KardiaChain (KAI) has Completed the Token SWAP!

KardiaChain (KAI) has Completed the Token SWAP!

2020/09/27 12:49:36

Dear KuCoin Users,

KardiaChain (KAI) project and KuCoin team have committed to do the 1:1 token SWAP at block height of 10942639 to protect KAI from the security incident. Any transaction after block height of 10942639 will be invalidated and not legal.

The deposit and withdrawal services will be open soon. Please follow our further announcement about the accurate timeline.

After the KAI token SWAP, we successfully have minimised the risk and loss in this incident, the user's KAI asset will be 100% safe. KAI staking on Pool-X was't affected at all, rewards are distributed in a timely manner.


The KuCoin team