KuCoin Launches the Institutional Zone

KuCoin Launches the Institutional Zone

2023/09/07 10:57:19

Dear Valued KuCoin Users,

We’re thrilled to announce the official launch of our Institutional Zone, designed just for our web users. This dedicated area encompasses several subsections: the Institutional Home, Market Maker, Broker, API, and VIP Lending pages. At this one-stop portal, you’ll be able to:

  • Learn about the tailored services and exclusive offers for institutional persons, as well as apply to join this esteemed community.
  • Join the ranks of KuCoin Market Makers and unlocking top-notch liquidity and attractive rebates.
  • Seamlessly start trading with the power of KuCoin's API.
  • Participate in our Broker Program and enjoying substantial commissions.
  • Gain access to swift and low-interest VIP lending services.

If you have any questions, your dedicated account manager is here to assist. Alternatively, reach out to the KuCoin Institutional and VIP team at vip@kucoin.com.

Thanks for your unwavering support!

The KuCoin Team