KuCoin AMA With MARS4 — Mars Metaverse With Revenue-Generating NFTs

2022/03/01 10:33:50

Dear KuCoin Users,

Time: February 25, 2022, 11:00-12:01 (UTC)

KuCoin hosted an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) session with Paul Seras, Chief Marketing Officer at MARS4, in the KuCoin Exchange Group.

Project Introduction

MARS4 is a blockchain-based project consisting of three interconnected parts: NFTs, MARS4 dollars and the upcoming game. All these elements will come together to create an interactive virtual Mars with a self-sustaining economy. Like many blockchain games, MARS4 will be a Play-to-Earn game where NFTs and tokens are utilized as tools to give a rich and exciting experience of Mars for the players.

With MARS4, you can own a unique Mars land NFT modeled after NASA's Mars data. The names of these land plots are also the same as their counterparts on real Mars with the exception of NFTs in Crypto and Unicorn Valleys. MARS4 NFTs are already available for sale and will be used in the upcoming game. Landowners will be able to explore their land and terraform it by building stations, dwellings, and other buildings.

Official Website: https://www.mars4.me

Litepaper: https://www.mars4.me/_files/ugd/23ded4_33ffcac3c7b5479fad63bbd51f3bd278.pdf

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Paul Seras — Chief Marketing Officer at MARS4

Paul's background is as Seasoned Marketing and Ecommerce Executive. He is leading the EMEA expansion of the Super G children's GPS watch brand. He is highly experienced in building and growing passionate communities of evangelists for crypto startups. In his career, he has launched the first marketplace in Second Life.

Q&A from KuCoin

Q: Could you share a detailed tokenomics of Mars4?

Paul: Mars4 has dual tokenomics: MARS4 dollar and land plot NFTs. MARS4 dollars must be burned to acquire non-fungible land tokens. There’s a fixed supply of MARS4 tokens: 99,888 NFTs and 4,000,000,000 dollars.

Everything on Mars could be bought, leased or sold with MARS4 dollars. Each time users perform a transaction, the Mars4 NFT holders will earn a yield.

Q: What makes Mars4 NFTs unique?

Paul: Sure, there are plenty of them.

Our NFTs are unique because they generate yield.

We have an integrated Epoch system: all sales are divided into Epochs. When an Epoch ends, 51% of the profit generated will be redistributed to the NFTs holders from the previous Epochs.

But that is not all - our NFTs are going to be interactive, they are parts of virtual Mars. NFT holders will be able to explore their land plots in the upcoming game, which is going to be a Play-to-Earn game.

That gives NFTs holders more ways to earn from Mars4.

Q: What kind of game Mars4 will be launching?

Paul: Mars4 will be an NFT Play-to-Earn game where players will struggle against the harsh environment of Mars.

Thriving on Mars is not easy but possible: people will gather in habitats to increase the chances of survival. Players will need various resources to survive, such as water, oxygen, food - this will activate trading among them.

You will be able to earn from selling your resources or completing various tasks for other players. We are also developing complex construction building systems so players will be able to build their dream dwellings on Mars.

The businesses will be able to build their offices on Mars as well.

Q: What are the benefits and advantages of obtaining and owning a land plot? What are the use cases of MARS4 dollars?

Paul: The obvious benefit of owning a Mars4 NFT is the investment potential.

As a landowner, you will be generating passive income due to the Epoch system integrated in Mars4 NFTs. As with other NFTs, the scarcity principle is at work: less land out there means higher prices. In total, there are only 99,888 lands available and more than half of them are already sold.

But Mars4 offers more than just regular NFTs - Mars4 NFTs are interactive. You will be able to interact with your land plot as soon as the game comes out. Mars4 will also be a Play-to-Earn game, meaning that you could potentially earn just by playing the game.

And that is not all.

The MARS4 dollar will be used in the game as the sole currency. You will be able to buy resources such as food, rent or lease land plot NFTs.

All earnings from the game will also be in MARS4 dollars.

Q: How can you earn from Mars4?

Paul: We are trying to incorporate many ways you could earn from Mars4. A quite obvious way is buying NFTs now and selling them later as the prices are increasing.

