Secrets Behind the KuCoin Commemorative Gold Card-Far Beyond Your Expectation

2022/01/04 07:39:04

2021 was a memorable year for the crypto industry. With BTC hitting a new high of $69,028, the overall market cap of the crypto industry has exceeded $3 trillion KuCoin has also achieved a feat with its total trading volume breaking through $1 trillion and the number of users exceeding 10 million. To commemorate this milestone, KuCoin has issued 1,000 commemorative gold cards.

Builders and partners who made significant contributions to KuCoin, and loyal users will have a chance to get the gold card. We are glad to see that some users have already received the cards and posted them on the social media.

In fact, the design of the card contains many concepts. In this article, we are going to unveil all those secret concepts hidden in the KuCoin Commemorative Gold Card.

As a commemorative gold card for KuCoin's milestone of 10 million users, it was designed with a rich connotation at the beginning. The overall design concept combines KuCoin's vision and mission, and integrates KuCoin's products, services and advantages with the vastness of the universe, signifying the infinite possibilities KuCoin will bring to its users.

1. Unique Design

At the front side of the card, the KuCoin logo is at the center, beyond which is a compass showing that KuCoin is moving forward in the right direction. The design elements including the sun, the moon, the stars and the universe signify the interaction and connection among users, KuCoin and the blockchain industry from the micro and macro level. All of these elements circled around the KuCoin logo, which also heralds the prosperity of the entire KuCoin ecosystem. The two diamonds at the two sides of the card echo the slogan: Find the Next Crypto Gem of KuCoin. Under its guidance, KuCoin will keep exploring more potential and quality crypto projects for users.

The image shown here is indicative only. The actual product(value) may differ.

On the back side of the gold card, there’s a number 4, which represents the four-year development of KuCoin. Surrounded by which, there are eight asteroids, corresponding to the eight planets of the solar system. It implies that KuCoin will bring warmth and light to users like the sun. The dots dotted in the pattern represents the nodes in the blockchain and the decentralized world. The lines there represents the unknown areas in the blockchain field, symbolizing KuCoin’s efforts to expand the boundaries of the industry to explore the infinite possibilities of a blockchain future. The four fan-shaped corners represent the protection of users’ assets from KuCoin that KuCoin has always put the security of users on top of the priority.

2. Allocation of KuCoin Commemorative Gold Card

KuCoin will only mint 1,000 offers of KuCoin Commemorative Gold Card. Each card has an unique code. Card holders can enjoy exclusive privileges and the dividends of KuCoin ecosystem, such as airdrop, limited NFT, festival gifts, KuCoin-related products. Among the 1,000 offers of the Card:

3. How to Claim the Gold Card?

KuCoin Commemorative Gold Card is a special gift for loyal users. Users can claim the card before the event ends on 01/09/2022 to enjoy exclusive privileges by the following ways:

For top 500 major contributors of KuCoin's 10M milestone:

· Check if you're eligible and claim now >>>

For top 250 KuCoin builders and partners:

· Check with your contact person in KuCoin to Find out if you're in the top. >>>

For others, win one of the gold cards by:

· Invite friends to earn 20,000 stars to unlock prize boxes and win 1/200 gold cards. Join now >>>

· Join the Community Bounty to create videos to win 1/30 gold cards. Join now >>>

· Retweet the posts on Twitter to win 1 gold card. Learn now>>>

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