What Is Worldcoin (WLD), and How to Get It?

What Is Worldcoin (WLD), and How to Get It?

Worldcoin (WLD) aims to create a global financial and identity network using AI and biometric identification technology, offering universal financial access. Explore its innovative features, learn how to get Worldcoin, and how WLD lets you enter the world of decentralized finance.

In the wake of OpenAI's ChatGPT's success, Sam Altman's Worldcoin has emerged as a groundbreaking cryptocurrency and blockchain initiative aimed at redefining digital identity and global economic participation. Worldcoin (WLD) represents a pivotal step towards an inclusive economy powered by AI, ensuring every individual can harness economic opportunities regardless of their location or background.


What Is Worldcoin (WLD)? 

Worldcoin (WLD) is a revolutionary cryptocurrency project that seeks to reshape how we perceive identity, access, and participation in the global economy. It envisions a future where every individual, regardless of their background or location, can participate in and benefit from the age of artificial intelligence.


As the adoption of AI technology continues to grow across all walks of life, your very presence or existence is your key to the digital realm. Worldcoin's approach to financial inclusion and digital identity is a testament to the transformative power of blockchain and AI. The Worldcoin project aims to make economic opportunities accessible to every individual, regardless of their background or location. 


Worldcoin's approach to digital identity, with the innovative use of biometric data through the Orb device, positions the project at the forefront of addressing challenges associated with AI and automation. By providing a secure and private means of verifying personhood, Worldcoin aims to ensure that the benefits of the digital economy are accessible to everyone, regardless of location or socio-economic status.


Since its inception on July 24, 2023, Worldcoin's WLD token has seen significant developments. The circulating supply increased from 100 million to 134 million due to 800,000 Orb-verified users claiming 34 million WLD. Worldcoin also entered loan agreements with market makers to ensure WLD liquidity on exchanges. The company transitioned from paying operator rewards in USDC to WLD tokens, potentially increasing the circulating supply. 


Over two million individuals globally have used the Orb device, supporting Worldcoin's goal of fair wealth distribution via cryptocurrency. Worldcoin plans to raise $100 million, valuing the token at $3 billion and has improved its data privacy practices for GDPR compliance. The launch of OpenAI's Sora, a text-to-video tool, has positively influenced WLD's price, reflecting investor confidence in Worldcoin's innovative approach to digital identity and financial inclusion.


How Does Worldcoin Work? 

Worldcoin introduces a revolutionary approach to digital identity verification through its unique feature, the World ID, backed by the innovative Orb device. This groundbreaking technology uses iris scanning to create a secure and private digital ID, known as the "IrisCode," linking your physical identity to your digital presence. In a digital age dominated by AI, World ID stands as a testament to authenticity, ensuring that online interactions are genuinely human.



Key Components of the Worldcoin Ecosystem

  • World ID: At the heart of Worldcoin's mission is the ambition to provide every individual with a unique, blockchain-verified digital identity, the World ID. This initiative aims to grant universal access to the global economy, distinguishing between real humans and AI, thereby preventing identity fraud.

  • Worldcoin Orb: The Orb is a sophisticated biometric imaging device that scans users' eyes to generate a unique World ID. This process is essential for creating a tamper-proof digital identity.

  • WLD Token: Worldcoin's native cryptocurrency, the WLD token, is designed to facilitate global transactions, acting as a medium for payments, purchases, and transfers within the Worldcoin ecosystem.

  • World App: Serving as the gateway to the Worldcoin platform, the World App is where users' World IDs are stored. It functions as a crypto wallet and connects users to various decentralized finance (DeFi) applications.

Who Founded Worldcoin? 

The Worldcoin project, co-founded by Sam Altman, Alex Blania, and John Cogan, continues to evolve with significant developments and strategic initiatives aimed at expanding global access to digital identity and the cryptocurrency economy. Altman, known for his roles at OpenAI and Y Combinator, alongside Blania and Cogan, have guided Worldcoin through its journey, supported by a robust team at Tools for Humanity and a wide array of investors, including Blockchain Capital, a16z (Andreessen Horowitz), Bain Capital Crypto, and Distributed Global​​​​.


In February 2024, the WLD token experienced a dramatic surge in value, recently increasing by 65% following Sam Altman's announcements of OpenAI’s video tool Sora and reports of seeking additional funding for the project. This price rally highlights the growing investor confidence in Worldcoin's vision and the utility of its unique digital ID and cryptocurrency distribution model​​.


