KuCoin Completes TIO Token Swap

2018-10-26 15:32:53--

Dear KuCoin Users,


KuCoin has completed the token swap of Trade Token (TIO) to TIOx for all TIO holders on KuCoin with a conversion ratio of 1 TIO = 1 TIOx.  Withdrawal is now open.



*Although the token swap has been completed, the ticker symbol on KuCoin will remain TIO.  It will not change to TIOx.*


Per request from the Trade.io project, TIO tokens have been removed and all TIO trading pairs have been delisted from KuCoin. Please refer to the full details of the TIOx fork here: https://trade.io/en/news/tio-to-be-replaced-by-forked-version-tiox


Thank you for your support!

The KuCoin Team


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