KuCoin Research Report Highlights Resurgence of Investment in the Web3 Market (January 2024)

2024/01/11 09:12:06

Riding the Crypto Wave: Market Buzz and Macro Moves

In the ever-evolving crypto landscape, January 2024 brought a whirlwind of excitement. The surge in Bitcoin options, fueled by the anticipation of a Spot ETF approval and unexpected dovish remarks from Fed Chief Powell, set the stage for an optimistic atmosphere. Meanwhile, the resurgence of Solana and Avalanche sparked a rally, igniting a diverse range of inscription projects across various public chains.

The open interest in BTC options on exchanges (including CME) has reached a new all-time

Data source: CoinGlass, As of December 31, 2023

Stablecoins: A Tale of Growth and Surprises

Stablecoins, the backbone of crypto stability, witnessed intriguing developments. While the issuance of USDT continued its upward trajectory, the growth rate showed signs of slowing. On the flip side, FDUSD, supported by Binance, experienced a phenomenal surge. With Binance's backing, FDUSD not only doubled its circulating supply but also gained prominence with extensive use cases and liquidity within the platform.

In December, the issuance of USDC rebounded, driven by the continued growth of USDT
Source: Glassnode, As of December 31, 2023

Public Chains and Layer2: The Power Play Continues

Public chains and Layer2 solutions danced to their own tunes. The slowdown in ETH Layer2, courtesy of the Blast vampire attack, gave way to a rejuvenation. Metis and Manta stole the spotlight, with dramatic increases in ETH Layer2 TVL, signaling intense competition and a growing array of choices for users.

Project Spotlights: Drama Unfolds in Top Cryptos

In the realm of top projects, a controversial proposal by Bitcoin developer Luke Dashjr took center stage. His call to disable inscriptions led to a rollercoaster ride for $ORDI, sparking heated debates on innovation versus upholding blockchain principles. On the Ethereum front, the ACDE meeting set tentative activation dates for the Cancun upgrade, creating ripples in the market sentiment.

Bitcoin Ecosystem and Inscriptions: Frenzy and Fanfare

Bitcoin BRC20 tokens unleashed a wealth effect that reverberated across the crypto space. Despite Bitcoin's price holding steady, assets like $ORDI and emerging tokens garnered astonishing attention, attracting everyone from crypto veterans to venture capitalists. Simultaneously, the inscriptions market witnessed an overflow of demand, prompting multiple public chains to launch projects. However, this frenzy came with challenges, highlighting issues in infrastructure and security.

The on-chain transfer volume and transfer fees of BRC20 tokens have experienced a sharp increase

Data Source:DuneAnalytics, As of January 02, 2024

Investments and Financing: Navigating the Financial Currents

The investment and financing scene remained vibrant, with a high number of projects disclosed. Seed rounds and strategic financing took the lead, with a notable increase in projects securing amounts exceeding $10 million. Sectors like Infrastructure, NFTs, and Gaming continued to steal the spotlight, while DeFi faced a relatively crowded landscape compared to other tracks.

The fundraising round and amount distribution of Web3 projects in December 2023
Data Source: KuCoin Research, As of December 31, 2023

Regulatory Perspectives: Winds of Change

In the regulatory arena, the SEC set a deadline for Bitcoin ETF applications, signaling a potential approval process in January 2024. On the other side of the globe, the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission expressed readiness to accept recognition applications for funds involving virtual assets, including spot ETFs.


In conclusion, the cryptocurrency market in January 2024 showcased a dynamic landscape with a blend of optimism, challenges, and transformative developments. The interplay between market sentiment and macro trends, stablecoin dynamics, and the flourishing ecosystems of public chains and Layer2 solutions created an environment of excitement and competition. While controversies unfolded in top projects, the Bitcoin ecosystem and inscriptions markets saw unprecedented levels of engagement. Investment and financing trends reflected a continued interest in innovative sectors, with a shift toward larger financing scales. Regulatory signals, particularly from the SEC and Hong Kong, hinted at evolving perspectives. As we navigate this ever-evolving crypto realm, it is evident that users and investors must tread with a cautious yet optimistic mindset, considering regulatory dynamics and project quality as key factors in this vibrant and evolving landscape.

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