A Look at Worldcoin (WLD) Tokenomics

The Worldcoin (WLD) tokenomics involve a fixed total supply of 10 billion WLD tokens for the first 15 years. Post this period, an inflation rate of up to 1.5% could be introduced. The initial circulating supply was valued at approximately $219 million across 106 million WLD tokens. The distribution includes 75% allocated to the community and 25% to the initial team, investors, and a reserve. Market makers received loans of WLD, which influence the token's market presence and price stability​​.


How to Get Free WLD: Sign Up and Create a World ID 

You can get Worldcoin tokens by signing up for a World ID, a unique identifier that plays a crucial role in the project's mission. By signing up for World ID, users can access the global economy and become part of the Worldcoin network. 


The World ID-compatible wallet, the World App, facilitates more human access to the global economy. The Worldcoin Foundation and the Tools for Humanity initiative actively support and grow the Worldcoin community. Here’s how you can create your World ID and get free WLD tokens as early adopters: 


  1. Download the World App: The World App is essential for creating your World ID and is available for both iOS and Android devices. Its compact size ensures easy downloading globally.

  2. Locate a Worldcoin Operator: Use the World App to find the nearest Worldcoin Operator. Operators are crucial for the in-person verification process necessary to obtain a World ID.

  3. Undergo the Orb Verification Process: The Orb is a specialized device that captures and processes images of your irises to create a unique iris code, confirming your uniqueness without requiring personal information. This process involves scanning your iris with the help of a Worldcoin Operator.

  4. Receive Your World ID: After completing the Orb verification, you will receive a unique and fully functional World ID, which is a secure and privacy-preserving digital passport or identity wallet.

  5. Claim Worldcoin Grants and Earn WLD Tokens: With a verified World ID, you can access Worldcoin grants (where available) and participate in the "Learn to earn" feature within the World App to earn a small share of digital currencies.

Worldcoin Orb Locations 

As of the provided information, there are multiple Worldcoin orb locations spanning 18 different countries. Some countries with Worldcoin orb locations include: 


  • Argentina 

  • Brazil 

  • Chile 

  • France 

  • Germany 

  • Hong Kong 

  • India 

  • Japan 

  • Kenya 

  • South Korea 

  • Mexico 

  • Portugal 

  • Singapore 

  • Spain 

  • Uganda 

  • United Arab Emirates

  • United Kingdom 

  • United States 

In addition to permanent orb locations, Worldcoin also sets up pop-up locations worldwide at various events and hotspots. These temporary locations allow individuals to register their biometrics and join the Worldcoin network. You can stay updated on the latest Worlcoin orb locations by following the latest news on the project’s official website and social media channels. 


Other Ways to Get Worldcoin (WLD) 

You can also acquire Worldcoin tokens in the following ways: 


Buy Worldcoin on KuCoin 

Worldcoin (WLD) is available on multiple renowned exchanges, including KuCoin. You can buy WLD on KuCoin by creating your account and visiting the Spot Market to trade WLD against other supported crypto assets. 


Enjoy KuCoin’s high liquidity, user-friendly interface, and high security standards to ensure a smooth and secure experience when you invest in Worldcoin on our platform. Here’s more information on securely buying Worldcoin (WLD) on KuCoin. 

Earn WLD Tokens as a Worldcoin Operator

Join the Worldcoin ecosystem as an operator and earn WLD tokens by expanding the community. Operators are instrumental in onboarding new members through the Orb device, facilitating the creation of World IDs. Apply to become a Worldcoin operator, receive your Orb, and start contributing to the network's growth while earning WLD incentives​​.


Claim a Grant From the Worldcoin Foundation 

The Worldcoin project, aiming to revolutionize digital identity and global currency, invites developers, educators, and creators to contribute to its ecosystem. Eligible participants can apply for grants issued by the Worldcoin Foundation, rewarded in WLD tokens, to support the platform's adoption and development​​.


How to Mine Worldcoin 

As of February 2024, there is no official information on how to mine the Worldcoin cryptocurrency. However, Worldcoin uses a different system for token distribution:  


Instead of mining, Worldcoin utilizes an identity verification process involving an iris scan. Through their Orb device, users verify their identity and, in return, receive WLD tokens as a reward. This approach aims to create a more inclusive and accessible way to distribute tokens compared to traditional mining, which requires expensive hardware and significant energy consumption.  


While the current system doesn't involve traditional mining, it's important to stay updated as Worldcoin is known for being innovative and evolving its approach. They haven't ruled out the possibility of introducing other methods for acquiring WLD tokens in the future.


