Referral Program 2.0 is Coming!

Referral Program 2.0 is Coming!

06/28/2022, 09:43:23

Dear KuCoin users,

Our new Referral Program has been released on November 25. By inviting friends to sign up on KuCoin, users can unlock mysterious prizes, and the friends invited can also enjoy the VIP trial for one month.

1. What Is KuCoin Referral Program

KuCoin Referral Program is a return to all our loyal users who also recommend KuCoin to others.

The program aims to provide an easier referral system where users can earn stars through referrals, and stars can be exchanged for prizes. KuCoin Referral Program launched its open beta testing on November 25, with 10 prizes waiting for you to unlock.

2. Rules of Referral Program

Users can invite friends to sign up and trade on KuCoin and therefore earn stars as rewards. Invited friends will receive a VIP trial valid for one month. Users will also get stars if the friends invited complete tasks. Details are as follows:

How to Get Stars:

* During the public testing process, a large number of abnormal registrations were found. Based on the principle of fairness, the reward of some tasks was temporarily adjusted.

For example:

Alice invited a friend to sign up on KuCoin and within 30 days after the registration ,and before other tasks, her friend completed Advanced Identity Verification, and made deposit/transfer>100USDT, spot trading volume>100USDT, and futures trading volume>100USDT, then Alice can get 100 stars.

Bob also invited a friend to sign up on KuCoin. Within 30 days after the registration, his friend didn't complete KYC2 (Advanced Verification) but made a deposit/transfer of >100 USDT, spot trading volume of >100 USDT, and futures trading volume of >100 USDT, so Bob can only get 90 stars.

Users can keep inviting new users to increase their stars, and the system will automatically keep records of each referral. Stars can be exchanged for different prizes. The higher the prize level, the better the prize. Details are as follows:

How to Exchange for Prizes

There are 10 levels of prizes, each level can be unlocked for once. Users can choose the prize to unlock without obeying the sequence. The higher the prize level, the better the prize. The highest level of the prize worth 1,000 USDT.

3. How to Join Referral Program

1) Download KuCoin app and sign up.

2) Tap the profile photo and then tap Invite Friends.

3) You can invite friends via referral link or referral code, or tap Invite Friends to send invitation via poster.

4) Friends shall sign up on KuCoin via your referral link, referral code or the QR code on the poster to bind the referral relationship with you.

5) You can check the information and progress of your invitees in My Referrals.

4. Differences Between Referral Program and Affiliate Program

1) All users can join the Referral Program without registration, review, and assessment. The system will automatically keep records of each referral.

2) Referral Program and Affiliate Program cannot be joined at the same time. If KuCoin Affiliate wants to join the Referral Program, please contact your key account manager.

5. Notice

1) You’ll receive stars within 1 working day after the invitees have completed the tasks.

2) You’ll receive the prize at the same day you unlock it.

3)Users can deposit cryptos or deposit fiat to buy cryptos on KuCoin.

4) Spot trading includes Trading Bot, margin trading, etc.

5) KuCoin does not allow users to invite themselves. Rewards will be cancelled for any violators.

6) Rewards will be cancelled for any violations that hijack official traffic or put users at risk of phishing; (including but not limited to using content that is highly similar to KuCoin's official social media accounts, website content, website domain names for redirection, placing KuCoin brand word ads through search engines, etc.)

7) KuCoin reserves the right to adjust the reward rules without prior notice.

KuCoin Team

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