7 Ways to Become a KuCoin VIP

7 Ways to Become a KuCoin VIP

05/02/2024, 05:33:38

Dear KuCoin Users

With the introduction of the BTC Spot ETF, there's a surge in diversified investments flowing into the crypto markets. KuCoin is enhancing its VIP service to cater to both retail and institutional participants, by lowering the VIP threshold and offering a comprehensive range of benefits. This includes discounted fee rates and robust technical support, ensuring a seamless crypto journey for all users.

Here are 7 simple ways to become a KuCoin VIP as a newcomer:

💛【Friend Referral】

Skip the volume proof by being referred by any existing KuCoin VIP;

💛【Deposit Funds】

Deposit $200K to achieve VIP 9 for high frequent api-traders;

💛【Volume Proof】

Provide proof of trading volume exceeding 100M+ on spot or 120M+ on futures for VIP 9;

💛【Quant Escrow】

Link your custodian sub-account to KuCoin’s quant platform to instantly share their VIP treatment;

【Migration From Other Exchange】

Demonstrate trading volume on any two exchanges to earn a VIP+2 status on KuCoin;

【Deposit Funds】

Deposit $1M to attain VIP 5, applicable for all user types;

【KCS Holding】

Hold more than 1,000 KCS tokens to qualify for the VIP status.

Please contact your account manager or reach us via Telegram to get your VIP ticket!

Telegram Contact: @KuCoin_VIP_KA or @KuCoin_Broker

Thanks for your support!

The KuCoin VIP Team