What Can You Use Worldcoin and World ID for? 

Worldcoin and its unique digital identity system, World ID, represent a significant innovation in the digital and financial ecosystem. Leveraging biometric data, World ID aims to establish a "proof of personhood," allowing users to verify their identities online while maintaining anonymity. This technology holds the promise of streamlining identity verification across web services, mobile applications, and decentralized platforms without disclosing personal information​​.


Worldcoin (WLD) Token Utility

WLD, the native cryptocurrency of the Worldcoin platform, serves multiple purposes. Users earn WLD tokens as rewards for participating in the World ID creation process, underpinning the ecosystem's growth. These tokens are not just incentives but also function within the World App for grants issuance and facilitate the development of decentralized applications (dApps) through the World ID SDK​​.


Concerns About Worldcoin and Privacy 

The Worldcoin project, known for its unique approach to digital identity through iris scans, has indeed garnered significant attention for its potential impact on privacy and data security. Concerns have been raised about the project's data collection practices, particularly regarding the sensitive biometric data involved in iris scans. Investigations and regulatory scrutiny in countries like Hong Kong, France, and Germany highlight these concerns. 


Hong Kong's Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data initiated an investigation into Worldcoin, expressing serious risks to personal data privacy due to the project's operations in the region. The investigation aims to ascertain compliance with Hong Kong's Personal Data Privacy Ordinance, focusing on the legality of collecting and processing sensitive personal data by Worldcoin​​.


In Europe, France's CNIL and Germany's Bavarian state authority are coordinating investigations into Worldcoin. The inquiries are driven by the legality of Worldcoin's biometric data collection and storage conditions, reflecting broader European concerns about data protection and privacy in the face of innovative technological solutions​​.


Moreover, the project has faced criticism for its marketing practices and the gap between its privacy assurances and user experiences. A detailed investigation by MIT Technology Review revealed discrepancies between Worldcoin’s public messaging on privacy protection and the actual experiences of users, highlighting issues such as deceptive marketing practices and the lack of meaningful informed consent. The investigation also raised questions about the use of test users' data to train AI models without clear disclosure to the individuals involved​​.


Closing Thoughts 

Worldcoin stands at the frontier of a new digital dawn, aiming to reshape the landscape of global economy access, delineate the boundary between humans and AI in the digital realm, enable more inclusive democratic processes, and pioneer the exploration of an AI-funded Universal Basic Income (UBI). 


Despite its ambitious goals and the buzz surrounding its beta launch, Worldcoin navigates the complex waters of privacy concerns, particularly regarding its innovative yet contentious iris scan identification method. The project's trajectory towards revolutionizing global economic participation will critically depend on its ability to reconcile these privacy challenges, secure regulatory green lights, and cultivate mass adoption.


As Worldcoin forges ahead, the cornerstone of its success will lie in its capacity to foster trust and collaboration among users, regulatory bodies, and the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem. This endeavor to harmonize innovation with privacy and regulation underscores the intricate dance of progress in the digital age.


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Worldcoin FAQs 

1. How to Withdraw Money From Worldcoin 

To withdraw money or convert WLD tokens into fiat currency from Worldcoin, users typically need to transfer their tokens to a cryptocurrency exchange that supports WLD and offers fiat off-ramp services. After selling the WLD for fiat currency on the exchange, users can then withdraw the fiat to their bank account, following the specific procedures and requirements of the exchange.


2. Is Worldcoin Open Source? 

Yes, Worldcoin is committed to open-source principles for many components of its ecosystem. The project aims to make its technology accessible and transparent by sharing its code with the public. This includes tools and software related to the World ID and the Orb device, promoting community engagement and collaboration.


3. What Is Worldcoin Orb? 

The Worldcoin Orb is a specialized hardware device designed to perform iris scans for identity verification. It captures a unique iris pattern of individuals to create a World ID, ensuring that each user is a distinct human being. This process is part of Worldcoin's effort to establish a secure and privacy-preserving global identity system.


4. How to Restore a Worldcoin Account 

To restore a Worldcoin account, users should follow the project's official guidelines for account recovery, which typically involves using backup phrases or recovery options provided during account setup. It's crucial to keep recovery information secure and accessible, as it's necessary for regaining access to your account in case of device loss or account lockout.


5. Is Worldcoin on Ethereum? 

Worldcoin operates on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC20 token. This gives the WLD token broad compatibility with a wide range of exchanges and wallets, ensuring versatility within the cryptocurrency market.