Kryll - Our New API Broker Partner for Futures Trading

Kryll - Our New API Broker Partner for Futures Trading

06/08/2023, 11:20:02

Dear KuCoin Users,

We are delighted to announce our new API broker partnership with Kryll, an automated crypto bot marketplace, state-of-the-art strategy bot creator, and powerful portfolio management tool for traders that can now also be used on KuCoin Futures. New or existing users can automate and optimize their trading and track investment performance across multiple venues through the Kryll web and mobile APP.

To celebrate our partnership with Kryll, we will be launching a campaign for all users who will sign-up using Kryll’s referral code. All qualified users can enjoy the following benefits:

💜 VIP 2 upgrade for 30 days

💜 $20 worth of 30% Futures deduction coupons for 30 days

* Campaign Period: 00:00 on June 1, 2023 to 23:59 on July 1, 2023 (UTC)

* Users can check this page to explore how to claim and use futures deduction coupons.

* VIP2 vouchers and futures deduction coupons will be distributed to the user’s account on every Friday during the promotional period.

About Kryll

Kryll continues to redefine the trading landscape by providing powerful, intuitive tools that cater to traders of all levels of experience. Kryll’s platform not only optimizes your trading like elite traders without any special knowledge, but it also now integrates Webhooks, a feature that allows for real-time data exchange between applications.

The Kryll Bot Marketplace
A hub of some of the best performing crypto bots in the industry - is now accessible to KuCoin users. These bots are made, tested, and reviewed by real traders, ensuring their performance and reliability. Join the growing Kryll community today and explore these real time trading strategies you can rent from experienced traders.

No-Code Trading Algorithm Creation

Build powerful trading bots without any coding experience using Kryll’s simple Drag'n Drop interface. Kryll’s advanced tools allow you to incorporate indicators into your trading algorithms, these include the popular indicators like MACD, RSI, Moving Averages, Super Trend, Candlesticks Pattern, Bollinger Bands and any custom indicators which can help you optimize your trading strategy with ease.

With the addition of Webhooks and the ability to import strategies from TradingView, Kryll is more versatile than ever. These improvements not only make it easier for you to create and manage your trading strategies, but they also open up new possibilities for automation and efficiency in your trading operations.

Experience the best performing crypto bots in the industry, all accessible on KuCoin via the Kryll Marketplace. These bots, made and reviewed by real traders, offer a level of reliability and performance that is unmatched.

Kryll Webhooks and TradingView Automation
This integration introduces some exciting new features including Webhooks, an innovative tool that allows you to connect external signals and indicators to your trading strategies. Whether you're using TradingView alerts, PineScripts indicators, Python signals, AI models, or Sentiment Analysis tools, webhooks provide an efficient way to enhance your trading algorithms and capitalize on every opportunity.

With the integration of, you can now import trading strategies, indicators, and signals from TradingView directly onto KuCoin Futures. This seamless interplay between platforms empowers you to automate trades 24/7 and optimize your trading strategies with unlimited possibilities​.

Simplify Your Crypto Portfolio Management

Track your investments through one simple and intuitive platform. Make quick trades and track your favorite coins online and on the mobile App, without logging in and out of different exchanges. With Kryll’s latest features, you can now import trading strategies, indicators, and signals directly from TradingView onto KuCoin Futures, making it even easier to streamline your trading activities.

With their state-of-the-art API security systems, you can connect your exchanges safely and manage your crypto portfolios securely from one place. To get started on the Kryll platform, you can sign up here.


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