KuCoin Isolated Margin Bonus Week 2: Unlock 30,000 USDT Rewards!

KuCoin Isolated Margin Bonus Week 2: Unlock 30,000 USDT Rewards!

03/11/2022, 10:21:53

Dear KuCoin Users,

KuCoin Isolated Margin Bonus Week 2 starts now! Trade in Isolated Margin to unlock 30,000 USDT rewards! Share your PNL and ideas on Isolated Margin and win extra airdrops.

Activity Period: 10:00:00 on March 11, 2022 to 15:59:59 on March 20, 2022 (UTC)

🎁Activity 1: Welcome Airdrops for New Traders

During the activity period, all users who never traded in KuCoin Isolated Margin before and have an Isolated Margin trading volume (buy+sell) that reaches 600 USDT or more can unlock the corresponding airdrop rewards.

Trading Volume (USDT) Airdrops (USDT)
600≤ X<3,000 2 USDT each
3,000≤ X<8,000 5 USDT each
X ≥8,000 random airdrops of 10 - 30 USDT each

🎁Activity 2: Share Your PNL, Win Airdrops

During the activity period, users can join KuCoin S and post their Isolated Margin profit picture under the specific post. Ranked based on the highest PNL, the top 10 users will win up to 77 USDT airdrops each.

The rewards will be distributed as follows:

PNL Ranking Airdrops (USDT)
Top 1 77
Top 2-5 20 each
Top 6-10 10 each

In addition, other users (the top 10 users excluded) who share their PNL picture under the specific post in KuCoin S will equally share an extra 1,000 USDT regardless of whether the PNL is profit or loss.

🎁Activity 3: Leave Comments, Share 500 USDT

During the activity period, users can join KuCoin S and leave their comments on Isolated Margin under the specific post to equally share 500 USDT.

Share PNL, Leave Comments, and Win Airdrops in KuCoin S>>


1. Users can check all Isolated Margin positions and liabilities by going to Assets > Isolated Margin interface.

2. Please update your KuCoin App to the latest version to enjoy new features.


1. How to trade in KuCoin Isolated Margin: App, Web;

2. The rewards for Activity 1-3 can be shared simultaneously;

3. The Sub-Accounts and Master Account will be treated as the same account when participating in the activity;

4. Rewards will be distributed within 15 working days of the campaign ending;

5. For any malicious acts conducted during the period, including malicious transaction manipulations, illegal bulk registration of accounts, self-dealing, etc., the platform will cancel the qualification of the participants; KuCoin reserves the right to cancel or amend any activity or activity rules at our sole discretion.

Thanks for your support! ​

The KuCoin Margin Team ​

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