KuCoin Delisting of Distributed Credit Chain (DCC) Project

KuCoin Delisting of Distributed Credit Chain (DCC) Project

05/13/2019, 03:20:06

Dear KuCoin Users,

As an update to KuCoin’s previous announcement in regards to the Distributed Credit Chain (DCC) Project [Distributed Credit Chain (DCC) Risk Announcement] , KuCoin has subsequently conducted market research and in-depth analysis of the negative impact of the DCC project. As a result KuCoin would like to announce that Distributed Credit Chain (DCC) tokens will be delisted.

The delisting process will occur as follows:

1. The deposit service has now been closed.

2. Trading service will be closed at 18:00 (UTC+8) May 13, 2019. For better management of your funds, we recommend that you cancel your pending orders of DCC projects as soon as possible.

3. Withdrawals of DCC tokens from KuCoin will continue to be supported until 18:00 (UTC+8) on August 13, 2019.

4. If you are currently holding DCC tokens, please make your withdrawal on or before the closing date above.

We sincerely appreciate your support and understanding.


KuCoin Team

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