KuMEX Cryptocurrency Contract Trading Platform Open to Test Live Trading

2019/08/07 10:00:59Futures

Dear KuCoin Users,

We‘re excited to announce that the live trading test for KuMEX begins now for invited users. The live trading test will last about two weeks.

During the live trading test, the deposit, withdrawal, transfer and trading services are available to invited users only. Users that have not been invited will not be able to take part in the test.

Note: The API Keys created during the simulated trading period can be used normally. Newly created API Keys need contact our support to apply for the access.

We have sent emails to invite users to participate in the KuMEX live trading test. Users interested in participating in the tests may contact our online customer support and apply for a chance to participate. The platform will send an invitation email to users after the application is approved.

How can I get help from the online customer support?

Click into “Support”, then click “Help” to get online customer support.

Thank you for your support!

The KuMEX Team