KuCoin’s Global Titan Ambassador Program

KuCoin’s Global Titan Ambassador Program

03/22/2019, 05:58:10

Invitation and Instructions to apply:

From our inception, KuCoin’s primary objective has always been clear:

Find the best blockchain technology projects the world has to offer and bring them to the masses before anyone else.

KuCoin wants to create direct channels for experts in the industry to team up with our exchange and help us accomplish this vision. By establishing these long-term ambassador partnerships, we aim to ensure investment risks for our users are mitigated as much as possible.

By bringing the most knowledgeable and respected reviewers together to our Ambassador Program, KuCoin will create the synergy needed to bring all those undiscovered gems in the industry to the main stage.

Professional investment organizations, as well as individuals with industry influence, are encouraged to apply to KuCoin’s Global Titan Ambassador Program.

Our Global Titan Ambassadors will receive the following guarantees and advantages:

  • We will consider projects suggested by you as a priority. They will be checked by our research and quality control teams first and given fast-track treatment if approved for listing.
  • You will have direct contact with our research team and quality control team. Not only will your projects have priority, but we will also listen to your input and suggestions. However, our rating team will make the final decision.
  • We believe collaboration is the key to improving our processes and knowledge. By joining our Global Titan Ambassador Program, you will have the ability to help us with this.

To apply for your Global Titan Ambassador position please fill out the form below:

Application Form

The KuCoin Team