Pool Cloud Mining Store supports user refunds. If a force majeure event occurs before mining, users who wish to cancel and refund orders may contact customer service. Refunds are not offered once the mining starts or in other specific circumstances.

8. View and confirm the order. Click the ‘Dashboard’ to view your ‘Orders’. On the ‘Electricity Management’ page, you can recharge electricity and view the recharge history. You can also view the deduction history from the Deductions page.

9. Check your mining income. After the purchase period, income will be distributed to your KuCoin Main Account from 04:00 – 10:00 (UTC) the day after mining starts.


In exceptional circumstances, payment may be delayed with an announcement made accordingly. For the latest information, join our official Telegram community.

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