KuCoin Sub-Account Release and OpenAPI Upgrade

2019/04/25 13:58:56Announcements

Dear KuCoin Users,

To further improve the service quality, KuCoin will release the sub-account feature and upgrade the OpenAPI at 15:00:00, April 26, 2019 (UTC+8). The feature release and API upgrade will last for approximately one hour.

For API users, the upgrade will not affect your order placement and there will be, at most, a 1 minute time lag for order matching. If the service startup is abnormal, the system will automatically cancel the orders which are not matched by the matching engine for more than 10 minutes after placement. If you are unable to receive the latest messages on the orderbook, we suggest you reconfigure your orderbook.

The following changes will be made to the L3 message subscription through websocket in the newest OpenAPI:

  • For received messages, we will delete the size and funds fields. This is because, for received messages, even though the sequence field is an effective way to build an order book, the funds and size fields would expose the information of a hidden order. To protect the hidden orders, we have chosen to hide the funds and size fields.
  • For open messages, we will delete the remainSize field. This is because, in an open message, the remainSize fieldis not required for orderbook building and instead would expose the important information of a hidden order and an iceberg order. As a hidden order would not affect the data on the orderbook, we replaced the open messages with open messages using “price="",size=0”.

For the sub-account feature, after the release, users will be able to create and manage multiple sub-accounts through a KuCoin Master account.

The major functions of a Sub-Account are:

  • Each Master account is allowed to create up to 100 Sub-Accounts
  • A Master account is assigned the full management permissions over Sub-Account freezing/unfreezing, asset transfer and API management.
  • No fee charges for assets transfer between Master Account and Sub-Account
  • The level of transaction fees for Master Account is calculated based on the total transaction volume and the total KCS holding amount of all its Sub-Accounts in the last 30 days. The Sub-Accounts enjoy the same fee level of their Master Account.

For more information about the API of a Master Account and Sub-Account, please check the API Documentation.

If you have any questions or concerns related to the upgrade, please feel free to contact us:

KuCoin Telegram:https://t.me/Kucoin_Exchange

KuCoin API Support Telegram:https://t.me/KuCoin_API

Customer Support:https://kucoin.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

Thanks for your support!

The KuCoin Team