Google 2FA Guide

Google 2FA Guide

10/13/2017, 04:50:08

How to enable Google 2FA

First, you need to log in your kucoin account, click on “Settings-Google 2-step”to get the QRcode or the key.

Second, please download the app “authenticator” on your phone.

Third, Open Google Authenticator from your phone to scan the QRcode or input your email address and the key which appears on our website.

Login, trading and withdrawal have to enter the verification code, please don’t delete the Google Authenticator from your phone. Furthermore, please save the key so that you can bind the google 2fa by yourself when your phone has a problem.


How to unbind Google 2FA
Most important is that, if you unbind Google 2FA, your account will be in an extremely dangerous state. If the account and assets are caused by this, Kucoin is not responsible.

If you want to change your phone or device, you can unbind the Google 2-step verification by yourself. Please click on “Settings-Google 2 step” and then click on the button “unbind Google 2-step verification ”(you need to enter the verification code from your app-authenticator to unbind google 2-step)

Otherwise, we can help you unbind the Google 2FA, you need to send an email to with your email address on kucoin. But it will spend about 3-7 days to  help you unbind it for your account safety. We recommend you to unbind by yourself .

Please provide the following information so that we can verify your identity:

  1. Is there a balance in your account? If so, please list the coins.(*You must answer this question)
  2. When was your account registered?(*You must answer this question)
  3. Please provide your trade records in kucoin(dealt oreders).(*You must answer this question)
  4. Please provide your ID card,passport or driver license by photo.(*You must answer this question)
  5. I promise that XXX@XXX.comis registered and used at*You must answer this question)

I hereby voluntarily apply for this account to unbind Google two steps on the Kucoin platform, and I am willing to take all the corresponding legal responsibilities.

We will review your information and reply to you within a week, please wait patiently, thanks for your support:)


Google 2FA failure

  1. The verification code is only valid for 30 seconds, please enter it within the valid period.
  2. Because the Google Authenticator can also be used for validation elsewhere, you need to confirm whether it belongs to kucoin.
  3. Please synchronize your phone’s time, in seconds, the difference between your phone’s time and our server time can not exceed 30 seconds,You can check our server time in the lower right corner of our website.
  4. If still doesn’t work,you can re-bind the google 2fa on your phone if you saved your key.