KuCoin Meta Office Is Coming! - Welcome To The Future

KuCoin Meta Office Is Coming! - Welcome To The Future

2021/11/02 14:15:15

Dear KuCoin Users,

Since the conception of Metaverse came into our sight, numerous projects have been listed on KuCoin, and we do recognize your considerable interest in the Metaverse projects. In this case, we have developed the Metaverse Section centralizing all the Metaverse tokens. As KuCoin’s first step on Metaverse, we are so glad to see the section has become such a hot topic in the KuCoin Ecosystem.

Absolutely, KuCoin is still making progress on Metaverse.

Today, we are very proud to announce:

KuCoin will station in the Bloktopia’s Skyscraper and will meet everyone at <KuCoin Meta Office>.

Until now, this collaboration has been the biggest step of the KuCoin Metaverse plan. For KuCoin, this virtual office will be a significant milestone on the way to the virtual world.

What Will You See in the KuCoin Meta Office?

For the first virtual office of KuCoin in Metaverse, KuCoin and Bloktopia are putting all the metaverse elements that you can imagine in the KuCoin Meta Office:

  • VR experience 🙆
  • Cyberpunk decoration 🙆
  • Interactive virtual furnishings 🙆
  • Large-size screen looping KuCoin & Bloktopia Metaverse videos 🙆
  • Instant chat & voice communication 🙆
  • …...

Definitely, we still leave a blank space for everyone.

We are truly looking forward to receiving various thoughts from all of you, with your infinite imagination on the virtual reality.

What is Bloktopia?

Bloktopia is a visually stunning virtual reality skyscraper with a world-class user experience. Visitors can engage in basic or advanced learning from some of the world-leading minds in the crypto industry - earn revenue, play games with friends, build networks, and much more. Think of Bloktopia as a shopping mall, where instead of just retail, each store has a different project, exchange, influencer, or crypto brand offering an immersive customer experience.

Official Website: https://www.bloktopia.com

Light Paper: Click To View

Bloktopia Twitter: https://twitter.com/bloktopia

Bloktopia Telegram: https://t.me/BloktopiaChat

Click the KuCoin Blog Post to View More About BLOK


The future has arrived. Keep your step with KuCoin on Metaverse.

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