KuCoin Affiliate Program
Welcome to the KuCoin Affiliate Program. Refer friends to trade on KuCoin and receive up to 60% commission from their trading fees. When your invitees also become KuCoin Affiliates (i.e., your sub-affiliates), you will further receive second-level commission. Learn more>>
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The Highest Commissions in the Industry

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How to Earn Commissions
Apply to become an affiliate
Anyone with community, media, or other resources can apply to become a KuCoin affiliate.
Promote KuCoin
Share your referral link to your community, followers, or other channels.
Claim commission
You will earn commission when users who signed up via your referral link make trades.
How much commission can I earn?
When invitees conduct spot trading or futures trading on KuCoin, you will receive up to 60% commission from their trading fees.
Why become a KuCoin affiliate?
High Commissions
Daily commissions of up to 60% of trading fees, and permanent affiliate relationships.
Transparent Referral System
Our visualized referral dashboard provides affiliates with comprehensive and multi-channel commission management.
Premium Brand
With the goal of facilitating the free flow of digital assets across the globe, KuCoin is a premium brand that constantly attracts new users into the cryptocurrency space.
Second-Tier Commissions
Benefit from our unique multi-tier commission system (earn even more with second-tier commissions). Learn more>>
What is the KuCoin Affiliate Program?

The KuCoin Affiliate Program is looking for partners who share the same mission and values. Affiliates are granted the right to create a special referral link which will bind any user who registers through it to their accounts. Earn trading fee commissions from all users you invite, so long as they use your referral link. Learn more>>

Who can join the KuCoin Affiliate Program?
  • 1. YouTube vloggers, crypto community leaders, writers, and other content creators who are willing to promote KuCoin on their respective platforms (social media accounts with over 5,000 followers or communities with over 500 members).
  • 2. Crypto market websites, crypto tool websites, industry media websites, and other crypto websites.
  • 3. Marketers, institutions, and organizations. Learn more>>
How do I earn commissions through the KuCoin Affiliate Program?

Once you become a KuCoin Affiliate, you can use your own referral links to invite friends to sign up. When invitees conduct spot trading or futures trading, you will receive up to 60% commission from their trading fees. You also have the ability to create special referral links in which you can decide how you want to incentivize the users you invite to KuCoin, thereby increasing your referral success rate. Learn more>>