Join KuCoin AMA session with Tokoin and Share 1,500 USD!

2019/08/22 00:18:31Announcements

Dear KuCoin Users,

Starting at 21:00 and 22:00 this Wednesday, August 21st, 2019 (UTC+8), we will be holding the KuCoin AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) series with Tokoin, the fifth Spotlight project on KuCoin, in our official Vietnamese Telegram group and English Telegram group successively. The COO of Tokoin, Eddy Christian Ng will come to the AMA session and solve your questions there!

Giveaway Section:

After the AMA session in Vietnamese Telegram group and English Telegram group, we will open a Google form that will include several questions related to Tokoin. We will distribute 1,500 USD in TOKO to the participants who give correct answers to all the questions. 500 USD to the first 50 participants in Vietnamese Telegram group and 1,000 USD to the first 100 participants in English Telegram group. Each participant can only win once.

HINT: Participating in the AMA will help you get those correct answers!

Tokoin (TOKO) Project Summary

Tokoin, Indonesia’s #1 blockchain project, backed by local government institutions and organisations, provides MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) in emerging markets with a platform to conduct business and create a viable profile credit score giving them access services such as loans, insurance, lines of credit and a marketplace to facilitate their growth which was not available to them – until now.

About the Guest

Eddy Christian Ng COO of Tokoin

Eddy Christian Ng earned his education in Vancouver, Canada; He graduated from Simon Fraser University. He has been working in the retail industry including retail banking at Toronto Dominion Bank Group the second largest bank in Canada for three years. He returned to Indonesia in 2013 and engaged in Indonesia banking industry starting his career by joining Commonwealth Bank as assistant manager. He contributed to the growth of the business by developing and deepening the new and existing customer relationships.

He took on another challenge by joining DBS Bank institutional banking group and working intensively to explore new business opportunities in the corporate/SME banking sector. He accelerates his experience in risk management by taking on more responsibilities such as preparing thorough financial analysis, credit proposals in accordance with the Bank's guidelines and policies, manage and maintain portfolios of corporate banking clients as well.

After spending some time in the Banking industry, Eddy started his entrepreneurial journey as a tech startup founder. He co-founded an online retail marketplace for Interior and furniture products. The company has been growing since it collaborated between retail and technology to give customers the experience to another level. Eddy believe in frontier technology such as AI, Blockchain, IoT and many more, that is the reason why he is the current Chief Operating Officer of Tokoin, trade financing platform using Blockchain technology to help Micro small and medium enterprise getting access to financial support. In Tokoin Eddy oversees day-to-day operations, engage new partnership opportunities and helping on product development.

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