We also have an integrated Epoch system mentioned before.

Another way to earn is from playing the upcoming game. Every player will need various resources to survive, such as water, oxygen, and food. As a landlord, you will be able to gather resources from your land to sell them to other players. Players without any land will also be able to earn money from the game. You will be able to complete tasks for other players to earn MARS4 dollars.

Another way to earn from Mars4 is to stake MARS4 dollars. Now you will be able to do that directly from our website. As with other cryptocurrencies, MARS4 dollars can be traded to earn money.

Q: Can you share the achievements made so far? What are the major targets MARS4 has set to achieve? Please also share your roadmap.

Paul: We have achieved quite a few things - from sales (more than half of NFTs are sold) to listing on various cryptocurrency exchanges (Bittrex, MEXC, SushiSwap) - but we are really proud of our growing community.

Mars4 is all about the community, and we plan to make Mars4 Metaverse a DAO. Currently, we have over 165,000 members across all our social channels.

Our upcoming game roadmap can be described in 4 stages. This year in Q1/Q2, we will release Comand and Control Dashboard - a web-based Dashboard that will allow users to control their assets, view their generated revenue, and participate in the NFT market.

The first playable Mars version is planned for Q3: an atmospheric single-player sandbox building and survival experience where the developers and community will refine the mechanics together.

After that, we will be announcing the release of the multiplayer version of the game.

Finally, we will add persistence, travel between Lands, and link the functionality of the Dashboard into the game client. From this point onward, the Mars4 game will be a persistent colony-building, resource-gathering, crafting, and trading cooperative survival MMORPG.

Q: How can you stake MARS4 dollars?

Paul: We are launching a Mars4 dollar staking program that will be accessible directly from our website.

Clients can easily put their tokens to stake to earn rewards. The APY for the 3-month period will be 25%, while the 6-month period will generate you 50% APY.

You can also stake on SushiSwap but having in-house staking gives more flexibility to users.

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Discord: https://discord.com/invite/mars4

Telegram: https://t.me/mars4me_official

Q: Who are your biggest investors/advisors?

Paul: One of the first and biggest of our investors are Illuvium founders Kieran Warwick and Aaron Warwick, Entrepreneur brothers. They developed Illuvium, an open-world RPG adventure game built on the Ethereum Blockchain and now they are our advisers.

In total, we have more than 40 investors, such as the CEO of Quantstamp and the CEO of Bitcoin.com. More information about them here: https://mars4-me.medium.com/who-are-the-supporters-behind-mars4-%EF%B8%8F-2804123ce890

Free-Ask from KuCoin Community

Q: Do you have a token burning plan to increase token value and attract investors to invest?

Paul: It’s a perfect question and Mars4 has already thought about it. As Mars4 is planned to be a DAO or Decentralized Autonomous Organization where every player’s decision will be of great importance, we believe the decision to implement the token burning plan will be given to the community and their own demands. Thus, this question still remains unanswered but I can guarantee one - you will be able to vote for this if you wish to see it on Mars4 Metaverse!

Q: Is your game a VR game? So do we get any rewards for playing the game? And do I have to buy the game to play it or is it free to play? And where can I get the game from? Is it on Steam?

Paul: Mars4 will be launching a survival play-to-earn game and the virtual experience within the game is only in our long-term future plans. For now, players will struggle against the harsh environment of Mars and their efforts will not go wasted: since it is a play-to-earn game, players will be generating income.

We want to make the game as fun as possible but also to adhere to the real environment of Mars: for example, there will be random dust storms. Players will also be able to construct their buildings on Mars, and we are preparing a tool kit for making custom NFTs.

As far as the process goes, we see it as a free game, but you’ll surely need to be a community member of Mars4. And owning a land plot will give you more features and will let you generate bigger rewards.

We are surely planning to bring it on Steam, get all the information first by joining our community today!

Find us on social media:

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/mars4

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mars4_me

Telegram: https://t.me/mars4me_official

Mars4 News: https://t.me/mars4me_news

To this question, and all of the questions with the game, let me add visuals!

This is how the player will be able to see it in the survival game that is already on the way!

One more for your imagination!

