KuCoin AMA With IguVerse (IGU) - Monetizing Pet Lovers’ Social Media Activities With Web3

2023/02/23 06:33:45

Dear KuCoin Users,

Time: February 22, 2023, 10:30 AM - 11:35 AM (UTC)

KuCoin hosted an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) session with the Founder & CEO of IguVerse, Andrew, in the KuCoin Exchange Group.

Official Website: http://www.iguverse.com

Whitepaper: https://whitepaper.iguverse.com

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Andrew — Founder and CEO of IguVerse

Q&A from KuCoin

Q: Please introduce yourself and the IguVerse project.

Andrew: My name is Andrii, and I am the founder and CEO of IguVerse. I am a technical guy and builder. I have eight years of tech experience. My previous experience and co-founding background was a startup called Call Page, where my role was as a Chief Technical Officer. It was a successful story – we sold the company to Indian Tech Giant – SaaS Labs, bringing me some appreciation from Forbes Europe.

Going back to IguVerse – it is the next big story in the gaming and crypto space. It has new and innovative game mechanics for one simple reason: playing a game through socialization. Think about "Tamagotchi" guys: some old players can remember this game. But now we say that users create their own "Tamagotchi" – we call it a pet NFT. And then, you need to complete simple and fun tasks to earn energy, feed your pet, increase its level, and more.

Q: How is it going so far? Do people like playing with it? Do they enjoy it?

Andrew: We launched an application in AppStore and PlayMarket back in December. So today, we have 700,000 users. We are a top-5 application overall in Ukrainian AppStore and other countries like Russia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Poland, etc., and now we are entering new markets to conquer interest there.

Just imagine, guys! Only these few markets now generate so many unique wallets and transactions – that we are a top-7 project on BNB Chain, according to DappRadar. And we've only started! And these results are solely due to the socialization effect. People share their pet NFTs in their Instagram and TikTok stories and posts, and new users keep coming.

Q: What is the game about? What exactly do users do?

Andrew: Users create their pet NFTs with the use of the above AI/ML mechanism. Then they play with pet NFT by:

  1. Sharing it in their socials (Instagram, TikTok),
  2. Walking with their pets, and
  3. Playing a mini-game.

By performing these tasks, users earn reward tokens, which are used to feed a pet NFT and to upgrade its level within a certainly given rank

Q: What is so innovative about IguVerse? How are you different from other projects?

Andrew: Firstly, we are not MVPs. We are running a project. We are brave enough to go live in such market conditions. We humbly think the reason the following product is based not on hype but rather around a product that is lovable, nice, and addictive to play with. Secondly, it is a new mechanic. It is the first game in the market where you play via sharing your pet NFT on socials. When you perform the task – it makes you interact with friends outside an application. Thirdly, we make it easy for users. For example, we have integrated a wallet and DEX so that users do not have to leave the application to do something in it. Just think about it – we are the first app that supports Apple Pay to create and mint NFTs.

Many new features are coming to the application in Q2, making it even more fun. It isn't an innovation, but we give 1% of revenue to pet charities worldwide. Currently, we are working with UAnimals, which helps save animals that suffered from the invasion of Ukraine.

Q: What technology do you have under the hood?

Andrew: One of the nicest things is the AI/ML tool, which helps users to create truly unique NFTs from the text. Every time it creates NFT, it is different, and it is so nice. Try it, guys. You will love it! This feature is also integrated into our application. Next thing is the integrated non-custodial wallet. We make things easy for users, and we do not hold any funds. One more important feature is the integrated swap mechanism or DEX. BiSwap, our partner in this solution, powers it. So there is a possibility to sell rewards instantly in BUSD or BNB via integrated DEX.

We use a dual token mechanism. IGUP (reward token) is an in-game reward token used to level up a pet NFT to feed it, and it also can be sold on PancakeSwap, BiSwap, and one CEX. Our main token IGU has yet to be launched but will be launched in Q1 2023. It will be used to mint NFT (currently, BNB is used), to rank it up, to the stake, to resurrect, and to vote in some future time.

Q: What is your final goal? What do you want to build?

Andrew: We want to bring more web-2 users. We want to build a nice and easy flow for users to appreciate the beautiful product, a fun way to play and socialize, and find new friends…. while blockchain is working under the hood. By doing this, we will introduce them to blockchain space in an easy, nice, frictionless (if you want) way.

We all love pets. We all loved Tamagotchi. We all love games. So this is exactly what we are trying to build – a fun game with social interaction while rewards, tokens, and heavy technology is working quietly under the hood.

Q: A week ago, you had a listing on KuCoin and many other exchanges. How did it go? How the market reacted to the launch of the main governance token IGU?

Andrew: We had a big volume. Our huge community spread the news worldwide, so we are pretty happy with the launch.

Q: What are your plans for the near future?

Andrew: Our next goal is to build a new innovative product - IGU AI Marketplace. It is an innovative decentralized NFT marketplace where users can create a generative art collection of AI-generated NFTs utilizing ChatGPT capabilities.

For example, imagine you provide a prompt - “Create an NFT collection of 10,000 cool cute cats," and here it is – the collection is ready in one click! On top of that, you can promote the same collection in our app in a single click and all of our users will be sharing it on their social media and promoting it.

Free-Ask from KuCoin Community

Q: What are your short-term goals?

Andrew: Our short-term goal is to achieve a few million users and enter Asian markets!

Q: Where can I buy your token right now? What is your current contract and how can I buy them??

Andrew: You can buy IGU tokens on KuCoin and many other exchanges. This is the contract address.

Q: Assuming I am the user or an investor, what aspect of the IGU project would make me want to invest? What would appeal to me from the IGU project?

Andrew: We have built our unique AI/ML tech, which can generate unique cute NFTs from text prompts. We are the first who introduced this technology into the blockchain.

Q: Where is your project roadmap now? Can you tell me more about the milestones your project has achieved so far?

Andrew: You can find our roadmap and current achievements on the website on the main page.

One of our main achievements was being able to onboard more than 800K users into our app!

Q: Your IGU project name is very interesting. Does it have any story behind it? Can you share with us the inspiration for approaching this name?

Andrew: Our project was inspired and named after my pet's rare blue iguana. Super cute animal.

Q: Users can create their pets' collections from their photos or use your AI technology. Is there a limit of pieces to create in these collections? Is it possible to commercialize these pieces both inside and outside your marketplace?

Andrew: Yes, that's the main goal. There is no limitation on collection capacity, and you will be able to promote your collection both inside and outside.

Q: Do you have any plans to attract non-crypto investors to join your project? Because the success of a project attracts more investors who still need to enter the crypto world. What plans will raise awareness about your project in the non-crypto space?

Andrew: Our main goal is to onboard more web2 users than web3. Every social media user is our customer. The game is super viral and brings users from social media.

Q: How can I start investing in IguVerse? Is it fully decentralized? Can you explain more about the decentralization of your platform?

Andrew: The entry in the game is as low as $60, and it can be up to a few thousands for different users; from small to big. Our game is built on the blockchain, and mostly it's decentralized. However, it also used web2 technologies, servers, and databases.

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