Mint Your Free KuCoin Account-Bound Tokens (KABT) and Get Rewards on Mocaverse and Halo Wallet

2024/03/07 10:00:00

KuCoin is proud to announce the launch of KuCoin Account-Bound Tokens (KABT), revolutionizing the concept of on-chain identity within the dynamic KuCoin Web3 ecosystem. Partnering with Mocaverse and Halo Wallet, KABT allows users to engage in rewarding missions and unlock exclusive benefits within the KuCoin ecosystem while seamlessly navigating different realms of the Web3 world.

KuCoin Account-Bound Token

KABT, issued on Polygon, represents an identity credential reserved for users who have undergone KYC verification. Upon minting KABT, you can unlock a plethora of exclusive benefits within the KuCoin ecosystem and gain access to collaborative ventures with strategic partners.

Mint your KuCoin Account-Bound Token here

Mint and Earn with Our Partners

We introduce rewarding missions through our exclusive partnerships, Mocaverse and Halo Wallet. They represent the inaugural partners collaborating with KABT, offering you unprecedented opportunities to earn rewards while contributing to the expansion of KuCoin’s Web3 ecosystem.

  • Mission 1: Hold KABT in Halo Wallet to earn Halo XP: You can earn 2 Halo XP daily by holding a KABT in their Halo Wallet.
  • Mission 2: Mint KABT and connect with Moda ID to earn Mocaverse Realm Points: By minting a KABT and connecting with Moca ID, users can earn 150 Realm Points on Mocaverse.

What is Mocaverse’s Realm Point

By integrating KABT with Mocaverse decentralized identity Moca ID, users will gain access to Realm Points (RP), the PointFi system powering the whole Moca ID ecosystem. It empowers the broader Kucoin community to engage in various Web3 cultural and entertainment experiences, build up their on-chain reputation through active participation, and unlock a variety of benefits including digital assets, tokens, and both digital and physical goods.

What is Halo Wallet’s Halo XP

Halo XP is Halo Wallet's loyalty program designed to reward users for their engagement within the platform. Halo XP tracks users' valuable actions on the platform and allows them to upgrade their NFT Pass level by accumulating points. In the future, Halo XP will be integrated into the token system, enhancing its functionality and value within the ecosystem.

Join us on the KABT revolution and experience the fun and benefits our interconnected ecosystems have to offer in the Web3 world!

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