Get Your $15 Trial Fund and Start USDT-Margined Contract Trading!

2020-04-30 17:12:35--

Bonus for New Users of USDT-Margined Contract Trading!

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Target Users: For users who haven't yet traded contracts on KuMEX

Activity Period: 00:00 on May 1, 2020 to 23:59 on May 6, 2020 (UTC+8)

For users who have opened positions and completed a trade over USDT-margined contracts for the first time on KuMEX, the platform will reward them with the trial fund.

USDT-Margined Contract Trading VolumeTrial Fund (USDT)
≥ 20 lots6
≥ 50 lots8
≥ 100 lots10
≥ 200 lots15

Notice: The rewards cannot be accumulated. The reward size is subject to the biggest reward amount.

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1. What is a trial fund?

The Trial Fund is for futures trading only.

If your profit amount reaches a certain level, your trial fund will be unlocked and the transfer and withdrawal of it will become available. If not, the transfer and withdrawal of the trial fund will be restricted.

2. What is a USDT-margined contract?

The USDT-margined contract takes USDT as the base currency when opening or closing positions. As a Bitcoin contract, the price of USDT-margined contracts will be influenced by the price fluctuation in the Bitcoin market.

3. What’s the cost for contract trading?

The platform offers leverage for contract trading, with the maximum leverage currently supported being 100x. The trading unit for USDT-margined contracts is a “lot” and one lot of the contract is valued at 0.001 BTC. When you select your leverage for a trade, the actual Cost = Contract Value / Leverage.

For example, suppose 1 BTC = 9,000 USDT, then the value of one lot of a contract would be 9 USDT. If the leverage is set to 1x, then you will need to cost 9 USDT; if the leverage is set to 20x, then the cost would be 0.45 USDT.

If you have traded 20 lots of contracts, and the leverage is set to 20x, then you will need to cost 9 USDT. By that time, you will get 6 USDT trial fund as rewards.

4. How to sign up? How to join the KuMEX community?

To participate in the activity, please join the official community and contact the community admin to sign up for the activity.

5. Is it easy for newbies?

KuMEX has provided a Lite version for newbies. There’s no sophisticated terms on the Lite version and it is very friendly for new users. You can access the Lite version here:

If you have no idea about what a USDT-margined contract is or don’t know how to start the contract trading, don’t worry! Join the community and the community admin will offer step-by-step guidance for you.


1. For users who have completed their first contract trade (including the USDT-margined contract trading) on KuMEX (satisfying the required trading amount) and successfully signed up in the community for the activity, the platform will reward them with the corresponding rewards.

2. Only 300 participants can get the rewards, which will be distributed according to the “first come, first served” rules.

3. For any duplicate or fake accounts found to be cheating or attempting to conduct fraudulent behaviors, the platform will withhold the distribution of the rewards.

4. KuMEX reserves all rights to the final explanation of the event.