Q: Staking is one of the strategies to attract users and hold them long-term. Does your great project have a plan about staking?

Paul: Yes, we have a plan to introduce staking and we are testing the solution as we speak. Join our community to get the news first!

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/mars4

Telegram: https://t.me/mars4me_official

Q: The NFTs on your platform are the tool of everything, they can be used for trading, battle and gaming, but how versatile can they be? Is there a way to improve the NFTs with extra items and get better stats and price or fractionalize them for trading?

Paul: Very good point! And we believe that NFTs should be versatile, thus our team is testing different use cases to generate passive income and what extra items could be introduced.

Q: Do you allow suggestions and feedback from the community? Are we allowed in decision making? Do you put community into consideration?

Paul: Yes, we do! Eventually, we are building Mars DAO and we already have great support, feedback and involvement from the community. There are a few areas we already see involvement from the community members: Game development ideas and visuals, Tokenomics development, NFTs use cases development.

Q: I have read that MARS4 is a metaverse with dual tokenomics, which allows users to create and experience the Red Planet while earning income through income-generating Mars Land NFT parcels. So, could you give us more details of the two tokens: MARS4 Tokens and Mars Land NFT? Tell us, what are their utilities, benefits and opportunities?

Paul: Yes, sure, Mars4 has dual tokenomics: MARS4 dollar and land plot NFTs. MARS4 dollars must be burned to acquire non-fungible land tokens. There’s a fixed supply of MARS4 tokens: 99,888 NFTs and 4,000,000,000 dollars.

It will be possible to earn from Mars4 in many ways.

Firstly, you will be able to earn from NFTs.

Mars4 NFTs generate passive income due to the Epoch system. All sales are divided into Epochs. When an Epoch ends, 51% of the profit generated will be distributed to the NFTs owners from the previous Epochs.

You will also be able to earn from the upcoming game. You can play the game to earn or find a land manager who will do it for you.

If you do not own the land, you will be able to play the game and complete tasks to earn Mars4 dollars.

You can earn from the Mars4 dollar too - either by staking it or trading.

Q7: Do you have tutorial videos so we can get to know your project more clearly or do you have a YouTube channel or something? Can you share it with us?

Paul: Yes, we do! We also have AMA sessions with our game development director, where he shares progress about the game!

Check these out here: https://www.youtube.com/c/MARS4-me

And find all the latest news on our website and blog: https://www.mars4.me

We have also shared a lot of such videos on our Twitter channel, don’t hesitate to check there too!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mars4_me

Q: How many team members do you have? Do they have enough experience in the blockchain field? Do they have any experience working in crypto and non-crypto projects?

Paul: Our core team is world-class, coming from companies like PWC, LinkedIn, Salesforce, Swedbank. Notably, two of our team members helped build and launch the first marketplace on Second Life (the original Metaverse). In addition, similar to yourselves, we are early investors in Bitcoin, Ethereum and many newer smaller decentralized startups.

Q: I am interested in investing in your project. When and where can I buy your tokens? Are they already listed on exchanges?

Paul: You will be able to trade MARS4/USDT on KuCoin upcoming Monday! Don’t miss this opportunity and get ready as deposits open on the 27th of February!

Q: NFTs on your platform are the engine of everything, they can be used for trading, fighting and gaming, but how versatile can they be? Is there a way to improve NFT with extra items and get better stats and prices or split them up for trading? Do Mars Land owners have full freedom to conduct all economic activities such as subleasing and leasing their land to builders, architects, creators and artists?

Paul: Amazing question, thank you for that! Totally agree that NFTs are a magnificent thing and we are already creating NFT games! You will be able to customize these NFTs yourself, trade them, use them for the game and so many more!

Let me show you a vehicle that will also be an NFT in the game.

And here is more from the process of gaming.

Giveaway Section

KuCoin and MARS4 have prepared a total of 133,000 MARS4 to give away to AMA participants.

1. Free-ask section: 5,000 MARS4

2. AMA activity: 128,000 MARS4

Activity 1 — Quiz: 99,750 MARS4

Activity 2 — Price Guess: 19,950 MARS4

Participation Rewards: 8,300 MARS4

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