Brief Introduction of KuCoin Labs Investment Portfolio

2022/08/03 07:40:30

Since its launch in May 2018, the KuCoin investment and incubation program has brought together a group of crypto experts for in-depth market research, analysis, investment, and incubation in the crypto industry. As an investment arm of KuCoin, KuCoin Labs has diversified investments into early-stage projects to help builders achieve sustainable growth and success in the decentralized world.



Pyth connects high-fidelity market data from the world’s largest professional traders and exchanges to any smart contract, anywhere, solving DeFi’s oracle problem. Since the official launch of the mainnet, more than 40 applications on the Solana chain have integrated Pyth’s oracle services.


A WEB 3.0 public blockchain built with MPC for trust,transparency, privacy and speed of light finalization.


A Cross-Chain Computation Platform.

Wax Studio

WAX Studios is a new venture spun out of Wax blockchain.


The Fractal Protocol is empowering and incentivizing users and businesses to transparently share ID credentials and high-quality data in a privacy preserving way.


Swash enables internet users, developers, and businesses to cultivate new realities of data ownership and value creation through new incentivisation streams, innovative data monetisation mechanisms, and a collaborative development framework, governed by the ethos of Web 3.


The first decentralized mailbox that can be used as DID for the Web 3.0 world.

Magic Square

Magic Square is a Web3 App Store that simplifies Crypto.



A collateralized,rebasable stablecoin for synthetic assets.


Symbiosis aggregates decentralized exchange liquidity across popular blockchains.

Shade Protocol

An array of connected privacy-preserving DeFi applications built on Secret Network.


An integrated Defi infrastructure platform.


An innovative fintech ecosystem for users that want a faster, more efficient way to securely manage their crypto + fiat in a single place.

Tortle Ninja

Tortle Ninja is a no-code DeFi meta aggregator which allows the creation of Tortle Combo Recipes, a combination of DeFi operations that enable you to create, shoot, repeat, and copy complex investment strategies.


Elixir Protocol is bringing liquidity to the long tail of crypto assets via the first decentralized market maker for CEX pairs.


Defi's risk-based insurance and reinsurance protocol.


TribeOne is the first instant NFT-lending dApp that provides all-in-one financing solutions on verified NFTs.


The first cross-chain NFT marketplace on Avalanche.


Antimatter is an on-chain derivatives protocol on Polkadot, BSC and HECO.


Unbound Finance is a decentralized, cross-chain liquidity protocol that is building the next money lego by unlocking the liquidity from AMMs.

Clear DAO

ClearDAO is an object-oriented protocol for open derivatives, which enables users to control risk rationally and effectively.


Geojam is a social engagement platform that generates meaningful, and passion-fueled engagement between fans and creators.



A decentralased metaverse, built & backed by Polygon.


The first open 3D virtual world in VR and other platforms, second life on the Solana blockchain.


A metaverse project that combines fashion, entertainment, and social networking.

Halo NFT

Halo 3D Motion Capture NFT avatar idol, interactive NFT that provides a unique visual DID credential into the metaverse and Web3.0.


Totem is a Web3 platform. New Earth Systems worldwide community platform, providing a social ecosystem with creator tools for you to bring your ideas to life and people together.


League of Ancient

A MOBA-Verse where reality and virtual worlds converge into one by allowing gaming communities, eSports ambassadors & players and game builders to build a virtual metaverse ecosystem.

Galaxy Fight Club

The first cross-IP, cross-platform (PC+ Mobile) PvP fighting game where holders of different NFT collections can battle with each other to both win and earn rewards through our play-to-earn mechanics.

Star Terra

The first gamefied launchpad for Terra.

Superpower Squad

The multiplayer TPS game consists of MOBA, RPG, Roguelike, Social and UGC, build on BSC. Both Android and IOS are opened for testing now.


Solchicks is the leading NFT powered fantasy play-and-earnGame on Solana.


StarSharks is a community-driven Shark-Metaverse backed by Binance, defining the value evolution of underlying NFTs in a sustainable ecosystem.


Arenum is a tokenized ecosystem with the Web3-powered matching engine for eSports.


Cryowar is a next-gen blockchain real-time multiplayer PVP arena NFT game developed in Unreal Engine and on the Solana network.



Starly is a space for creators who build economies around their gamified NFT collections.


An all-chain NFT authentication oracle complete with AI and ML search, mint and bridge SDKs and APIs.


LiveArtX is a premium NFT platform that connects the art world with Web3.


Revolutionize the music NFT crowdfunding, platform ruled by artists, backed by fans.

Aura Network

A scalable, agile and effortless Layer-1 blockchain with a comprehensive ecosystem built to accelerate global NFTs adoption.



A 'Play to Earn' project based on animated 3D character NFT with the concept of the ancient oriental legends of the 12 zodiac animals and the 12-star signs.



A truly open crypto platform for social networking and monetization.



Perion is a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) that purchases, leases and manages NFT assets, for use in play-to-earn economies.

Move to Earn


PUML Better Health is the original Web 3, Move to Earn, Fitness and Wellness company from Brisbane Australia.



xHashtag is a Web3 protocol providing on-chain credentials for Future Of Work.


DAOSquare is building a new form of incubator which is based on the concept of Web3 and runs on the Ethereum.